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Ecstatic at the weather change and full of energy at the sight of a storm. Sprinted through the Forest, letting the downpour batter him gleefully. Splashed through the Pond's banks, took a dive into the deeper waters, and bounded over the stream. Eventually made his way up the Twin Gods' hill and after checking to make sure he was alone, knelt down to pray for once. Thanked them for the pleasant weather then trotted back down the slope to his favorite spot.

Seemed to have roused a hyena-like creature (Rhea). Feeling upbeat from the weather, was unusually friendly with the stranger. She seemed very distantly familiar, but the Seafarer had trouble placing where and how he might know the female. He shrugged it off and accepted her invitation to sit after nodding a greeting to her companion, an emaciated white fawn. A twinge of concern for the poor thing squeezed in his chest, but the stag didn't feel inclined to interfere in another family's business. Still, he sidled up alongside the pair - giving them a courteous distance, of course - and flopped down to enjoy the evening in calm company.


NAME Morgan Sewick, "Anker"
MONIKERS Seafarer; [Seafaring] Vagabond
PICTOGRAM Hook, line, and sinker
GENDER Male, masculine
AGE Middle-aged; unagingDoes not age while in-forest; appears stuck at the age at which he died in a previous life
SIZE Around #20
REFERENCE Out of water
SPECIES Cervine/equine-based anatomy, but no distinct, real-world species
HUMAN Sketch one, sketch two
VOICE #587980; deep, gruff, and mature with a southern USA accent; example
ORIENTATION Appears straight; questionableTruly bisexual, but strong, lingering bias instilled in him by previous social pressures skews this
SCENT Faintly of brine and smoke
DIET Omnivore; vegetation and fish
SET Beluga pelt, skull mask, great argus antlers


⚓ Drawn to water. Often seen lingering nearby the Pond or stream, resting on the banks.

⚓ Generally a True Neutral, but may waver depending on the situation and who is involved.

⚓ "True" form is revealed when submerged under water. Utilizes Forest magic to mask his curse-induced appearance and give himself a more subdued look. Scars and any other disfigurements he acquires will remain hidden while out of water as well.

⚓ Is able to travel to the human world via portal, but only on days with a weather change. As long as it's clear and sunny in the Forest, he remains trapped there as per his curse. However, he is unaware of this.

⚓ Ambivert or low-energy extrovert. May come off as introverted because of his personality. Long periods of isolation tend to lead to worsening mental state, however. Will often seek out the company of others - even strangers - if alone for too long.

⚓ Enjoys - and even thrives on - drinking salt water. At times consumption may be necessary to treat wounds or illnesses.

Disposition As a young man, Anker was a robust and zealous individual stricken with wanderlust. The world was his oyster; he sought out all that life could offer him. In his youthful ignorance, however, he was ultimately unprepared for what the world handed to him. A lengthy wartime deployment paired with loss after loss of loved ones in his human life - a trend that continued upon his arrival in the Forest - has hardened him. He is a spirited soul that has become disenchanted with the world. Now, in the second iteration of his second life, Anker carries the solemn burdens of his past heavily upon his psyche.

“Men are born, and then they're formed.”
— John Marston, Red Dead Redemption

An unforthcoming stag, the Seafarer offers little upon first meeting. He is neither talkative nor especially playful, though he doesn't mind entertaining strangers with a brisk chat or a small rollick. The male can be standoffish, particularly to those who invade his personal space uninvited. Those considered too keen or boisterous may be met with circumspection. Nevertheless, peaceful, respectful company is nearly always welcomed and appreciated.

If given the chance, the Seafarer can become an undoubtedly loyal friend. He is a staunch guardian when necessary and a steadfast companion otherwise. Always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear to his friends' troubles. He harbors a teasing sense of humor underneath his dour exterior which he does not show often; it is typically reserved for those he feels comfortable relaxing around. For the most part, this is expressed through sarcastic quips and light-hearted teasing. Anker also possesses a rowdy streak; often impish and knockabout in his romps about the Forest when he does decide to engage in them.

His outwardly brusque, taciturn demeanor is the protective shell around an intensely dedicated, but well-worn interior. Anker has a very hard time opening up to others and is often reluctant to express heartfelt emotions. Distrustful not of people, but of the world. He fears that those he grows close to will be taken from him in one way or another - something that can be soothed with time and dependability. Committed to a fault; would do barbaric or villainous things if the right person asked him to.

“The universe, I'd learned, was never, ever kidding. It would take whatever it wanted and it would never give it back.”
— Cheryl Strayed, Wild

Even now, the male possesses an underlying mettle, a true grit. He is firm in his commitments and holds strong moral conviction, even if those morals do not fit neatly into society's archetypal standards. At times, this attitude may be subdued in order to protect his own emotional well-being, and as such he is not often one for altruism. When facing daunting odds or a threatening opponent, Anker is not intimidated easily. An exception to this is when a loved one is endangered, as the terror of losing those he cares about haunts him greatly.

Likewise, the vagabond has a history of poor emotional management. Through years of tempering his thoughts and feelings during both wartime and long periods of social isolation, Anker has formed a habit of bottling up heartfelt or visceral emotions. After letting his thoughts and feelings stew for a while, the stag will occasionally express himself in a flood of sentiment, be it joy, affection, sadness, or anger. He is often at a loss as to how to convey himself, and may become incredibly corporeal in expressing these intense moments.

In the same vein, Anker has a hard time putting on a happy face when he is anything but. Don't expect him to smile for you on a bad day. The silver lining to this is that he won't be able to easily hide a problem from anyone who knows him well enough to notice. The man is shit at lying.

“And oh, poor Atlas!
The world's a beast of a burden
You've been holding up a long time.”

— Florence + The Machine, What The Water Gave Me

Bares the weight of the world on his shoulders, though it may be a small world. Often mistakes the unfortunate luck of others (ie friends and family) as his own wrongdoings. Believes that he could have - or should have - done something to stop the harm that befalls onto his loved ones. Borne from this is a ruthlessly, and at times overbearing, protective and solicitous attitude towards his closest companions.

The stag occasionally suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. Anti-social and cagey behavior often accompany depressed states, while anxiety evokes the opposite. These disorders are not understood by the stag, as they are undiagnosed and untreated.

Having grown up in the early 1900's in the southern United States, Anker comes from a cultural background asynchronous to today. The lens through which he views himself and others, particularly in a social and moral context, is outdated. Concepts of what it means to be righteous or debauched, respectable or scorned, and even how he views his own role in society as a man are influenced by this. Part of him recognizes and accepts that times have changed, but it's difficult to relearn how one has been raised all their life. If you asked him, he'd say he feels as if he's been dropped into a world without the structure of law, without social barriers, and without strong moral fiber (for better or for worse). Considering this, the stag makes a conscious effort to keep an open mind. Inwardly judgemental of many things he sees in the Forest - from black magic to polygamy - though outwardly does his best to keep up a polite attitude. Live and let live.

Though his demeanor may oftentimes be reserved, serious, or even surly, Anker lacks aggression or malice. He doesn't wish bad things for others and is often sympathetic at heart. His protective streak is almost always the reason behind his involvement in a brawl, though other forms of provocation may lead to him lashing out. Does not take kindly to insults, however is more likely to scoff and walk away than engage in a quarrel. Keep in mind that he is on the tail end of the prime of his life, and though he can hold his own in a fight, he is not as fit for battle as he used to be.

“I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”
— George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Reserved. Uncouth. Wary. Austere. Vigilant. Tense.

Steadfast. Patient. Impish. Pragmatic. Attentive. Gregarious.

Protective. Tender. Dedicated. Fervent. Subjective. Mettlesome.





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Such a clean and thorough

Such a clean and thorough layout. Love love love ♥
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Thank you all!

Thank you all!
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oooo i love this css and this

oooo i love this css and this character so far!! really interested to learn more about him :>
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Thanks, Epher! I'm pretty

Thanks, Epher! I'm pretty happy with how the CSS turned out ^^
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Also just realized I never tracked this new one so here that is ♥

Exerus: -sneaks around the

Exerus: -sneaks around the tree watching from there for a moment before slowly creeping closer, his dog nose wiggling a little, and he stopped and froze every time the other looks at him, to then slowly creep closer again when he didn't until he sat by his side. Being soft and fluffy, tail wagging a little bit.-
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♥ Finally, I can track

♥ Finally, I can track this knowing Nem met him again.
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A late thank you for the tracks ♥
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Tracking this

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*puts a big ol' smooch here
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"Spending the day resting near the Pond, observing the Forest-goers and relaxing." Lol, Tris doesn't think so x D
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ooo track, this bio is wonderful. absolutely loved reading this.
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P.S. I would totally read this book.
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Aw gosh, thank you both ;; that's so sweet of you to say!
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Welcome both of you!!

Welcome both of you!! ♥ Ty!
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