I need a vote! (new baddie!)

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Something I had been considering is introducing another baddie that would not necessarily join the Deadly Trio. In fact, it would be the same species as Iugulare (but would appear as a different animal than a stoat), and had landed on Earth a long time ago. When it finally finds the Endless Forest, Iugulare becomes bitter that there is another infectious alien on the planet, and the two start to become rivals.

I may start that up pretty soon, it may either be a story or a RP.

I was trying to think of another animal that is considered sly or sneaky like a stoat or a weasel is (what Iugulare is), but it doesn't necessarily have to be that. It could essentially be any kind of animal.

I also was considering it landed on the planet close to one of the poles, so it is more accustomed to cold weather and thus may be more familiar with colder animals. But that's not a requirement. I'd really like the animal to be white or albino.

As far as personality, it will act similarly to Iugulare in the fact that it wants to dominate the world, but it will be more calm and collected where Iugulare is more rash and impatient.

And as always, one of my favorite themes may pop up ~ Quad and Iugulare teaming up to fight a common foe.

So here are the animals I had in mind so far, but feel free to suggest other animals:

Alright so we got...

1 - goat
0 - fox
0 - polar bear
0 - horse
1 - lion
5 - boar/warthog
7 - snowy owl
2 - snake
1 - opossum
1 - numbat
1 - red river hog
2 - aardwolf
1 - north american cacomistle
3 - fossa
1 - penguin
1 - Archaeopteryx

So please comment what animal you think my new baddie would be great as. Or if you have a different suggestion, please feel free to share!

We decided on a snowy owl! Thank you all for the help!

Now we're trying to decide on a name and whether this character should be male or female...

And whether they should have scales too to make them more like some weird snake/owl hybrid XD
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The infected boar idea

The infected boar idea immediately reminded me of the cursed boar god in Princess Mononoke.

Hmmm. You could always try a snowy owl. I think of owls as somewhat mysterious. xD
Other than that, I think a goat might be interesting. o: Or the boar. Boars are awesome. >>
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I think a snake would

I think a snake would actually be interesting. It doesn't really ring a bell in my head, but the idea is neat.
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I'd go with the lion. That'd

I'd go with the lion. That'd just be... ohgoodlordhelpusall. XD
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Maybe a opossum?

Maybe a opossum?
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Usernames - would it be a big

Usernames - would it be a big snake or a little snake?
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I'm actually thinking boar

I'm actually thinking boar too. I think it would be an interesting rival to Iugulare.

This isn't closed if you'd still like to vote, but I'm leaning toward the boar.

Awww, but I love fossas

Awww, but I love fossas xD;

I also think a boar is a great idea! They're nasty critters.. mean and uuuugly.

Owl c:

Owl c:
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White Warthog anyone? The

White Warthog anyone?

The Snowy Owl is pretty scary too XD
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Hawaiian Feral Boars are also

Hawaiian Feral Boars are also a slightly lesser known HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE type of boar.

like AUGJFGFGF they will ruin your day.
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Ohh, this looks very

Ohh, this looks very interesting. c:
Considering what you have in mind, I'll pick the snowy owl. ♥

Boaaaar. Or the aardwolf~


Or the aardwolf~
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Thanks everyone. I still

Thanks everyone. I still haven't decided but it looks like it's between the boar and the snowy owl. But you can still vote for something other than those two, it's not closed yet. I also need to decide what gender this new character will be. All of my baddies so far have been female.

I wanted to write what this character would be like in a sneak preview of a future story, so not to sway the vote one way or another, I'm going to write them as a goat. Just imagine them as whatever animal you think would be the best:

(Color I'm using for their speech is #9AFEFF)

A crowd was growing in the Birch Forest. The deer were gathering around someone new, who seemed to be giving a speech. One by one, curious onlookers approached the newcomer, who did something to them, and the deer would wander off alone.

Zephyr was among those who had just arrived to the scene, and started listening to the new one. They were a strange white goat, and Zephyr's eyes noticed their body was unusually familiar.

The goat continued to speak to them all, "There is an alternative to pain and suffering. The others offer paradise in exchange for your flesh and blood. They offer you peace in exchange for your body. But I am different. I am kind. All I ask is for a kiss on the forehead, and you shall find your beautiful dreams without the pain they give. Come, who else would like to join? Your friends have gone to their sanctuary, would you like to visit yours?"

The first ones to approach were mostly nameless who did not know any better. Now a fawn approached, and looked up to the white goat. The newcomer whispered something in her ear, and then kissed her on the forehead. Zephyr noticed something was left - a stain or a strange mark that resembled the goat's body. The fawn didn't say a word, but walked off on her own, into the distance where the others had gone.

"Your little one has accepted her paradise. Who else would like to find theirs? It is as simple as a kiss.", the goat spoke to the crowd.

She was compelled to approach, despite knowing that this wasn't right and that she had seen something like this before. But Zephyr's mind could not remember who Iugulare was, and unable to control herself, she stepped out from the crowd and stood before the white goat.

The goat bent down and spoke to her, "Hello little doe, what paradise do you seek?"

Zephyr could not find the words she wanted, but she replied, hesitantly, "I want...our Forest to be safe..."

The goat smiled here and nuzzled the side of her face. Zephyr cringed as something rubbed onto her, it was here when she realized that this goat was an infection. But by then, it was too late, the white virus had already been left on her face. She stared up at the goat in horror upon realizing this.

"Your Forest will be very, very safe with me.", the goat said to her, and immediately kissed her on the forehead. More white infection left, Zephyr's body reacted differently than a moment ago, and she quickly ran away. She just wanted to get away from the goat, and to find the Twin Gods or her father to let someone know that there was danger in the Forest.

She slowed as something horrifying came into view. She saw several deer, even a few fawns, laying on the ground. Their bodies were covered in the white infection, and they weren't moving.

At this moment, the infection on Zephyr's face had broken through the skin, and attacked her brain. She cried out, trying to control herself, but everything became blurry and she was hallucinating. The doe collapsed and curled up, her muscles locking up and her head in tremendous pain as the infection took her. The whiteness began to cover her body like the others, and she let out one more painful cry before she fell into a deep sleep.
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Snowy owl?

Snowy owl?
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Owl, so you can use an

Owl, so you can use an owly-like set if you bring them in to the forest.
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Owls are so overused now aaaa
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LOL is this becoming some

LOL is this becoming some kind of warzone over what animal this thing will be? XD!!

I will say if it does end up being an owl it will not have anything to do with that Legend of the Guardians series. I've only watched the movie and am not really a fan.

But I can see the benefits from both animals. The boar/warthog can possibly gore it's prey with it's tusks and inject infection directly (plus a reference to Mononoke is always nice), where an infectious owl could be pretty scary as it could hunt from the sky, possibly pick off victims and fly away with them screaming. I really like both ideas!

Here's a quote from each if they were one or the other:

Boar - "These simple-minded fools do not understand the severity of their situation. I need only to bite them and inject the infection, and they are within my grasp. And my strikes are swift and unexpected, my will is relentless. This Forest will be easy to capture, and once I have control, this world shall be mine."

Owl - "The key to overtaking this Forest is intimidation. Those who wish to join as my minions will come and beg for my mercy. Those who resist need only to be made example of. I will pick off the strong and infect them in the sky, leaving the weak to cower and beg for servitude. There is a reason why I am known as the 'Scourge of the Sky'."

"and fly away with them

"and fly away with them screaming."

you scare me

Snowy Owl~ Hedwig

Snowy Owl~
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B| >B|


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X3333333 I wasn't really


I wasn't really expecting the owl to become such a popular suggestion, and actually it fits pretty well since I can see Iugulare getting angry at an owl as compared to a boar. Also owls are considered bad omens in Native American lore, so there's that too.

I like the idea of having a boar since it's a not-so-popular animal and also the Princess Mononoke reference is pretty nice, but the owl would be pretty interesting too.

Gaahh I can't decide!!

Now I'm getting an urge to

Now I'm getting an urge to draw the owl instead of the dragon for your commission *winkwinknudgenudgeifyaknowwhatimean*
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Boar plz D: Or fossa. But

Boar plz D:

Or fossa.
But BOAR more importantly!
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Random question: Does it

Random question:

Does it have to be ONE animal? Could it be a shape-shifter (of which there are tons of types)? I dunno if you find that overused or anything, but then you wouldn't have to decide. And it'd be even more sneaky, lol.

Also, on the owl thing: stoats sometimes eat bird eggs, including owl eggs (or so it seems). That could be interesting.

All of those animals are just too awesome, really!
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I like the idea of a

I like the idea of a shape-shifter, too.
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I had considered it being a

I had considered it being a shape-shifter, as essentially the species is really a blob of infection that can take the shape of any animal, but I didn't want to overuse that idea since Quad shapeshifts. Iugulare has always stayed as a stoat so that's why I really wanted to pick one animal for them.
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I would say a Snake or the

I would say a Snake or the Snowy Owl.

Snake because the Mongoose reminds me of a stoat or a weasel. Mongooses are known for fighting and eating snakes. And possibly vice versa. I could really see a venomous snake being "infectious". And just imagine the interesting designs you could get out of a cobra with it's hood.

Snowy Owl I could also see eating a stoat/weasel. And since Quad and Iugulare might need to "team up" I see the Snowy Owl being this intimidating and clever adversary. It also works well with your landing in colder places idea.

You could always make a cross bred snowy owl / snake! ....You know... An owl with scales and maybe a few feathers... And... You know what comes to mind... Archaeopteryx! You could totally do an owl version. XD With venomous snake fangs! Yes... My imagination runs wild sometimes...

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LOL Gustiro=win^

LOL Gustiro=win^
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Gustiro - that's a good idea,

Gustiro - that's a good idea, I didn't consider an Archaeopteryx. My only concern is that it may be too much like Anirapio, but I'll keep that in mind.
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Hm. I see your point. At

Hm. I see your point. At least I tried. XD
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nunununununu i actually like

nunununununu i actually like the idea! I just wasn't sure how similar a dinosaur would be to a dragon XD!!
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Haha No it is fine! I was

Haha No it is fine! I was just saying I saw what you meant by it being maybe too similar. X3
I am interested in seeing what you end up deciding. Making a new character is always fun.
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Hmm so if I decide to do the

Hmm so if I decide to do the owl, what gender should it be, and any ideas on a name? I generally pick a combination of latin words for the name (This is Silent's fault, since she originally came up with Iugulare's name, and then I used the same convention for Anirapio and Nekumbra)

For example, if I combined "anguis" (snake) and "noctua" (owl) I would get something like Angtua or Noctuis for the name. But that's just an example Eye

As far as the gender, well...I tend to have a thing for female baddies, and the snowy owl looks kind of feminine to me, but I don't know if I should break this rule and have a male baddie instead...hmmmmmmm....

I do like the sound of

I do like the sound of "Noctuis" and ya know, since the Deadly Trio consists of all females why not add a male villain right? Plus Noctuis sounds more male than female. Just my two cents ya know c:
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eburneus - ivory

eburneus - ivory white
candidus -pure white, shining
contineo - to touch, reach, grasp, affect, infect, repress, subdue.

/throwing random Latin
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I agree with Alinaquil. I

I agree with Alinaquil. I love Noctuis. Almost a hiss at the end. Also I agree with the male gender. Both because of how the name sounds and to add a mix into your already female trio. X3 Just my two cents though.
Apparently I feel like stalking this thread, Quad. Just so you know.

I like Contineo too. >>; For the meanings.
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X3!!! that was just an

X3!!! that was just an example but it does sound pretty nice. And what would be cool about having this guy male is that it would be a neat male vs female thing with Iugulare. I'm liking this already.

Who knows...I may actually give him/her scales like Gustiro suggested.

Guess I'm going with an owl then XD!! Thanks for the help, everyone! I wasn't even considering an owl but I like having the community help me on my characters. You guys really helped me developing the Deadly Trio too Eye
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I thought I'd give this

I thought I'd give this character a try. Enjoy XD

The fawns ran as fast as their little legs could carry them. They knew something was close, but they had no time to look behind them. They kept running until their lungs could no longer keep them on their hooves. Slowing, the two gasped for air.

"Did we lose him?", the little boy asked. "I-I think s-so...", the girl stammered in her breath.

"Hoo Hoo!!", the sound was loud and close. The two screamed and instinctively ran, the boy running faster than the girl. She could not keep up with him, and as her hooves carried her, she heard a sound so frightening her heart nearly skipped a beat.

Wings flapping above her. She barely had a moment to look up as she saw a white creature descend upon her friend. The owl landed on him, her infection enveloping his body. He cried out both in agony and terror as the wings flapped and the creature rose into the treeline. The girl gasped, seeing his body half-submerged within the white infection of the owl's belly.

And as the two disappeared over the canopy, his screams silenced. She was alone, frightened, her nerves made her panic. The fawn rushed away, calling out, trying to find someone, anyone to help her.

"Hooo! Hoo Hoo!!", the sound again, the owl must have made short work of the other fawn. She reacted immediately, running for her life. She fled to the Old Oak, where she thought she would be safe. Bounding into the tree's protection, she curled and hid, shivering, hoping the owl didn't see her there.

But the flapping of wings came closer. It was so obvious that she was there. He knew it. His eyes easily caught her.

The owl landed and stretched his white wings. His eyes were a piercing yellow that stared at the little fawn. He entered into the sanctuary and cornered her.

"No more crying, little one. No more. You will find your rest tonight.", his words were cold and cruel to the child's ears. The girl was out of breath and her heart was racing so fast she nearly blacked out.

She barely felt it. She barely felt the infection take her. Her body felt heavy and she could no longer see any light.

But it was here where she started to dream...of playing in the fields with her friend. The two fawns would never wake again.
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Hmmmm maybe I could give him

Hmmmm maybe I could give him a forked tongue to make him a little snake? Hehe...

Listening to my MP3 player last night, I found some great songs either about this new character or about the situation at hand (Quad + Deadly Trio vs. new baddie). Here they are:

^ Probably my favorite of the bunch for Quad + Deadly Trio vs. new baddie

^ This would involve Quad and Iugulare telling their secrets to one another

I was surprised that the last two (Parlor Mob and Nickelback) fit so well, they're both songs I'm obsessed with right now.
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I'm not sure if you'll find

I'm not sure if you'll find it relevant or not, or something you can consider with the character, but owl's actually have remarkably silent flight due to specialized feathers.

Just thought you might be interested. Smiling
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I actually don't know much

I actually don't know much about owls aside from the Native American lore. Thanks for letting me know about that, I'll keep it in mind for future writings XD!!
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I did an attempt at drawing a

I did an attempt at drawing a snowy owl:

Here's the reference. I didn't bother doing the little black spots on the wings and body only because infection is usually a pure color without markings (and it would have been a pain to mouse all of those in on paint).

Anyway, I know my art sucks but I wanted to give it a shot.
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That's an awesome owl,

That's an awesome owl, especially for being done with a mouse!
And if I remember correctly, older male snowy owls are pretty much pure white, anyway.
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This is a photo I took of a

This is a photo I took of a snowy owl at a nature centre near me. They have a wide range of marking patterns, from pure white to very blotchy. Smiling

That's great for a mouse Quad, I don't even attempt mouse art!

Here's a nice BBC video showing off some of the owl's amazing abilities. The owl in the video is a Great Grey Owl, which have even more exceptional skills, but the snowy owl isn't far behind. Smiling
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"The plan was very simple.

"The plan was very simple. Send someone after Iugulare to make sure she was not causing trouble. Send someone disposable to check up on the lowest of scum our species exiled. Send a murderer to spy on a murderer.

What they did not consider is that my plans have changed.

I know Iugulare's plan. She picked this little planet to infect so she can bring back an army to our world of Venterm. She plans to go all out, she thinks it will work perfectly.

But what will happen instead is that I will be the one to carry out her plans. And she will be dead. I will enjoy feasting upon her, feeling her squirm inside, giving her a taste of her own infection as she perishes.

It will be all too easy. Those fools have no idea of the vengeance that will be returned to them. It will not be Iugulare that takes Venterm by force. It will be me, Noctuis, the Scourge of the Sky, the Infectious Juggernaut, who will achieve glorious victory!"

Noctuis' arrival

Also I found another song that could fit this story pretty well. I'm not a huge Linkin Park fan but I do like this song:

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