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Who stops to pity a honey-bee dead?

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Free adopts!

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Google Chrome blocking "unusual code" when I preview a post... Any way to disable it?

So when I try to preview my character biography pages, Google Chrome gives me this screen. It makes editing or creating CSS a pain. Does anyone know a way to bypass this?
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Dolor et tristitia;

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What are your SAI brush settings?

Lately I've been unhappy with how my fur has been turning out in SAI and I'm wondering what alternate brush settings I could use. I tried searching on Google, but it appears SAI is used for a lot of anime, which I do not draw... I usually go with the acrylic brush on a high (but not 100%) density + dens/size/blend press for (sketchy) lines and base colors.

What do you guys use for fur, lines, shading, etc.?
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Give me characters to draw! (Sasuda and Lyre done)

Howdy everyone!

I have a few days off work and my art muse has been sky-high lately! I'd love to take a shot at other people's characters. I think taking requests can help step out of my comfort zone a little, and hopefully I'll test some skills I don't use often.

Not sure what style I'll go for - likely to be inconsistent from character to character. I tend to get carried away now and then... who knows! Any species is fine, including humans.

Requests are open indefinitely unless stated otherwise, so feel free to comment at any time! I will keep coming back to this thread and draw more characters over time. Eye

Anja for Echosong
Thistle for sylphofheart
Sasuda for Mauvable
Lyre for TreeDancer
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Reborn amidst salt and smoke -|--}

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