Growth is a Must {Dysnomia}

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Went and stopped by Miro's tree and garden! Happy to see him, and he seemed to feel the same. Watched over his garden with him, happy.

Met player "AncestorNature", friendly. Also met "horselover765". They were confusing. After they vanished went to playground and sunbathed, letting the warmth seep into her very core. Warm and happy. Later met Miro again! He took her to his garden, and as she listened to his excitement she realized this was a very special and important moment for him. This place, this little garden, was sacred. She offered to aid him should he ever need it, and sat with him for the rest of the day. Felt honored to have been included in this beautiful moment.

Met player "totallyaverage" and deer Saa, played with them until had to go. Enjoyed their company, perhaps they will become friends in the future.
Note: Lathyrus saved my CSS <3

Got set, met a Cennétig and Miro. Finds them to be safe and friendly, wishes to get to know them better.


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Gosh dingle dang I really

Gosh dingle dang I really love her
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!! a roe deer with pale fur,

a roe deer with pale fur, freckles, flowers and a ridiculously fluffy tail... I love literally everything about her ;;;

By Draak ♥
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Awe you guys are so sweet

Awe you guys are so sweet <3 Laughing out loud

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What a cutie! Will have to

What a cutie! Will have to throw my char Tog at her soon~~