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Isto, in their first life as a sea serpent, was condemned at a young age for their deceased parents' crimes. As a toddler, they were sentenced to serve a century chained to a rock at the bottom of the ocean. Left alone and eventually forgotten, the serpent was trapped for thousands of years before the chains finally snapped from their constant straining to break free. Overwhelmed by their new freedom and having anxiety over their return, they chose not to rejoin the world that had so cruelly forgotten them, but to instead search for a new one. Years passed, and eventually the serpent found a world of humanoids. Shifting into a halfling, Isto began their new life. However, hatred for authority ruled their actions, and they became a trickster, stealing and performing other criminal acts. Eventually, a line was crossed when Isto attempted to assassinate the ruler of the lands she now called home. After the failed attempt, Isto was exiled, and again had to find a new world to call home. Desperation took over, and Isto completely abandoned their previous life, calling upon any god to take her memories of her crimes and suffering away. This prayer was answered, and Isto, a now blank slate, found themselves as a deer in an endless forest. Confused but unafraid, Isto started their new life, ready to discover the world.

Found Alchemilla and met Blackthistle! Excited. Has learned of a "rut" - or a social event. Will be attending.

Found! Alchemilla! Excited and showered in affection! Received gifts!!! Beautiful shiny gold treasures and incredible glowing rocks! Then sat down for cuddles and listened to the Precious One. Precious One is pregnant! And has an adopted daughter! Also friend has been practicing new magic! Felt a sense of joy and protectiveness. Cuddled feathered friend and showed much affection, told Alchemilla that they will protect them if needed. Snuggled up to friend, overjoyed.

Went to Alchemilla's tree in hopes of finding the precious one, did not find. Sat at the tree in case they showed up.

Found Alchemilla! Precious cooing creature. Hugged at first sight, excited! Precious one made the calming cooing, Isto interpreted it as friend being happy. Adores.

First day in the forest, woke up in a daze. Confused. Vision was blurry at first and the taste of seawater was in her mouth, but there was only a pond nearby. When vision cleared saw a figure nearby, and as they got closer realized it was a deer hybrid of some sort. Felt confused, didn't remember anything previously, but wasn't scared as it felt natural. Approached the other, and stood for awhile. Danced to see if the adorable creature would react, it looked confused and nodded its head. Nodded back. The creature made comforting cooing sounds, which Isto liked. Sat with for awhile and decided this cooing creature was a friend. Adores. Will look out for in the future. Later discovered the adorable creature was named Alchemilla.

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Name ~ Isto
Nicknames ~ Cerulean (from Alchemilla)
Pictogram ~ X
Sex~ Undetermined
Gender ~ Fluid
Pronouns ~ Accepts any pronouns except "it"
Orientation ~ Not Yet Discovered
Species ~ Deer and Serpent
Age ~ Young
Physical traits ~ Sea green pelt, Murky Yellow accents, Long tail that fans out, Silver chain wrapped around neck, Two silver bands on tail
Set ~ Kirin pelt, Noh antlers, Real deer mask
Characteristics ~ Still developing
Scent ~ Seawater, lavender


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*sneaks in a track here*

*sneaks in a track here* ♥

By Draak ♥
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Track &#10084

Track ❤
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Ooooo track

Ooooo track
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Hi! Blackthistle is so happy

Hi! Blackthistle is so happy to meet this creature, as well as Alchemilla~
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Hello Blackthistle! It's nice

Hello Blackthistle! It's nice to meet you! <3

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