Splintered Stones

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Name: Wren
Sex: Female
Species: Water Deer + Demon
Picto: I
Orientation: Hetereosexual
Age: Teenager (19)
Traits: Red and black, wings that allow short periods of flight (too weak, maybe one day..), dark eyes, oily fur that repels water, black feathers sprouting instead of horns, uncommonly strong
Characteristics: Strong, loyal, smart, quick to judge, protective, sassy
Set: Magpie Antlers, Golden Butterfly Pelt, No Mask Yet

Voice: 9E082B

Likes: Fire, fish (as food), watching squirrels run, blood (secretly-wont admit to it)
Dislikes: Boredom


It's raining in the forest, and there are giant flowers. Slept under one for awhile, but then woke up hungry. Very hungry. Can't find food, couldn't catch any squirrels. The giant flowers weren't tasty (took a bite of one).

Ran through the forest, found only sleeping deer. Briefly wondered how they would react to her waking them up, but scolded herself and went fishing instead. Ate three fish, raw, but was still hungry. Was too lazy to catch more, but wishes for more food.


~Hasn't realized she is part demon
~Strong enough to splinter stones beneath her hooves
~Sometimes a black magic courses through her wings when she's happy, creating swirl patterns
~May gain abilities as she grows

Sassy half demon girl for the

Sassy half demon girl for the win
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She's a fun character

She's a fun character Laughing out loud

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love this design!

love this design!