LOTS of screens

First time water walking! Laughing out loud

Laying on Water

Me and my RL sister in-game. Smiling If you see her (she doesn't get on much, though..) be nice to her xD Though she's a bit slow with the game - doesn't use the actions much - and she has no patience for giving lots of pelts. *I asked her to help me get some pelts the other day and she got fed up, lol

Sniffing Zombie-Sluggs

Watching the 'show' as it were - Kogy and Sluggs boogeyin' in the Cage

Far too large to put here, so clicky! - I found this and wondered where I was... xD

Everytime I 'fly', I always think I look like a giant over places like that.

Poor fawn.

The picture that looks like the one Sluggs posted of us laying down

Kogy makes the best jump EVAR.

Some closeups of Sluggs

Sluggs's picture

Hey, I like that first

Hey, I like that first closeup of me! I might just turn that into a new avatar! Thanks for sharing! Eye