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Oct. 1, 2019
"Met" Baal (they weren't especially close in her previous life so she doesn't remember him).
(Wow it's been almost a year since I last had her in)

Oct. 28
Met Noite! purple plant deer unite!
Was offered a ~ g l o w i n g ~ flower, so she offered one of her own in return.

Oct. 28
Late update.
Found Cu playing with a group of deer and joined them. Met Jonquil and Noëlle (the others I don't remember but I think they were all without profiles).

Later on joined by Artemis! Ended up with just the two of them playing and then resting together. Then later joined another friend of Artemis, Alchemilla.

Encounters: Cu, Noëlle, Jonquil, Artemis, Alchemilla

June 1
Feels good to be back! ARTEMIS! ARTIEARTIEARTIE--
VERY happy to see her best friend again. It's been AGES! Also Artemis introduced Amary to Larkspur. Fellow purple friend! Enjoyed playing around with them, unfortunately Artemis couldn't stick around long. :c Hoping to see her again soon!

Encounters: Artemis, Larkspur

Name: Amarynthia

Nicknames: Amary, Ama
Gender: female
Age: appears as a young adult, doesn't age
Species: Anthousa (flower nymph)

Orientation: asexual quoiromantic
Romance: none

Size: a bit below #7
Scent: floral, especially the flowers on her antlers-a sweet floral scent
Diet: absorbs nutrients like a plant, doesn't need to eat

Color: #9966cc
Reference: 🌷
In-Forest Set: magpie pelt, monarch butterfly mask, great argus antlers


Amary looks like a typical human-faced TEF deer. Her pelt is similar to the magpie pelt, but more purple in color (similar to purple globe amaranth) with spots instead of stripes. She has a round face with wide eyes that make her look a bit younger than she actually is. Her eyes are sort of a fuschia color. She has a short mane resembling hair. Her antlers resemble branches with purple flowers growing from them (Phanera purpurea/Bauhinia purpurea/"purple orchid tree").

voice claim: Jodi Benson (Ariel, Barbie)
alternate voice claim: Kristen Bell (Anna [2])

CSS by Kamaya and Unplugged.
Bottom images all from wikimedia commons.
Amary is pretty much always IC, and her thoughts and actions don't necessarily reflect the player's.
Amary can be harassed, attacked, etc. No permission needed, treat her however you want, it won't be taken personally.


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Retrack c:

Retrack c:
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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a good girl &hearts;

a good girl ♥

By Draak ♥
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yes yes she is

yes she is
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I have to re-track this girl,

I have to re-track this girl, she is very cute and sweet!
Would love to meet Amary again and have some fun.

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@everyone: ♥♥♥
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Discord: Gulonine#4267
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Hi Siellby, retrack because

Hi Siellby,
because I like your deer (or should I say your herd of deers, lol) and playing with you.
you are one of my oldest friends here in Tef.
so I enjoy every met with you!

siggi by Sybilline

woops, looks like I'm late to

woops, looks like I'm late to the party!
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all of you &hearts;

all of you ♥ x∞
thank you
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(No subject)

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(No subject)

<3 <3


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