Monarch Mandarine

After studying my pictogram for a while, I decided to name my deer Mandarine. My first thought was "House" because that's what his pictogram first looked like to me. I realised it looked more pagodaish, and so named him Mandarin... with an "e" cuz it makes it prettier. heh. So, on our second real outing into the forest, Mandarine and I looked for the legendary Deermuda Triangle. I don't think we found it though... or if we did, then the scary stories are invented to scare little fawns with.
Meanwhile, we met a group of friendly deer at the pond. Some looked suspiciously familiar from screenshots, but I am not familiar yet with everyone's pictograms. We danced and played for a while, and a friendly deer magicked Mandarine... first to have the pelt of a monarch butterfly, then to have moosie antlers (say "moosie fate"! say "moosie fate"! <---if you get that you're awesome). Thanks to all the lovely deepeople who are so kind to a little fawn!
Also, I am curious... what are forest nuzzles/points and where is the store?

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Nice to meet ya Mandarine!

Nice to meet ya Mandarine! And welcome to the forest! My deer is the one on the right in your first screenshot. Sorry that I ignored you, my keyboard was acting up and I was trying to fix it, guess I should've logged off the forest first. See ya around the forest, k?
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Hello phoenixtart! Mandarine

Hello phoenixtart! Mandarine is a beautiful name for your fawn. And your fawn was so nice! Eye I don't think the Forest nuzzles have a use yet, but I've heard they may in the future.

p.s. I see my deer in the first screenshot! My deer doesn't have a name (only the pictogram), but you can call him "Laruna" if it makes it easier.

Nice to meet you...

Nice to meet you... everyone's so nice in the forest! Thank you for the compliment and the answer. Smiling You chose a lovely pictogram for your deer, if I may say so. Hope to see you around!

Nice to meet you too! I

Nice to meet you too! I wasn't feeling ignored, and my keyboard's messed up too... so I understand issues. I hope to see you around again!
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Welcome to the forest!

Welcome to the forest!
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Hi, I think I've seen your

Hi, I think I've seen your deer, he's so cute. <33

My name is Vinyelle and my deer is named Ada.
She's a kind doe who really likes fawns.
I hope I meet you again maybe in the forest,
you're such a kind fawn Eye
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Welcome! Tell me.... where


Tell me.... where were you looking for the Triangle?