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Sep. 15: updated reference




Name: Wisp (self-given)
Titles: The Little Flame, The Will-o'-the-Wisp


Sex/Gender: none/agender Physically lacks sex characteristics. Doesn't identify as any particular gender. Fine with any pronouns.
Age: Appears as a young adult, but probably as old as the forest. Ageless.
Species: fire sprite, appears as a small deerlike unicorn
Orientation: unknown
Romance: none
Size: a bit smaller than #12
Scent: fire, burning leaves, ash
Diet: wood, dry vegetation, anything flammable
Color: #DEA23D
Home: 0x0 (center of the ruins)

Reference: 🔥
In-Forest Set: monarch butterfly pelt, real deer mask, antelope antlers, mini


Androgynous. Might be viewed as female or feminine by some due to their lithe build and lack of antlers.
No antlers, instead has a single curved horn. They have red eyes and yellow hooves, and their pelt is colored like flame and ashes--a gradient that starts with a deep ash-brown at the top, fading to red and then orange, with small flecks of yellow scattered across the brighter areas resembling sparks.
Horn and eyes resemble hot embers when using powers and also glow slightly.

?Hades, -Starless, -Jasper, +Ludwig, +Culzean, ?Sub Rosa, +Grimoire, Arkœrova, -"Scavenger", -the Douðshest, Elijah, Elgin, Vidal, Irene, -Leviathan, -Sabbath, Uy, Yasu, Daiyu


Abilities: Fire-based magic. Pyrokinesis/pyromancy. Can create and control fire with their horn (basically a firebender). Powers are weakened by water and cold temperatures, strengthened by heat and dryness.

Personality: mute, shy, skittish, cautious, curious, mysterious, moves quickly, quick-tempered, spirited, likes to hide, moody, stubborn, defiant, can be unpredictable, has trouble sitting still for long periods

• Curious, but cautious. Drawn to others despite being shy, but may run or hide when noticed.
• Startled easily, and may also run or hide when startled.
• Meeting someone new tends to consist of sniffing, running a short distance, coming back to sniff again, and repeat a few times.
• Doesn't take well to attempts at controlling, herding, pushing, etc. Depending on the circumstances, will either run away or push back. Might retaliate by burning the offender.
• Likes to run. Sometimes experiences bursts of energy which will lead to a lot of running around.
• Despite their usual caution, tends to not pay attention to where they're going when running.
• Drawn more to sources of heat and light.
• Energized by magic, heat and dryness.
• Weakened somewhat by water, and cold air. Tends to avoid the pond because of this.
• Likes the Birch Forest because there are lots of hiding places and the tall grasses make good food/burning fodder.
• Doesn't often use their powers, but will burn an attacker if cornered. Might also use them if angered.

As many have noticed, there is a lone little flame that sometimes appears in the middle of the ruins, at the very center of the forest. After years of exposure to magic, this flame began to take on a life of its own, and eventually was able to form a physical body in the shape of a small deer with a single horn. Now calling itself Wisp, it still shifts back to its original form at times.

Doesn't really understand the concept of gender. It will likely respond to any pronouns, having no preference, though "it" and "they" are most common.

Wisp is physically unable to vocalize (any mooing is accidental and should be ignored). It is unknown why, but could be due to lacking working vocal cords. They communicate mainly through gestures and sometimes using their hooves to write in the ground.
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This character's thoughts and actions don't necessarily reflect the player's.
Wisp can be harassed, attacked, etc. No permission needed, treat them however you want, it won't be taken personally.
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By Draak ♥
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a-and.. here *huff, puff*

a-and.. here *huff, puff*
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This character is fire. I

This character is fire. I just met them today, and I already love 'em.
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oooh, what an interesting

oooh, what an interesting character. I love the idea of their single horn in place of antlers. Also the scent of burning leave is somehow a comforting smell in my opinion. I'm a little curious to know how you are able to type our their picto. :0
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@Gysti: It would be cool if

It would be cool if we could type pictograms, but that's just an image I made.
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sweet baby ;__;

sweet baby ;__;
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Discord is not working for me

Discord is not working for me btw >.<
(putting this here since it happened while trying to play as Wisp)


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Decided to get rid of the

Decided to get rid of the dragon mask (changed their in-game mask to the real deer mask) so I'll have to update their reference at some point.