center of the hollow moon

Young adult
Bisexual, female preference

Daughter of Circe and Ronra
Sister to Olaniyi and Parveen
Related to many

Ruge is judgmental and critical. While her mannerisms and tone of voice may hint at attitude and displeasement, she is not genuinely rude, unless given reason to be.

Drawn to faces similarly to her own, and more accepting of human or cat faces besides anything else, she is on a constant quest for familiarity and comfort, no matter how much she already receives it.

Endeared and enamored with violence, but in no way drawn to participating in it herself unless under absolute dire straits. Otherwise she is all flight before fight, despite the mean punch her claws pack.

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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥


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Sigi by Wake

a baby

a baby

&hearts; !!

♥ !!
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so cUTe &hearts; !

so cUTe ♥ !
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Adorable!!! Holy crow

Adorable!!! Holy crow

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.
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Enjoyed reading about Arun!

Enjoyed reading about Arun! <3


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Exclaim aaAa

the beaUTifuLEST babbin girls

the beaUTifuLEST babbin girls my heart can't even
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oh track! hope our bebs meet

oh track! hope our bebs meet someday!
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Sweet lil baby

Sweet lil baby <3

Discord:Nazzard#9068 ||Click for bios.

ty guys sm im so excited for

ty guys sm im so excited for this bean :'(

Sig: Aihnna

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sCREAMS !!!1! &hearts; !!!

sCREAMS !!!1! ♥ !!!
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&hearts; &hearts;

♥ ♥
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Sig by Lathyrus. ♥



Sig: Aihnna

shes so preCIOUS

shes so preCIOUS

Bb &hearts;


you two &hearts; ;;

you two ♥ ;;

Sig: Aihnna

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wat the perky beb!

wat the perky beb! Idea
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oh lord, I'm so sorry or

oh lord, I'm so sorry or blasting you with that pelt spell. My game glitched and I literally didn't see your character!! ;; Let me know i you need help getting your pelt again
By the way, I'm glad to see another sphynx! Tracking <3

&hearts;! omgosh no don't


omgosh no don't worry! She's a mini fawn so the pelt isn't important right now anyway ;; and i think we might have dodged getting it anyway if i was tabbed out of the game. YES im so glad too!

Sig: Aihnna

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you two &hearts;

you two

Sig: Aihnna

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In love already

In love already <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

precious !! bby !!

precious !! bby !!

&hearts; ty you both ;;

♥ ty you both ;;

Sig: Aihnna

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ahhh <3

(edit: i'll be casting transform spells on agatha from a different picto to get the mini, so if agatha moves about a bit to get out the way of arun, just ignore her!)

no worries! i can bring her

no worries! i can bring her over to the mushrooms and help you get it if you'd like?

Sig: Aihnna

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if you wouldn't mind! you're

if you wouldn't mind! you're too kind ;_; <3

(sorry about how long this is taking omg)

it's alright! it happens

it's alright! it happens ♥

Sig: Aihnna

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agatha can't get over how

agatha can't get over how cute this lil' kitty bean is... ♥

&hearts; such a cutie

♥ such a cutie


Sig: Aihnna

cutest kittens

cutest kittens <3

&hearts; ty for putting up

♥ ty for putting up with this lil gremlin

Sig: Aihnna

mmm kitten

mmm kitten

"My sweet, sweet darling...

"My sweet, sweet darling... You are not lost with me."

(except for when my computer explodes)

A chuff in response, eyes

A chuff in response, eyes shut lightly and chin tilted up so far that the underside of her neck is against the woman. There's a subtle kneading of the ground with her claws, and only a hushed, "not lost" spoken.

Sig: Aihnna

bab friend &hearts;

bab friend ♥
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imagining her crabwalking is

imagining her crabwalking is filling my heart
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Auntie belated track uwu

Auntie belated track uwu