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Fortis silvae cervos

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This is just an updated version of his Original bio. If anyone can assist me in figuring out those cool custom layouts for the Bio pages (like Walter's), please tell me. Until then, enjoy this mess.




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5 Years



Strong, Deep. Kind towards friends or family. Cold against enemys.



Resembles the body of a Moose, quite larger that most deer.








Most of his normal hangout spots are around the pond, ruins or somewhere in the birch forest. He hold a fondness for the Demon Gazelle, though it's not a familiy bond, Leeon see's the old stag as something of a mentor.



TwentyOne;; He see's this doe as a Godess, he would never harm her.
Walter,"The Demon Gazelle";; A mentor of sorts. He prefers to follow Walter around
Fawns;; Leeon treats all fawns with tender love and care. Though he has no fawns of his own, he love's to parent fawns whom are alone.



When Leeon was only 2 years old, he fought The Demon Gazelle on the bridge, though he was the one a fault. Walter defeated him, and Leeon fled into the forest in shame. The blood-loss from his face wound cause him to die, but because of the Twin God's power over the creatures they watch, he was reborn. His new appearance was much bigger than his last. He appeared now as a Moose. The scar over his left eye remained the same, a reminder. He has followed Walter around since, silently begging forgiveness.

After Leeon fought with Walter, he was wounded. The wound got infected and he subsequently perished. However, because the Twin Gods are so forgiving, He was reborn in the Moose form you see now.


X By Me.

[[NOTE:: Leeon is looking for the right girl, one to have a family with. If you have a deer interested, please contact me here or perhaps on the Forum, under the same name. My picto is in my Avatar, if you wish to find me In-Game.]]

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Hi hi..... Now I remember

Hi hi..... Now I remember you nice to meet you again !!!
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