Livestreaming things! :D (MOVIES!) Vote

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Vote for (movies):

Bambi 2
Inuyasha movie 1
Inuyasha movie 2
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bump :U

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I don't mean to be rude but I

I don't mean to be rude but I think some time ago Auriea posted that people shouldn't be advertising movie streams here. :3

Since you know, it's technically illegal.
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Hm, I can be wrong, but

Hm, I can be wrong, but didn't Micheal say somewhere that livestreaming movies weren't allowed?
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Oh... sorry :c The movies

Oh... sorry :c

The movies are dvds bought by ME..

i didnt know this wasn't allowed ><' sorry...
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I think that, even if bought

I think that, even if bought by you, showing them to people who haven't bought them classes it as illegal.
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Oh.. i see.. :c well...

Oh.. i see..


well... sorry i posted this. i had no idea that it was illegal... ):
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I feel kinda.. snobby(?)

I feel kinda.. snobby(?) posting on this again, but I contacted The Livestream website help people and asked if it was illegal to stream movies that I own. They said that I can stream it if I am sole owner.

So, I suppose that means it's okay? I dont want to disrespect the gods ):
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I suppose then that you can.

I suppose then that you can. Shocked I never knew.

But still, M&A don't want people advertising it here. Sad

Not snobby at all Pretzil!

Not snobby at all Pretzil! I'm glad you posted actually and passed along what Livestream said, I didn't know they were OK with movie streaming (learn something new everyday!).

The issue I think is less about laws and more about M&A wanting to keep The Community site for TEF content. That's what they mean when they say "This is a community site for The Endless Forest. For anything not related to the game and its players, please go elsewhere.".