\\ in need of rp.

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Any kind will do...just need some easy character interaction. Please keep replies sort of short (not over 3 paragraphs) and don't leave me hanging for over 24 hours about two days. If you need to stop, just say so...it's fine. I'll return the favor.

Characters I have available are...

*BrightEyes Font
Massive quadrupedal human-faced raven monster. May or may not wear a bird mask to hide said face. He is relatively unstable, sickly, easily offended, and swings quickly between moods...small factors will affect how he reacts to your character, could be cuddly, or could decide to lash out. Always makes for an interesting story.

*Dota Font
Small, stocky, built as a sambar doe. May seem 'cute' from a distance, but reaks of oil and musk. May bear a middle eastern human or deer face...either one with a repaired cleft lip and dull eyes. Is extremely slow and dim, but not without a sense of humor. Asks a lot of questions, and will answer just as many. She treats nearly everyone the same. For best results, play with someone who can tolerate her dragging pace or grow angry due to it. A childish character probably wouldn't work.

*Belenus Font
Thin furred, spike-lined-spine stag. Human face, appears strong and early 40's. Has old man issues. Sits and broods in silence quite a bit. Has a soft spot for those who are chill and/or young. Lots to be decided. Experimental rp encouraged.

Anything at all is appreciated...

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I could hit you up with Ryff

I could hit you up with Ryff if you wanted, probably best with Belenus or BrightEyes but I'll gladly let you choose from them. (:
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So, so tempted here. It may

So, so tempted here. It may take me a little bit of time to respond, but at least within the day. I would be tempted with Dota and Belenus. I have a character or two who would be patient enough with Dota, but I have a silent type character who would be completely at home sitting with Belenus. I don't know how far their RP would go since they're both quiet, but he might be tempted to strike up a conversation. He's an experiment too. Either way I'd love to have a character meet both of them at some point.
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@thelittleraven Ooo, I think

Ooo, I think I might like to rp Ryff with Belenus...she has some traits that run right along with his own, and a couple others that could really nicely contrast him. Could make for some fun. Should I start, or would you like to?

That sounds wonderful to me. And I'm not against doing multiple rps at once, especially when it comes to Dota...she's very easy for me to write for. As for the silent type character for Bel, I'd encourage it. Some conversation rp could be nice.
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Awesome, cicadia! I think I

Awesome, cicadia! I think I know which one would like to meet Dota, at least, at this time. I'm sure the other would enjoy meeting her too, but the other one beat him to it. Lol. As for the quiet guy, I think they'd get along. Would you like to start, or should I?
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I would love for Aria to

I would love for Aria to perhaps meet Dota if that is alright :3
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@Waning-Sun Aww, that sounds

Aww, that sounds great, so many possible interactions. ♥ I bet we could get around to some of those other ones as well. As for starting, could I get you to start this one? I bet Bel would approach.

That's good with me. :3 Would you like to start, or shall I?
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Garh, sorry there. Sounds

Garh, sorry there. Sounds great, we'd love to meet Bel. Would you mind starting, though? I'm poor with starter posts... heh.
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Would you mind an interaction

Would you mind an interaction between Fen and Bright Eyes? (Even if Fen's bio badly needs to be updated pfft)
Seems like it could be interesting; Fen can end up being rather unpredictable as well so it's tricky to guess his reactions. Or if there are any more of my characters that might strike your fancy, let me know~
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@Thelittleraven It's cool, no

It's cool, no worries. (I've been sleeping for hours upon hours anyway)
Sure, I'll see what I can come up with. Though I may need to do it in a few hours; I work to make my starter posts thorough, and I feel like garbage at this moment. (but I wanted to reply none the less)

Oooooo yes please, yes please. I can see Fen and B being tons of fun. Of course, I know for a fact there are some more chars of yours I'm interested in...hm. Let's do these two for now, and then perhaps try out another pair. Would you like to start, or shall I?

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Hah, alright then! : D Sounds

Hah, alright then! : D Sounds like a blast~ (And are my characters really that interesting? @A@ sjkhgsjdfgjdgf)
Eh, it might be better if you could star if you don't mind? My starts tend to be kind of sloppy, so.
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Just to clarify you're okay

Just to clarify you're okay with doing two seperate RPs for two different characters?

Also, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I tend to bite off way more than I can chew and then Life gives me a wake up call.

Taking the rain from earlier. Cause..I can. lol

For Dota:
The stag stood in the rain, hardly feeling it anymore. He was conscious of it coming down around him, conscious of it forming little channels down his completely drenched fur, dripping off of his ears, off of his tines, rolling down his humanesque face and into his eye. It was like he was swimming, yet he was firmly planted to the ground. He seemed to just be staring off into space, as if in a trance, before suddenly shifting into motion. His three legged limp was stiff from standing for as long as he had, but the more steps he took the more natural the movement became.

He didn't know exactly where he was going, but he didn't care. His mind was nearly on autopilot, a command to get himself out of the rain crossing his thoughts before becoming muddled, pulled down by jumble in his mind. Mud fled from the one eyed gray's hooves, some of it retaliating by splashing up into his thin, ragged gray fur. Even the white spots freckling his pelt were turned a dull offwhite.

For Belenus:

The shaggy, black and gold furred male glanced up, suddenly noticing that the rain was slowing. He had been enjoying the sound of it striking the leaves and ground around him, hardly minding the fact that he was drenched as well. It was calming, though the weight of the scarflike garment against his neck was anything but enjoyable. His eyes flickered behind his mask as he resettled himself in his spot, leaning his side against the trunk of a gnarled tree.

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@thelittleraven (Aww, it's

(Aww, it's okay, they're hard. Plus, one of the most important parts of the rp. Though I doubt you're poor at them. in otherwords: you can do ittt! \o/)

A nodding head is a dangerous enough without help. The aid of spikes was unneeded. Down, the long metal horns fell, a guillotine to the petals below. As if hearing their cries, his shredded ears would perk, and the blade drawn away from the ground once more.

He was tired. Purely worn out from a day of nothing and no one to bother him. Contemplating the void took energy, didn't it? He fully believed so. Never the less, he would break into his energy stores and find enough to leave this patch of violet, perhaps wander some. Or find some form of company? That was something to truly think about.

Hooves scraped through the soft ground as he began to adjust his position, not quite ready to rise, yet not willing to stay still.


( ;D Absolutely, I don't mind. And YES. I want to get my hands on Candlewick and Ambrose so bad.)

Teeth were clenched around nothing it might seem. He was a mass of black after all. Hulking, shifting, parts indistinguishable. He knew, however. Knew where each part went, where each part didn't...and this feather, its vein snapped in several places, did not belong.

It was not an easy task to remove it, though. The skin beneath was thin, delicate, a membrane that could easily rip...and the feather, a thick stemmed flight.

Easily, it could be said he was unhappy about this task. Growling, spitting, hissing, all around seething, he pulled on the sensitive feather until saliva had filled his mouth, and he drew away from it to swallow. Black tongue met ashen lips as he worked to overcome the pain of ripping nerves so he could continue. Every other feather, he could pull on his own. Every single one. But these ones? These huge, six foot lines of black? Chewing through his wings entirely felt easier.

A loud snarl left him at the thought, fangs clenching with a rapid motion. Like setting a broken bone, he needed another to do the deed. This was just...impossible alone. But to ask for help?

Breath quicker from the rush the pain brought on, the bird monster simply growled at himself, leaning his head forward until his hair brushed the ground. Shivering, shaking. A mess of violence that should keep anything away.

He wasn't sure he liked that.


(I am indeed! And it's okay, I'm thinking I should change that 'time' up there to 42 hours...or just roughly a day or something. Life does get busy. And I totally appreciate the rain. I missed it in game, and love rping in it, soooo...<3 Also, I may need the names of your characters. xD)

From Dota-

The doe laid pressed up against the trunk of a wide oak, stiff legs tangled in the moss and roots that seemed to rise as their soil was rinsed away. Unlike him, she had no pilot- much less autopilot- to command to out of the muck and water. She simply...laid there, cheek to the rough bark, dim piss-gold eyes watching the stag move through the barrage of liquid bullets.

She marveled in silence at it. Bullets, that he could just walk through. She hadn't the energy to even do that; laying and allowing them to make contact seemed much the better option. As the seconds went on, the thought began to lock in. Slowly, to truly ask for an answer. Particularly when the gentle realization set in that he may be leaving the area, and with it, her range.

Her mouth opened, voice a devil-may-care tone and wet from the constant stream trickling down her throat. "Are you a god?" A pale tongue licked away the rainwater that found its way past her lips during that short question. The question, it barely carried at all, having fallen nearly flat to the sodden ground.

From Belenus-

The tree seemed a decent spot. Twisted, on relatively high ground compared to the low lake he had come from. Steps moved slow across the soaked ground, each one deliberately hooked into the earth as to keep him from falling. With four feet to attend to, it took longer than it should. It was no wonder that, by the time he reached his destination, the stag with the iron spikes running down his back allowed his knees to unlock, and fold in on themselves.

His forelegs were the first to go, nearly sending him face forward into the mud, only to be stopped by a rough sideways motion to steady himself against the tree. Complete with sharp exhale.

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Nooo lord I'm awful at

Nooo lord I'm awful at starters, ah. And you write so well...

:: It had been the rustle that alerted her that she wasn't alone. The day had been quiet and she hadn't sought company, content to rest alone at the foot of a tree that could very well be ancient. This forest was old, she reckoned, older than she'd once thought. And she'd been feeling the effect. Paired with mild sickness from the recent rain, he body ached and her mind was dull with her senses. Her ears swiveled aside in a lazy roll, the sound of hooves scraping moist soil catching her attention.

Turning her head she saw the stag, rested with his back to her but swiftly shifting aside. Ryff wondered briefly if he'd caught her scent or had heard her shift in some way, anything that would have disturbed him, and the dust-coloured doe felt immediately self conscious. He could be ready to leave, or prepared to confront her. She held her breath and peered out from behind the tree, eyes glassy. No, he hadn't looked her way.

Her own itch for company stirred a little. He didn't look much like the excitable sort or one to talk much, nor one that would necessarily want company, but... it would be a lie to say she didn't want to find out. It wasn't very often she got a chance to interact at all. Maybe they were both just missing that sort of thing.

"If you're going for a walk, may... may I join you?" She realised her voice may have been too quiet for him to hear, and she cleared her throat. "Ah. Um.. hello..."

possibly Blackbird and

possibly Blackbird and Belenus? Or maybe Brighteyes would make for an interesting interaction, considering she has some avian features to her too... o:
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Haha, I love the rain too. I

Haha, I love the rain too. I was able to get on for a few minutes for it, but then I had to go. I love putting it up as background noise.
Ah, those characters! Sorry about that, I realized that after I posted that you may want to know who they are. xD The one RPing with Dota is my Zash. His bio is down right now, but I plan on putting it back up within the month or so. He's...I don't really know how to describe his personality, he's just him. He's smart and an observer-he tends to read others rather well-, somewhat serious and calm, but he tries to make others laugh too, and is sarcastic. He's got the mouth of a sailor, but he doesn't really go to that extreme unless angry or startled. He's got scars where his right eye should be, he is deaf in his right ear and a little tattered looking and his right forelimb is mostly missing. He's got a scar on his left hip, too, but that's an unrelated injury.
The one that is Rping with Belenus is this guy. He's an experiment and looks like this.

For Dota

His good ear flickered before he slowed to a halt. It took his mind a few moments to catch up with what was happening, and for a second, he was completely lost. The voice-had he heard one?- drew him out of his thoughts, but by the time he had realized something had been said it was already dead and gone. Zash slowly turned about, wondering how he had missed someone else around him. Yet, when he spotted her entangled in the roots and earth, he understood why he had. She had herself hidden under his line of sight.
He took a limping step toward her, his brown eye tracing over the doe. Was she...ill? Hurt? He narrowed his eye but kept his voice friendly, albeit somewhat concerned.
"Pardon? Did you say something?"

For Belenus

The stag shifted his gaze, his ears moving toward the sound of another. He didn't swing his head around, but his muscles noticeably tensed under his sodden fur as he eyed the newcomer out of the very corners of his mask. He couldn't outright see him and for some reason would rather not let it be known that he was curious enough in him to give him his attention. He hoped that as long as he stayed quiet, he would simply be ignored. The gold and black male wasn't particularily interested in getting up to move away.
Maybe he would consider it as an option when the rain completely stopped, but right then, he was rather content. When the other gave a sharp sigh, he ever so slowly tilted his head. It was just enough to look out of one eye, to get a glimpse of a metal covered stag. Wait. Had he seen that right? He snuck a longer look, fear creeping through his already messy fur before he could glance away. Yep. That was certainly metal. Sucking in a nervous breath he shifted his weight as he repositioned his back limbs. He might leave sooner than later then. He didn't think he could win in a fight with a metal wielding stag.
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(Ajshgsgdfd that is so

(Ajshgsgdfd that is so awesome to hear, really ;A; ♥ And aaahh, I need to do so much with Candlewick and I'm looking for more stuff to involve Ambrose as well so that is perfect /squeals)

The forest was getting stale, he thought. The piebald picked his way along the edge of the stream, watching as little pebbles dislodged themselves from under his hooves and tumbled into the water. Hooves, ugh. A frown crossed his pointy face; how long had he been here, to get so used to walking on all fours? .....he shook his head and growled at the shag of black hair that fell into his eyes. A forehoof stomped childishly. This sucked.

Suddenly his growl was echoed, somewhere in the brush nearby. It spooked him and his hind legs slid down the bank; with a loud curse he managed to pull himself back up. The hell was that...?! Ears flattening at his own nerves, he wondered if he should even let himself be curious about what could be over there. But maybe...if he knew what he was potentially up against....

He found himself creeping forward, head held low and ears still pinned to his skull. Violet eyes widened at the sight of the agonized beast and he froze. Oh shit. No doubt he'd been seen by now, or noticed, or-- He gulped and opened his mouth to say at least something, but his voice had left him entirely.
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Hi! I haven't been text

Hi! I haven't been text roleplaying in years, but I've been wanting to try and use one of my deer in a roleplay to get a better feeling of their character.

The character I have in mind is my shapeshifter Vier. In-forest he is always in a form of a deer. In-game he wears the magpie mask, the golden butterfly pelt, and the antlers that come with the pelt. He also wears poppies on his antlers. However, his design looks like this. He's a bit aloof and cranky by nature, but he isn't really a mean or "evil" character as such. In fact, he finds the deer in the Forest amusing, although perhaps in a slightly patronizing fashion, and disapproves of the shapeshifting spells deer can acquire by sleeping inside the mushroom circles. He's a little tragicomical character, really.

If you think you'd like to rp with me, I'd like you to start and use Dota, if you're fine with it. Also, I'm sorry if I suck, like I said I haven't done this in years. ( :' P.S I'm a university student currently in the progress of writing my BA thesis, so it may take me the two days to reply.
~ Azugi
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\o/ Lots to reply to. I'm

\o/ Lots to reply to. I'm going to try organizing this a certain way...
I'll start with the ooc replies first:

Waugh, my writing is really chaotic, at least that's how I feel about it. oTL Not enough constant writing time to really build up a style. Which is partially the reason for the blog. Getting some practice in.
Yours, though, I'm enjoying reading. It has a lovely flow to it. Notes are being taken, I assure you.

Ohho, Blackbird is a cutie...I might like to have her interact with Brighteyes, actually. I'm not sure how he would react to another bird creature these days. He's met a few in the past, but that was so long ago...and a lot has changed.

Oh, me too. I wish M&A made it happen so much more often. Alas, I'll have to stick with some online rain simulator. xD
Oh my! So much description. <3 Thankyouthankyou, Zash has earned my interest, that's for sure. You can expect lots of questions from Dota too. Extreme scars scream 'story-i-want-to-hear' to her.

♥ I'm thinking the same. *evil palm rub* That you -want- to rp them means I get to get my hands on- ...play with them so much easier~ Buaha~

That sounds awesome, actually- you seem like you have a handle on this, despite saying you haven't rped in a long while. I'm definitely up for playing with Vier. I don't think you could have chose a better option, either...Dota suits him well from what I'm reading. My start for you will be in the next post~
(And don't worry, I understand. ;'D Also a uni student.)

I would very much like to try

I would very much like to try Bear with BrightEyes, if that is okay?
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Extra ooc: @blackbirdfly DX

Extra ooc:

DX I forgot to ask- should I start, or would you like to? (my post before is unable to be edited; whoops)

Absolutely, that's cool with me. A storyteller, huh...that could get interesting, fast. Should I start, or would you want to?

Could you start? ^-^

Could you start? ^-^
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Bahahahaaa~ XD Yeah, and

Bahahahaaa~ XD Yeah, and honestly I'm up to any sort of plot or interaction with them, sooo~ >D Have at it, pfft.
Did you wanna interact with Candlewick and Ambrose separately, or I could play them together? And if you're up to it we can play them at the same time as Fen and B, I wouldn't mind~

maybe could you start? (':

maybe could you start? (':
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I checked the community site

I checked the community site yesterday before going to bed, and your comment was the cherry on top of an amazing day. <: Does Dota have a bio? Although you give enough information of her here, I'd still like to take a look at it, if she has one.
~ Azugi
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even MORE ooc because I have

even MORE ooc because I have had a fail weekend:

*thumbs up* You got it!

Bahaaa that would be so strange though. 8| I'd feel bad if you had to work that many puppets at once. Hm. Maybe Candlewick and Ambrose together in a separate rp, once we've wrapped this particular rp is wrapped up all pretty.

*doublethumbs up* N you got it too!

Awww. ♥ And see, that made my morning.
She sure does! It's pretty...not...helpful though...
I'm awful at bios.
There's also a picture of her human face here, which could be helpful.

Aaand to everyone, I'll get all the replies posted this afternoon. And they will be timely now, yes.

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Couldn't squeeze them all

Couldn't squeeze them all in...Still need to write for Waning-Sun and Vinttage.
Time management, in process. ,o,


A lowered scrap of an ear swiveled slightly back at the sound of her voice, though could not make out the entirity of her words. Something, something...'join'...? And a greeting.

It wasn't exactly an earth shattering start to an encounter. In the far reaches of his mind, he was quietly thankful for that. A flurry of petals and ear-busting cry was not nearly as appreciated as it was common.

Shifting yet again over the soft ground, he displaced several small violet plants by their roots. Rather than ignore this happening, his head inclined toward it, a profile of neatly lined spikes as he surveyed the minor wreckage.

His voice came dispassionate, though not unkind. Deep, as a man who was used to or prone to speaking little. "Greetings."

He did realize it was impolite not to make eye contact. Truely. But the earth...

...a slight twitch of his head interrupted his thought process. Light eyes flickered toward her, briefly making connection before shifting once more away.

"Would you like to?"



It was that that lack of voice saved him from a drum-brusting, enraged shriek. But the bird creature, he could still feel the presence- see the sign that hung above the piebald's head clearly even through tightly closed eyes. It was as if the symbol and knowledge was were burned into his mind. Others, others were close. But this one...too much so.

The feather was left. A snarl ripped through his clenched teeth, saliva pushing through to spatter down his chin. He jerked in a sidelong manner, blindly facing the unfortunate passerby, eyes quite literally flashing with could only be fierce warning. The light expelled from them burned a livid red, harmful to the retinas of others and harmful to himself.

It stung.

Black feather, fur, bone and muscle shifted in a half circle, now away from the direction of the other being.

Not a care was given when the sudden wild aura was dropped, and heavy masses that were wings fell limp at his sides. A thin scaled armlike appendage lifted, the wrist of it pushing over his eyes and across his nose- a sloppy, nearly childish attempt at making his rapidly twitching and twinging eyes stop their antics. "Dammit..."



He was happy enough. Disoriented- incredibly disoriented- but happy.

Out on the cold cobble stone he rested, practically a pile of heavy hair and feathers. His wings were hardly visible, even, due to the thickness that his body had taken on in response to the cold. All that truely defined him at this point was a single set of curved claws that extended from the sloping black mass, and a beak. Long, chipped and cracked, with two very tired, very deep set eyes resting behind it.

Occasionally they pulsed with a slight orangered light as emotion flickered behind the wall he had built up.

Within his claws rested something strange by comparason to the monster: A handful of lively red poppies. Crushed, admittedly, but hardly less questionable.

Barely bothering to move, the beak parted and allowed a long black tongue exit. Not quite long enough. He struggled dispassionately to reach the flowers in his lazily sprawled talons.

No dice.

Still, he tried for minutes on end, not a thought in the world to the fool he was making of himself.



She was a watcher to the core. It was made plain as day.

The little doe sat curled on the frozen ground for hours upon hours. In spite of the chill, her fur was thick as it was a mess, and kept her warm enough to ward off shivers. Even if the cold had sunk in, there was little evidence she would take notice.

Every ounce of energy was focused through dull, bored eyes straight ahead, past the line of fungus that separated her from the sleeping fawn in front of her.

She only had a vague idea. These circles supposedly caused interesting things, if one waited long enough. With no sense of time or reason to move, she could watch forever if left alone.
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Psh, I've played multiple

Psh, I've played multiple characters before~ XD But however you'd want to do it sounds fine, I'm up to that~ : D (and if it takes too long we could probably just add each other on msn or something pff)

A strangled, tiny shriek escaped from the halfling's throat when he shied clumsily at the beast's sudden movement. His eyes remained trained on the dark form, even at that flash of red--but then he felt his pupils contract to what seemed like a hair's width and he pressed his side against a nearby tree, letting the trunk bear his weight as he screwed his eyes shut. With a soft hissing curse he hung his head low, waiting for the back of his eyelids to darken again, waiting for those claws he'd caught a glimpse of to tear into the back of his neck while he was temporarily blinded.

But then nothing happened.

A moment was taken to let his breathing steady out before he cracked his eyes open and squinted toward the feathered stranger, even if the forest still seemed to be searing into his vision. He noticed then the hunched posture, the creature's attention turned away. If anything it seemed like this...thing...had much the same reaction as himself at whatever happened with its eyes. Unfortunately for it the beast didn't seem to be recovering as quickly. He could run away now, he thought; even if it would trigger some sort of instinct to give chase, at least maybe he would get a head start? But he was hungry, and could feel his own fatigue though his entire body. Even with a head start, he wouldn't get far.

So instead he chanced a nervous step forward --all while silently scolding himself for being such an idiot for even considering this-- and cleared his throat.

"Hey....you alright?"
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The air in the Forest had

The air in the Forest had turned crisp overnight, veiling the ground in frost.

Vier was ambling through the Forest, enjoying the change in weather, but lamenting the darkening hours of the day just the same. Even though he came from the North, he enjoyed the warmth of the sun as much as he enjoyed the crisp weather.

The shapeshifter was headed to the Pond. Usually he would take a path that would sidestep the Twin Gods statue and the mushroom rings, but sometimes he would go astray from his elusive way, occasionally on purpose, sometimes by accident. Today, however, Vier had felt like making past a mushroom circle purposely. Perhaps trampling a few of the mushrooms would break the magic the damned thing bestowed upon deer.

He knew he was getting close to one of the rings as his nose caught the whiff of the mushrooms that reeked of burned magic. Yet the mushrooms weren't the only smell in the air. The air also carried recognition of the presence of someone else. Someone who carried a stank of the human world, yet smelled very bestial.

~ Azugi
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@Momochi (Ehh, I'll hold off

(Ehh, I'll hold off on the multiple chars. oTL My heath is getting pretty bad again.
However, I'd definitely like to add you to a messenger. My msn is , and my skype is iggilu.)

A sharp twitch ran down the length of the bird creature's back, triggering the crest of feathers that lined it to rise. It was talking now, was it? Raised hackles quivered once more as he shakily turned his head to face the voice.

Dimly flickering cat-slit eyes stared the piebald buck down, pupils too thin now to take in the light necessary to see in this mild setting. Blindness, always finding him. He wasn't too terribly put off by it, as shown by how he clumsily pushed himself in a circular motion to face the boy in full. Wings dragged, pulling dust with him. The arm which had lowered at the blind glance he gave, returned to his face, pushing its cool surface beneath a stinging eyelid.

"Am fine." Tired voice, stiff voice, but certainly not the beastly low that could be expected from a monster his size. Putting his arm down, he traded it out for the opposite, cooling the other eye now. "Not running...why aren't running?" His question was delivered just as stiffly as his answer...but a shift followed, a quiet, belated laugh rising from his throat. The rubbing of chitin on skin quickened, both eyes closing against it.


Thickly furred ears lazily lifted with every notable sound, in wait of some explanation. All she received, though, was the heavy mushroom scent filling her nose and lungs and an occasional gallop of hooves in the distance. Boring, even to her.

Over time, her senses had shifted to focus solely on the motionless fawn, with the exception of her ears' occasional fruitless perk. Other surroundings were forgotten, even ignored when they brushed against the wall that was her conscious. They grew less and less important.

Until one was quite close.
A dim realization flickered far back in her mind, causing her body to shift, slothlike in the way it did. Caught off guard. Eyes turned in their sockets toward the sound of hooves, just barely able to make out the shape of another through the layer of coarse hair that hung across that side of her face.

An inhale was taken through her nose, though the thick breaths of blue wafting from the fungus made scent identification impossible. It only drew a delayed, quiet cough from her, which expelled that blue smoke right back out.

It ached...and she dwelled.

To shake the hair away felt taboo; required moving, and she had already choked. That was enough for her. Instead, a crackling voice rose from her throat, drifting and barely audible. "Who's there?"

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(Oh, that's alright~ I just

(Oh, that's alright~ I just hope you feel better, mkay? ♥ Health issues really do suck :c
I'll go ahead and send an invite over messenger, then ^^ (and on skype when I finally get around to installing it lol) Let me know when/if you get it!)

The buck took a step back, his head held high and stance wary as the monster shifted position. He watched, hardly daring to blink, and as the creature spoke he took notice of its odd tone and choice of words, almost as if it wasn't used to speaking. Or rather, wasn't completely fluent? Hmf, either way the thing still made him uncomfortable. But not uncomfortable enough to outright flee, not just yet.

"I don't know why I'm not running," he admitted slowly. The buck began to pick his way to the side, keeping a fair distance between himself and the beast, never allowing himself to remain face-to-face with this monster and never glancing away. As his sight continued to return he noticed more details in the feathered build, more quivering movement that betrayed contours in the mass of black feathers...finally, he countered; "Why are you laughing?" The question could have held a dare, a bit of rash bratty attitude to challenge the beast to give chase if he felt provoked. But at the same time the halfling felt a little offended himself. Was he supposed to run? Was the laughter aimed at his stupidity? He flicked his short tail defiantly and let himself glance down to the forest floor to be sure he wouldn't trip, not even attempting to hide an irritated eye-roll.


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@Momochi (awh thank you.

(awh thank you. <3 They do suck, yeah.
And-! I got it. However, I tried accepting it while I was on msn for my phone, and your contact just...disappeared. So...could you try again? oTL hopefully it'll stick this time.
Also, i wonder...if you would be into rping via msn/skype in general? I personally am much better (and faster) when it comes to rping on a messenger, since it needs to be done immediately. >> I'm really liking where our rp is going, so...thought I might give that a shot.)
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(How weird o__o It seems

(How weird o__o It seems you're not the first one that's happened to, either. I'll see if you're still on my contacts and shoot you a message and see if it works?
And of course I'm up for that~! I'm having fun with these two, hehe.)
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The light yellow stag neared

The light yellow stag neared the circle and the stranger who was sitting at it now hesitantly, taking one pace after the other until he was standing few meters away from them. His ears put back and his nose turned up at the scent emitting from the other deer, he didn't dare closer yet.

Nevertheless, he could see enough of the other deer from where he was at halt; apparently his fancy to trample the mushrooms would either be witnessed or postponed by a small and sturdy ashen doe with straggled hair draping over the other half of her face. The doe spoke with a strange, tired voice.

"Names don't serve me well. Who's asking?"

Taken aback by the scent and the incongruity of its carrier, his eyes shifted from the small doe to the other figure sleeping inside the circle. He could not help but wonder how the fawn had not been awaken to the smell.

~ Azugi