Hello, hello!

I just found out about this game today. what a fun concept! i've only played a couple minutes so far but i've had a lot of fun exploring Smiling

i've seen a few deer around! some were fawns like me, but others were all grown up with the craziest styles. i came here right after seeing them to find out how i can look as cool as them Laughing out loud

turns out i just need to give it some time haha who'd of thought haha

anyways, all the deer i've seen so far have been pretty sleepy. they didn't even wake up when i said hello or jumped around! who knew deer were such deep sleepers haha

i'm gonna keep running around for a while Smiling

see ya in the forest!

Hello little one! So happy

Hello little one! So happy that you entered to the Endless Forest! Glad you had a fun time! ^^

Lately the forest is calm and sleepy (and I love it too) haha
If you want some companion, feel free to wake me up or just catch me when I'm running around! (I'm white doe with owl mask and plume)

See you in the forest, little one! (^^)/
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Hello there! Welcome to the

Hello there! Welcome to the forest : D
If you are still active in the game, i bet your fawn has grown into a deer by now.
Hope to see you in the forest <3