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-All of my deer may be harassed, attacked, or treated however you like. No permission needed.-
[Roleplaying and interactions are welcome and encouraged, either on my interaction blog, on here or on each deer's bio, on Discord, or elsewhere.]

June 3, 2021

Since Flash isn't working anymore, and not everyone has an app to use to see pictograms, I created images for all my character's pictos to use here instead of the Flash versions.

I'm going to have to fix pictos on my character bios at some point...



*activity may increase or decrease at any time

color: #9966cc
|bio| • |ref|
-magpie pelt, monarch butterfly mask, great argus antlers-

color: lightgreen/#90EE90
|bio| • |ref|
-gray pelt, orca mask, orca antlers, mini-

color: #DEA23D
|bio| • |ref|
-monarch butterfly pelt, antelope horns, magpie mask, mini-

color: #D36A1B
|bio| • |ref|
-noh pelt, koi mask, koi fins, mini-

color: #57F3C6
|bio| • |ref|
-crying idol pelt, real deer mask, magpie antlers, mini-


-Less Active-

Oisín mac Daimhin/"Sheen"
color: #993333
|bio| • |ref|
-antelope pelt, venetian carnival mask, barn owl antlers-

color: #CC2F01
|bio| • |ref|
-fan (striped) pelt, space beluga (pronghorn) antlers, real deer mask-


-Rarely Active-

color: #996600
|bio • |ref|
-great argus pelt, golden butterfly mask, long antlers-



These pictos belong to characters I no longer use in-forest, but it is entirely possible for them to come out of retirement should I ever regain my interest in them.



OOC deer
No specific set. Rarely used. Mainly used for special circumstances when I want to represent myself instead of a character. I've also used the second one in the alpha.

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Re-track ♥

Re-track ♥

By Draak ♥
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so I'm just trying not to

so I'm just
trying not to spam "recent posts" and "track" pages
by not re-tracking everything all at once
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Almost forgot this one.

Almost forgot this one.

A re-track for you!

A re-track for you!
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everyone: ♥♥♥

wow still have a lot of re-tracking to do
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Re-tracking! ♥

Re-tracking! ♥
Player & Character Hub
Discord: Gulonine#4267

haha I feel like all my

haha I feel like all my comments kind of broke tefc but it's probably a coincidence that it was working fine before
also HI
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you guys ♥♥ I

you guys ♥♥

I haven't played the game in a while. I just don't feel like it lately.
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Haven't bothered to check the

Haven't bothered to check the site in a while. Still not really feeling much like doing TEF things. I sometimes think of doing something with my characters but not enough to actually bother with it.

Maybe the spring festival will help. I'll have to find out when that's supposed to happen.

Laaate re-track hello ;u;

Laaate re-track hello ;u;
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gonna have the tin deer set

gonna have the tin deer set applied to spirals.
Just have to figure out what to do with it!
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I'm thinking of dropping some

I'm thinking of dropping some characters. Melinoe, Macaria, Shamira, and Dardaptos. Oisín is basically on hiatus, though roleplaying with him is still fine.

I should make Melinoe and Macaria into OCs (being named after the goddesses instead of actually being them), much like how Melinoe was originally. But even then I'm not sure they'd hold my interest.

I actually still really like Shamira but I never know what to do with her.
Dardaptos is basically just a cool design without much substance. I was going to redesign him but I don't think that will help.
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Aww I'll definitely be sad to

Aww I'll definitely be sad to see some of them dropped if you do decide that's best.
Regardless! I'm interested to see what you do with them all and hope you manage to capture your muse for your characters & tef again ♥
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check my update on the middle

check my update on the middle card