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Nat-Nat's biography has been moved to my main account, here.
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If you want to stop here,

If you want to stop here, just let me know. But if you want to continue, like if Nat-Nat was just waking up, so tell me too, I don't mind.

[e] YAY, 7th page ~ ♥

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Sure C: Sorry it's so late.

Sure C:
Sorry it's so late. And now I've got to go to bed ;;<3

With a small flick of her tail, the feathered one cast quick glances about her and Nat-Nat. Her ears were also alert, though this was not as obvious due to a lack in exterior ears, but rather ear canals. She was indeed surprised to hear a sound from Nat-Nat, evident in the way her head snapped to face the sound's source - and this time it was clearly Nat.

Attentively, she observed the attempts at movement. Prepared to help if need be, of course. Nat's voice came to Greitai's ears softly, influencing the protective female to strain her ears some to clearly pick up the words. Yes, she definitely heard a struggling whisper from the form beside her. Slight movement was the next thing, and soon her nose was nudging the wounded body gently, encouraging Nat-Nat to be strong. The raptor-faced one understood not what was happening, truly, though she did grasp the vaguest concepts. She understood that her friend was struggling, and felt that urge to protect, to help. "Nat-Nat." she replied, said so firmly, yet with affection. As if trying to supply the entity with an anchor.

Neck arched, face pressing gently so as not to aggravate any wounds, the loyal beast was tired after spending so much time frantically protecting Nat. Even though most of her protection had been unneeded. Again, the voice of Nat-Nat surfaced, and Greitai lowered her head to the level of her friend's head, golden eyes wide with astonishment, but also filled with relief. "You're welcome... now, hush. Don't tire yourself out so quickly." and she licked over the wound's on her friend again, carefully. Happiness bubbled from Greitai now, and her feathers fell from their defensive posture with the wave of new emotions. She didn't plan on leaving Nat' any time soon, her protective side flaring again as she paused to listen for danger. No one was harming Nat-Nat without a battle from Greitai.
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Aw, no problem !

Aw, no problem ! <3


Nat-Nat nodded, and layed her head on the ground again. Though, she didn't listen the "hush", because she needed to speak. This was a way to show to herself that her soul was still here, her mind still alive. She tried to remember why she was in this condition. Then, she remembered. Seikin. She slightly frowned. All was her fault. She searched the fighting. She didn't see Seikin under his 3rd rage stage, before. Now, she knew she wouldn't do the same mistake again. She looked at Greitai, then she said : • The... The presence you was feeling... It was... My soul... • She smiled softly. She remembered when Greitai and Beren were really, really afraid by her touch and her presence. Beren was turning around like an insane, and Greitai's feathers were in alert. Though, Nat-Nat had found a good way to communicate. Or, she seemed to have found a good way... By speaking. She quickly saw that Greitai heard her calls, for her happyness. Things were easier, now that she was awake. Nat-Nat's soul came out of her body only three days after she fall unconscious. Though, she had felt Seikin near her body. Again, Seikin chased some deer away. Nat-Nat wasn't okay with that. In reality, she didn't hate Seikin, not at all. But she didn't want him to chase the deer away. Because if they wanted to hurt her, so they could. She didn't mind, now that she was down.

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I've been gone for 4 days,

I've been gone for 4 days, and when I return, I see the most beautiful css I've ever seen.

No kidding.

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You... &hearts; Thank you

You... ♥
Thank you very much :') You too made my day.~

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Sorry about Greitai being

Sorry about Greitai being asleep for so long! I fell asleep, xDDD
Her head tilted, processing the information. Greitai had not known what to think about the invisible touch or how it was related to Nat-Nat, but had eventually come to accept that it was, somehow.

She drew a breath in, mulling over the concept of a soul without a body. Nat-Nat was indeed, unusual, like a ghost herself. Also, she had to admit that there had been something off about the unconscious body, a little emptiness. Was it really so far fetched? And why shouldn't she believe Nat'? Another moment, a long breath exhaled. "I believe you... and your soul is back in your body now... it won't leave again, will it?" concern still evident in her voice. The feathered one made another sweep of the area with her eyes, in case her ears had missing anything.

She was prepared to chase off nearly anything, so long as Nat-Nat was alright. Perhaps she became loyal very quickly. Certainly, she did not have many 'friends' to speak of, so she did cherish those she had. The presence of Nat's soul probably made her more protective and aggressive due to her inability to understand the invisible one. Her mind wandered briefly, to Ravly and a question - Why had he helped? Yet, Greitai shook these thoughts away and directed her attention on her friend again. It was important that she was attentive right now. There was one question she really wanted to ask, too, but had been holding back as she didn't want to immediately upset Nat-Nat. Whoever had done this would probably be wise to stay out of her path, however.
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No problem, I understand

No problem, I understand ♥ Nat-Nat stayed near Greitai for around 6 hours and half. I just moved her in the Birch forest to take a closeup of her with a cam-deer, for my new avatar. c:


The ghost-doe nodded negatively. • I don't think so... Not if I'm not hurted as... As I was. • She tried to smile, but the remembrances of the pain stopped her. She was happy to have friends on who she could count. In the past, she didn't have any friend. Maybe because she liked to be alone. Though, now, it wasn't the same. Being alone didn't really hurt Nat-Nat, but she prefered to be with friends. It was still better, no ?
Lost in her thought, she almost didn't see Greitai's face. She was now slightly strange. Nat-Nat frowned, almost imperceptibly. She knew this expression. She also slightly tilted her head aside before saying : • If you want to ask me something, don't hesitate... • She smiled to show she was okay if Greitai wanted to ask something. She was almost about sure of the question Greitai would ask. Though, she didn't say anything about that. Maybe she was wrong. She also waited for Greitai to speak.


I'm sorry, it's pretty short ;_;

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I really like her new

I really like her new pictogram. :]

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Thank you very, very much

Thank you very, very much ♥
And thank you too for keeping Nat's compagny <3

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You're Welcome. :]

You're Welcome. :]

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Wow, ;;! &hearts;. -- A

Wow, ;;! ♥.


A brief hiss, but her face also became determined upon hearing that it could happen again. "If it does, then I'll be here. I wish I could have been around to protect you... gently, she ran her face along Nat-Nat's neck, trying to comfort her friend. Her nose inhaling the scent of of the wounds, displeased by the severity of them her tongue slid from her mouth and briefly ran over a few.

Pulling her head back slightly, the feathered female's attention was brought back to her injured friend's face, in response to the words that the entity had just emitted. Sighing, deeply, Greitai nodded slightly before opening her mouth lips pulling up some from serrated teeth. Her feathers, having calmed down a little from the awakening of Nat, flared back up again. "What kind of pathetic creature, what kind of scum dared to hurt you so terribly?" her jaws came together again, closed, and a shift in her mood was indeed noticeable, accompanied by a brief hiss. Such a shift, such a temper.
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She smiled. &bull; Thank you,

She smiled. • Thank you, Greitai... But... If you had been able to be around when it attacked me, I would have wished to pull you away... • She did a strange face by pronouncing "it". The word who would be appropriate should certainly be "he". But he wasn't in his normal rage stage when he did it, alright... ? He was a sort of demon, when he did. Certainly, yes... But he did it anyway. She came back to the reality and was grateful to Greitai for cleaning her wounds.

Then, she looked down at her hooves. Yes, Nat-Nat knew that Greitai would ask that. She was also prepared. A fugitive thought came to her mind. What if she lied ? What if she said that it was a stranger ? She frowned. No, she couldn't lie. Not to trusted people. Not to helping people. Who had been here for her all this time. She also decided to say the truth, still looking down. In a whisper, almost inaudible, she said : • ...Seikin... • She looked up to Greitai's face. The name, the whisper of the name, stayed as an echo in her body, in her mind and in her heart. She was still in a state of shock. Seikin was her best friend. Of course, it was her fault. She provokated him. She tried to put him near Beren. She, again, tried to calm him down. Though she knew that, she was still feeling down. She was feeling betrayed. Of course, Seikin was next to her body when she was asleep. She felt it. But her soul hadn't left it yet. It was still inside the body. Of course, Seikin maybe didn't remember what he did. But he did it. He did it. He wanted to kill her. And if she wasn't fall on the ground, maybe she wouldn't be here today, to speak with Greitai. It was certainly the most hurting feeling Nat-Nat ever had. If we except the remembrance of her past, of course...

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I looooove her bio.

I looooove her bio. <3
Psh, Isn't it 'suprise', and not 'suprize'? ..I can be wrong though, english fail. :'D
But.. Why haven't I met her yet? It has been ages since we played together |:< How are you?

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Thank you Nopje !

Thank you Nopje ! <3
Hm, Google Translate told me "surprize". I must say it always intrigued me too, hm c: My english fails too, haha~ But I don't think the yours do.
And I don't know <3 I hope they'll meet soon though. I'm fine, thank you, what about you ? ♥

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She huffed, uncertain as to

She huffed, uncertain as to why Nat' would not have wanted her protection. Once more, her tongue rolled over the wounds. A loyal creature indeed, she would have found it difficult not to leap to her friend's aid. Had that been why Nat-Nat's soul had called out to her when she had rushed at anything she had considered a threat to the unconscious body? Greitai considered this, snorting. She had assumed she was doing the right thing, eliminating the threats.

As her head had been close to her injured friend's, and she had been listening attentively, Greitai picked up on the name the first time it was said. Not needing it to be repeated. She was silent for a moment, trying to remember if she'd ever met him. Perhaps once, but the memory was not clear. She did know that he meant nothing to her. Nothing.

A hiss erupted from her jaws, feathers up about her in the threatening manner that they were designed for. Fur along her back and spine standing upon end as she etched that name into her memory. Seikin. Her teeth, those serrated tools, were shown beneath her curling lip.

She knew not the circumstances, and was likely to be biased and take Nat's side anyway as Seikin was little more than a name to her. "Seikin" She repeated, her very voice giving away her intent to make him suffer. Perhaps, if she had been thinking clearly, the feathered female would have paused and asked Nat-Nat what she wanted. Not now, oh no. Not now. She was confused, she was angry, upset and the adrenaline was wearing off quickly now, also making her tired. She couldn't be tired. She needed to stay awake and protect Nat-Nat. She knew now who she would search for relentlessly, who she would make pay for the severe harming of Nat-Nat. Souls didn't just... separate from their body - not to the knowledge of Greitai, at least.
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Nat-Nat bited her lips,

Nat-Nat bited her lips, regretting now to have looked up to Greitai. Her feathers stood up, her face became rageful. She hissed, and repeated Seikin with a murderer voice. The ghost-doe felt bad. Very bad. She tried to explain the situation. As much as the tremolo in the voice could let her do. • Gr-Greitai, it was... it was my fault... He's my best friend... Or he was, I don't know now... And... And he has three rage stage... The first is his normal one... The second, his intelligent one... And the third... The third is... She had chills. • His murderer one... But wait, it's my fault. I putted him in this rage ! There... There was a conflict with... Beren and him... Before this, we were a trio... A trio of friends... Then I don't know why, Beren rejected him... I wanted to help Seikin, so I invited him to follow me next to Beren... Hoping all would be alright... But... But Beren ignored Seikin... He walked away. And... And Seikin... But it was my fault ! I tried to calm him down, to tell him that Beren loved him as a friend. I failed. Maybe I didn't seem sincere... But it's my fault Greitai, and only the m... The m-mine... • Her voice broke up. She turned the head, to hide some tears in her eyes. She was still nostalgic about them three. They were so close, before... But it was the past. She destroyed their friendship. She closed her eyes, trying to chase her tears away.
You're stupid. a voice told in her head. She opened her eyes. No. Not again. Not again... she thought.
The voice in her head... She didn't know what it was exactly. But she supposed that it was all the souls she had been taken in the past. She trembled at this thought.
You should let Seikin kill you, the next time. What brave guy he is... She looked down again. Her head was still hidden from Greitai. Shut up, shut up, shut up... she screamed inside her mind. She waited few seconds. The voices didn't say anything. She softly sighed. Then looked back at Greitai. The voices were always there when she was emotionally closer to the edge. Nat-Nat heard them so many times now... But she wasn't used to hear them. Maybe she would never be... ? Or maybe was she crazy ? Again, all these voices she heard... it was her fault. Still her fault. Always her fault. She was now wondering how she could be so imprudent. She tried to hide her emotions to Greitai. She didn't want to show her how affected she was. She also smiled - trying to be sincere - and putted her head in Greitai's neck. She waited for her to answer to her last words. She was ready to hear all, now.

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Ohh haha :'D I spoke to Ammy

Ohh haha :'D I spoke to Ammy and suprise/suprize, both are fine. (:
I'm good aswell, thanks. <3

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Okay, thank you to Ammy and

Okay, thank you to Ammy and to you so !~

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Apologies for the late reply

Apologies for the late reply |D.
An' no problem~ &hearts!

Upon hearing Nat-Nat speak poorly of herself, another hiss was emitted from the carnivorous female. No. She did not understand, and was less willing to understand Nat's explanation. What did it matter what 'rage stage' this fiend had been in? He had still hurt someone who considered him to be their best friend severely. She listened, growling softly whilst she heard the story, of the conflict between three friends."I'm sure Beren had his reasons, maybe he knew this would happen... " A stupid thing to say, yes. And yet, it was natural for her to assume something like that. Still, a moment of thought and she rejected the idea - it wasn't plausible. "Alright, that's not likely." she admitted, turning her head to scan the area again. Fatigue catching up to her on nimble legs. She shifted uncomfortably, bringing her head back down "...You tried to do the right thing. It is not your fault." she purred, regretting her words on Beren's behaviour, as they may have been perceived as cruel.

To make up for this, she resumed cleaning wounds. Doing it delicately, tenderly. As she did this, something felt amiss. It was nothing, really. Similar to a leaf falling from a tree, just hearing it lightly touch upon the ground. So she was not concerned, and really hardly aware of the feeling. Yet, something was very wrong. Her companion was tormented by voices, such that said vile things to the sweet entity. She pulled her neck back again, satisfied with the cleaning she had just done. Contact against the fur of her neck was slightly surprising, however extremely welcomed by the feathered one. Her purr wasn't truly a purr, however that may be the most accurate way to describe the soft sound that gurgled from her throat. Pulling her head back, long s-curved neck turned slightly so that the back of her muzzle could briefly and gently touch the other. "If he ever touches you again..." she murmured, seeming to resign to the concept of being civil to Seikin if she happened to cross paths with him. Then again, instinctual and hot-headed as she could be, there would be few guarantees.

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You sneaky thing have changed

You sneaky thing have changed Nat's picto and totally confused me by that. D;
Thought I'd stop by and say hey since you're lazing around with my little Micah. ♥
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Nat-Nat forgot her voices.

Nat-Nat forgot her voices. "Maybe Beren knew it... ?" How could he know what would happen ? Beren and Seikin were friends. She promised herself to ask to Beren why he rejected Seikin earlier. She looked at Greitai, slightly frowning. Then, she listened her other words. Not her fault ? Not her fault ?! Of course it was her fault. She looked down again, biting her lips hardly. • M... Maybe... If I didn't bring him back to Beren... So... So they would be... Friends again... ? And so Seikin wouldn't hate me... • But it was too late. She did it, and she couldn't change it. She knew it.

She heard Greitai's last words. She had some chills, coming into her neck and her legs. • If he touches me again... Do not come to hurt him. He's... Too... Too... P-powerful. • She looked up at Greitai. Some fears could be visible in the ghost's eyes. Then, she just saw she said something who could be taken bad by Greitai. • I don't mean that... That you don't know how to fight, of course ! No... ! But... H-he could kill you... And I don't want you to be... hurted or... killed for m-me. • She tried to smile, shyly. She wouldn't support it if Greitai was hurted. Or even killed. Just by her fault. Seikin, in his third rage stage, was too uncontrolable. He didn't know what he was doing. Didn't know who he was hurting, hiting, biting, killing. He was unpredictable. Of course, Greitai could hurt him more, if she desired it. But Nat-Nat didn't want them to be hurted. She also added : • And... And if y-you win the battle, I don't want him to be... killed... either... Because he's... he's still my best friend. Or I think he is... Maybe not anymore... But he was my best friend anyway. And he stayed some time near my body, you know... •

She hoped Greitai would understand her. Yes, her former best friend almost killed her. Yes, her former best friend hated her as much as the hell. But he was still her former best friend.
It was the same for Greitai. If something happend to her, by her fault, so Nat' was certain to be unpredictable too. And this part of her personality wasn't beautiful to see. She knew her past could come back at every moment. And the voices would help for that. She was certain of it. She was dangerous. She was bad. She could certainly be more bad than Seikin. And take a revenge over him if he dared to hurt Greitai too.

Maybe she should just leave the forest behind her ? So her friends wouldn't be in danger...
Go away from them... Or kill them, mh...? ~
• NO ! • she screamed. She looked around her. Did she say it... ? Did she scream it ? She hoped it was just her thought... But visibly, no. Greitai was certainly thinking she was becoming crazy. Maybe she was, yes... Maybe she was.


Rouda - IT WAS YOU ? Haha 8D I find it pretty funny. I mean, Micah's and Nat's picto are almost similar, hehe <3 Micah seems very nice, pff ;___;
And yes, I changed her pictoram. I love this one more ♥

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Pff. When I saw her in the

Pff. When I saw her in the forest with Beren, I first thought there was just some random glitched deer messing with him until I realized it was you. It is a pretty pictogram I must say. 8D
Oh how I love the thick fog. It makes it alot harder to navigate in the forest. Haha.
Aww, thank you. ♥
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Pftpftpft, I love the thick

Pftpftpft, I love the thick fog too, but my eyes are totally killed right now. And I love the weather's changement in the forest. They're pretty rare now ;__; Thank you ! ♥

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Nice to meet Nat-Nat, my doe

Nice to meet Nat-Nat, my doe Herla appreciated the company in the fog.
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Herla is a real sweetheart

Herla is a real sweetheart ♥ Thank you for the compagny <3
Forgive her for have leaving without saying. She spotted someone so she ran to him Smiling

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-pops in- HAI THAR. The

-pops in- HAI THAR.

The piebald stag greeted her curiously but quietly, politely bowing to her. "Hey there." He smiled, his tail flickering as he watched for her reply. He seemed grateful for the company and there was a tone of warmth in his rusty voice.

Hope you don't mind me RPing 8D <3

The raptor-faced female shook

The raptor-faced female shook her head, refusing to accept Nat's version of events. She held no loyalties for Seikin, thus even if Natou had done wrong, Greitai would be hesitant to take Seikin's side. "Cease blaming yourself." she said it quietly, for otherwise a string of verbal abuse in regard to the one who had hurt Nat-Nat would have sprung forth - and that was not required.

Her feathers raised a little - no deer of this forest would stop her from protecting Nat-Nat without a battle. She huffed, pride swelling in her chest despite her companion's words. Too powerful? She'd see about that! She could at least damage him enough to put his own stable health in danger. She brushed her face against the injured one's briefly and gently, "I protect you because you are dear to me." She certainly underestimated Seikin in his third rage stage and had come to assume that Nat' had not defended herself properly from him due to their friendship. She emitted a heavy sigh - Seikin had not been the only one to stay by the injured doe's body - she'd also stayed near Nat-Nat's body. And had aggressively defended the weakened one. It was not as if the stag was a saint and an individual. He was an idiot. Content with her deductions, Greitai closed her eyes and her feathers came to rest again.

She drew her face back from Nat's, setting it down beside her friend. Reminding herself to stay as alert as she could despite the fatigue that had grasped her.

She was soon filled with adrenaline once more when a scream erupted from beside her. Sensitive ears rung and the female rose to her hooves. Her head swung around, feathers flaring about her head and a threatening hiss being emitted in case there was an enemy she could not see. Spinning around in a circle, she soon realised there was no one there. She glanced down, bending to curiously sniff a startled Nat-Nat. Her eyes were wide, questioning and concerned "Nat-Nat! What's wrong?!". She lay back down beside her friend, her face nudging the neck of her friend, feathers still defensively puffed.
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Wotsits - The doe looked

Wotsits - The doe looked curiously at the stag. She bowed, polite, then said, with a trembling voice : • H-h-hello... S-Sir. • She smiled shyly, bowed again, then sniffed the stag, tilting her head softly.

(Of course I don't ! ♥)

Ammy -
Nat-Nat didn't answer quickly. She was trembling, waiting, in the case of a voice interrupted her again. She began to understand... When she was thinking too much, when she was thinking that she was stupid, they answered for her. They said that it was true. That she was really stupid. And that she was hurting everyone around. And the doe, maybe because she was stupid, believed them. But she hadn't to. She was okay for believing it, inside herself. Because she was sure and certain that all was her fault. It wasn't obligatory true, but it could be true anyway.
Her pupiless eyes were empty. The glowing aura around her faded a bit away, as well she was afraid. She looked back at Greitai, like if she just noticed her presence, coming out from a dream. • I... It's... N-nothing, Gr-Greitai... • She knew she hadn't to tell the truth. Greitai would certainly thinks she was crazy. Someone who heard voices from the past was obligatory crazy. Insane. Sick, maybe.
She looked down at her hooves again. It was automatic, for her : when she felt stupid, or that she was lying to a friend, she looked down. And it betrayed her emotions everytime. But she didn't want to look back at Greitai. Nat's eyes and positions were too expressive. She added, trying to be sincere : • It was... M-maybe a... Hallucination... I don't know... Haha.~ • She tried to smile, still looking down, hoping that Greitai would believe her.

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Lozz suddenly grinned, amused

Lozz suddenly grinned, amused at being called 'Sir'. He tried not to chuckle for fear that the doe would think he was mocking her and answered with an amused glint in his eye. "No need to call me "Sir." If you must call me something I would prefer Lozz." The stag added, "May I ask your name.. Miss..?" His tone was slightly mocking, but in a friendly way.

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She did a step back, having

She did a step back, having the feeling she was completely stupid. • Nat-Nat. • she answered briefly, without adding anything else, by fear to be more stupid again.

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A look of guilt appeared on

A look of guilt appeared on the stag's face as he realised that she was embarrased, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude." He hesitated, "That's an interesting name. Does it mean anything?" He seemed genuinely interested.

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&bull; I... I don't k-know...

• I... I don't k-know... And... And you ? • she asked, still very mefiant. She knew he didn't mean to be rude, but Nat' was too susceptible.

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Worried eyes, opened wide,

Worried eyes, opened wide, slowly returned to their normal size as the panic left her. Nothing? Now, she could not read minds, however she certainly had enough sense about her to know this was not true. One does not scream for the mere fun of it.

She stared down upon her friend, confused between being hurt and recognising that it was to protect her, in a way. Still, it did not make her happy initially, however she did decide to accept these words - for now. Perhaps it was lucky that Nat-Nat came up with another, slightly more believable lie. Hallucinations? Greitai tilted her head, however at least this made sense. Trauma could do odd things to one's mind, terrifying things. Perhaps, then, this answer was true. The shy manner which her friend suddenly heavily adopted was cause for the arching of Greitai's neck. Face gently coming forward to bump itself against Nat's in a fashion that was without question gentle and intended to comfort, to remind the shier creature that she was not alone. The shyness confused her a bit, of course. Perhaps she was embarrassed and assumed that Greitai would take her for a coward and insane. A small smile tugged at her lips, a gentle and motherly demeanour displaying itself. Perhaps it would surprise some to see her caring so tenderly for another. For the proud beast, it was not an unusual attitude to adopt - she was female and naturally fuelled with maternal hormones anyway. And she could love. Anyone who thought she was heartless was so mistaken that those who knew the feathered creature would, perhaps even be surprised. However, she was a pack creature, after all.

"Don't worry, I'm here to protect you. They may be frightening, but hallucinations cannot truly hurt you. You're not alone, remember." she had cast away doubt of lies, now. Still concerned, for sure, but not doubtful.
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[Forgive me for being so slow

[Forgive me for being so slow ;_;]


Nat-Nat's ears straightened up as she heard Greitai's words. But she was sure that she had noticed she was lying. She smiled then answered : • Th-Thank you very much.... • She nuzzled her then hid her head in her feathers. She always loved put her head in Greitai's neck and feather. She found this last so soft and comforting... She stayed like that for two minutes, and almost forgot about the voices. Then, she finally looked back at her and said : • If you have a problem... Don't forget that I'm here too. • She smiled sincerely. She was fidele and devoted to her friends, and would do anything for them. Even be killed.
Maybe, if she didn't fell into the coma, she could be dead now. Because she didn't want to kill Seikin. It was certainly one of her error... She was always thinking to the others, and not that much to herself. But she didn't mind. It was in her nature. Maybe because this feeling was new for her. She never had anyone before. She didn't have Beren, Greitai, Seikin, Tandem, and all the other to take care of her. Now, she knew she could controle herself. Because she had much of people around her. To stop her if she was doing something wrong. To help her if she needed comfort. And it was certainly the most beautiful present in Nat-Nat's life. Friends. Family.
Though, she was still unsure about her feelings. Sometimes, she hated someone. Then, when this someone was doing something of nice, she was like liking him. It was certainly anomalous. But she didn't mind. She was anomalous, after all. Though, she was sure about her feelings for her friends.
She smiled at this thought then hid her head back in Greitai's feather, happy and comforted. The tremblement of her legs stopped.


Greitai's feathers are more like... Eh... Soft like bird's ones or more like rough, like dinosaur's ones ?

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Mean scrollbox you have

Mean scrollbox you have there.. I only read:

• Recently : Was found by Irioshi, who grew up - Was really proud of her and killed her

later I realized that you wrote more ;___;
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^ LOL.

^ LOL.

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OMFG |D You can't imagine how

You can't imagine how I'm laughing now. I didn't notice it. Made my day, pfff ♥ 8D

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Quote: ''Athelia finally ran

Quote: ''Athelia finally ran to Djinn, as Beren did''
What? Beren left right after sitting with Sho. He didn't go to Djinn with Athelia. I don't mind this misunderstanding, really. It's just that Natou got even more upset and/or angered about something that never happened. That's what makes me worry, as the relationship between her and Beren isn't very good at the moment. :|
Just letting you know.

Unless I just got something wrong here.. >_>' correct me if I'm wrong.
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No, not today. The day when

No, not today. The day when Rhad is dead :>
Greitai and herself went to him this day, he just threw away. Then Djinn came, and he accepted her, like some minutes after. And Nat' is so damn susceptible and jealous that she felt like a bullshit at this time.
Sorry, I didn't write my sentence really well~ Hope you're not angry at me for that >_>

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Oooohhhh. I thought those

Oooohhhh. I thought those were today's events. .__.' Sorry, then.

Don't worry about your sentences. I understood what you said, so they're totally fine. 8D
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Logically it is, but I too

Logically it is, but I too spoke of earlier events. |D
Forgive Nat' to be a bitch with Berenou, please. She's damn vexed.

-kicks Nat's ass off-

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No worries.&hearts; Berenou

No worries.♥ Berenou has been a moody bitch lately too. >_>
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Bitch's brother & sister. I

Bitch's brother & sister.

I think they're not brother & sister for nothing so <8D

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Ikr. 8D Totally.

Ikr. 8D

Greitai did not mind that Nat

Greitai did not mind that Nat had buried her face into her plumage, rather she felt as if the feathers somehow managed to help her protect the other doe. The dinosaur doe nodded to her friend when the other's face was no longer in her crown of feathers, "I could never manage to forget you, so don't worry. If I have a problem, I'll remember that you're here for me". She felt happiness swell within her tired body - there was someone she could depend on. A pack creature like herself desired having someone to turn to.

The feathered one was calming, and she lowered her head to the ground slowly. Upon her neck was the head of her companion once more, snuggling into the feathers. Golden eyes, slowly relaxed, too, and a smile appeared slowly upon her maw. Serrated teeth revealed beneath her lips, however it was not as if these weapons would frighten Nat-Nat. It was nice to speak without having eyes soley upon one's teeth, and to smile without a cringe. Though, it could be worse. The majority hardly cared for her teeth at all - until they were flying toward the jugular. Well, then it was perfectly reasonable to stare or cringe. Was she unreasonable in thinking this? Probably, for the doe would often leap away from a rack of heavily antlers, especially in those she thought would suddenly turn.

She noticed with affection that the trembling in the legs of her wounded friend had ceased. This eased her further, allowing her guard to be dropped and tiredness creep upon her body. Aggression was a tiring thing, indeed.

{ Her feathers are similar to a peacock's feathers, I suppose. I'd say they are perhaps rougher than the average bird's feathers, but not exceedingly. }
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Ravly sat hesitantly on the

Ravly sat hesitantly on the ground. Glanced at Nat', in the whiteness she looked so innocent. He looked around and turned to her: "How your relation with brother? Better or not?" He wasn't sure if he should say anything. She looked thoughtful, enjoing silence.
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Ammy - I'm sorry for taking

Ammy - I'm sorry for taking so much of time. I just need some inspiration for the next, so sorry if I'm damn slow :c I'll try to answer today or tomorrow ♥
Dampir -
The ghost-doe looked at Ravly, slightly frowning. His question gave her some little chills. • No. It's still the same. • She knew she didn't even try to come next to him, excepting when she was near Greitai, because she didn't want to leave her alone, as her actions were pretty strange and unpredictable. When Beren rejected Nat-Nat, and accepted Djinn some times after, Nat' always felt a strange feeling, as if she was betrayed. Of course, she was too susceptible. But she couldn't fight against that. It was wrote in herself, she couldn't erase it, as it was a part of her.
She was sitting in her favourite poppies patch, looking at Ravly, wondering why this last helped Greitai to protect her body a while ago.

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"Did you... Did you come to

"Did you... Did you come to him? Try to talk?" Ravly not gave up. He stand when heard too much deer noices around. Listen attentively, it was next day when he was ready to attack without warning. Nat' chose good place to rest. He likes it, felt comfortable there. "Where is Greitai?" He suddenly looked back and noticed that last times he saw them two together. "Her "friends" were here yesterday.." He turned head in another side and close tighty eyes remembering the day when stangers attacked Grei', after her fight with unknow doe near Nat's body. He heard quiet move from back. He turned ears back and opened eyes. Everything was gone. He felt weird empty space inside.
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She looked up at him again,

She looked up at him again, surprised. • Hm no. He ignored Greitai. So I ignore him. But he doesn't even try to apologize or... Well, nevermind. • She looked back, following Ravly's gaze, then answered : • I didn't see her for some times... I don't know where she is. Who's her 'friends' ? • she asked, didn't even trying to hide her curiousity. She then looked at the horizon and at the blue sky. How strange situation it was... She remembered that, some weeks ago, when Ravly was nearby, she only tried to chase him away, or to provokate him, challenger. And now, she was speaking with him, calmly, about Beren, Greitai, and the beautiful weather. She sligthly smiled at this thought. Hm. Strange world it was... Yes. Very strange, maybe as much as her right now.

(Sorry for have leaving suddendly. My computer crashed, and then I had to go ♥)

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