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Fun times in the forest

Being a stag is so much fun... today I had a lot of fun with various deer I don't know, as well as Laruna. How does anyone decide on a set? There are so many great choices! Mandarine started the day off with what I call the orange squiggle pelt, orca antlers, and a stained-glass eyemask. I already had lots of antlers to choose from, and though I love the the orca antlers, I ended up changing to butterfly antennae. Just cuz I can. Eye After playing with many masks I stuck with the orca (which I love), though the white... beluga? mask that makes your moo sound really weird is fun, and I adore the bird masks too. Laruna pelted me with some great different choices, including some lovely greys that I almost stayed with... but ended up leaving the last one, a bright orange with little green lines. I'm sure I'll switch Mandarine to one of the pretty greys later but for now I like something about the orange. I don't know if I'll ever come up with a real set for Mandarine; there's just so much to choose from!
Thank you to all the deer who helped expand my "wardrobe" and who danced and played with me... I am a dancing deer fiend! Look forward to playing with you again soon....

Mandarine's stag day... sorta.

Well, I missed my actual stag day... but when I logged on today I was big! And magic-able! After an antler party I have lots to choose from (so far I'm sticking with the orca antlers... cuz they're cool) but I only have one pelt (orange w/reddish stripe) and one matching mask. So, if anyone's looking to cast some spells while running around (that's all I wanted to do today) feel free to experiment on Mandarine... even after I get my outfit!

Addendum: dance party!

Okay, I had a lot of fun at a dance party after my last entry, so I had to throw some pics up before bed.

Psst... Laruna and Pepokeen, (at least I think it was you!)- I know I confused you when I pawed the ground in front of you and nodded yes- I was trying to say that you were twins. heehee.

Anyway, pics:

We can dance if we want to!

We can leave our friends behind!

We can dance... and sing!

And then we were tired.

A bio, and pictures.

Since bios seem to be the thing to do, here's on for Mandarine.

Favourite Adornments: Mandarine likes to have flowers on his head, since he's a fawn and can't benefit from magics yet. But he is looking forward to the orca set, magpie, peacock, and... well... just about every pelt and antler, to be fair.
Favourite Spot: Anywhere where there are deer! Actually though, I am quite fond of the ruins and the Crying Idol... there's something sombre and otherworldly about them. Being there almost makes me feel like I'm far in the future, long after humans have ceased to exist.
Language: Mandarine bows a lot- he tends to bow in greeting, as thanks, and as a goodbye. When preparing to leave the forest I always bow to say goodnight, and then go lay down by myself somewhere so no one thinks I'm ignoring them. Mandarine also dances a lot- dancing can't possibly be interpreted as aggressive! Rearing up usually means excitement or, more likely, part of Mandarine's dance (or trying to reach a floating deer, in once case). Any aggressive-type behaviours are in play or part of a dance.
Personality: Much like his player, Mandarine is a happy little soul looking to have a good time. I see no reason for magical immortal deer in a magical forest to be grumpy and mean when there's no danger of going without food.

Here's some shots from today:

Mandarine exploring the ruins

I loved his face at this angle! I only wish I could have gotten a closer view.

Let me out!

Oh, and Lieka, I forgot to reply to your comment before... I was searching for Deermuda around the playground... I'll have to take a screenshot of where I was.

Monarch Mandarine

After studying my pictogram for a while, I decided to name my deer Mandarine. My first thought was "House" because that's what his pictogram first looked like to me. I realised it looked more pagodaish, and so named him Mandarin... with an "e" cuz it makes it prettier. heh. So, on our second real outing into the forest, Mandarine and I looked for the legendary Deermuda Triangle. I don't think we found it though... or if we did, then the scary stories are invented to scare little fawns with.
Meanwhile, we met a group of friendly deer at the pond. Some looked suspiciously familiar from screenshots, but I am not familiar yet with everyone's pictograms. We danced and played for a while, and a friendly deer magicked Mandarine... first to have the pelt of a monarch butterfly, then to have moosie antlers (say "moosie fate"! say "moosie fate"! <---if you get that you're awesome). Thanks to all the lovely deepeople who are so kind to a little fawn!
Also, I am curious... what are forest nuzzles/points and where is the store?

A brand new fawn.

I had a nice time on my first outing into the forest. Much like a real newborn fawn, I had to learn how to walk and run, and I have to learn social etiquette. Is it polite to cast magics on random people, or not? There is much to learn. A very nice deer with a peacock pelt played with me a bit and cast some pretty magics on me. Thank you, nice deer! I saw all the major landmarks, and the forest is surely a beautiful place. I think I'll log back in and find a nice place to sleep for the night. I must also think of a good name for my deer. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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