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Nat-Nat's biography has been moved to my main account, here.

Hi Laiia :3 Came to think of,

Hi Laiia :3 Came to think of, how do you plan to do this relationship-thing...? In the RP, she met Anthony... o.o Does it only count when it's IF? x'D

Edit: WEE 6th page is MINE! >: D *Throws confetti*

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No, I'll add him

No, I'll add him <3

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Then I'll add Natou too~ I

Smiling Then I'll add Natou too~

I just wasn't sure how to do this... x'D Sorry if I sounded demanding. :/

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No no, don't worry

No no, don't worry <3 My brain is a bit lazy, these days.

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:') <3

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Will you be online this

Will you be online this week-end, so we'll can finish this RP ? c:

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Hmm I think so! C:

Hmm I think so! C:

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Fine ! I just saw you

Fine !

I just saw you online, and when I said "Hello", you became offline, pff |D

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I love dis CSS. ;o;

I love dis CSS. ;o;

|'D Sorry, I crashed and

|'D Sorry, I crashed and didn't notice... So didn't come back again. My pardon.

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z.m123 - Haha, thank you !

z.m123 - Haha, thank you ! But I'll change it again soon, because I find it messy |D
Zan' - Okay dear~

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Hey Jade, could you help me

Hey Jade, could you help me getting the secretary bird pelt to Ormandur?

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Yes, of course ? I'll be in

Yes, of course ? I'll be in with Eskil (:

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Sorry, I already got it by a

Sorry, I already got it by a friendly deer c: Thanks though, and sorry about his cold behaviour :'D

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I'm too slow ;___;"

I'm too slow ;___;"

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No. You came like, 20

No. Smiling You came like, 20 seconds later? I got the pelt after the deer's second try, lol.

Oh and I wanted to tell you yesterday I was gonna go... o.o Hmf failed. Anyways, I'm currently sneaking Sei in the forest, might disappear when I get busted. o3o Just so you know.
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It's nice to him to come, mh

It's nice to him to come, mh <3 And thank you to keep Ravly away c:

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:') Heard Natou, so kicked

:') Heard Natou, so kicked Seisei in. Haha, np. Sei won't approach Natou again when she's healed, though, and I figured why she was sitting (awake) beside Sei to show you noticed him.

Well, off I go to Korea! See ya
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/VERY LATE/ Aw, have a good


Aw, have a good time to Korea ! ♥

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Wait.. wait... I'm

Wait.. wait... I'm confused... Is Nat-Nat dead?..
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Nonono, she's just in the

Nonono, she's just in the coma <3 Her soul will come back to her body when she'll have 50 % of her physical condition.

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fhgfhgf you scared me. D: I

fhgfhgf you scared me. D:
I hope she gets better soon. <3

Love the pictogram, btw. owo
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I hope too

I hope too <3

Thank you ♥

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Double post.

Double post.
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LOL. &hearts; There's no

LOL. ♥
There's no problem, really <3

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Omg the CSS

Omg the CSS here!


Soo pretty =)

Thank you Kaoori for this drawing!Natali looks beautiful =D
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Wow! How you... beautiful

Wow! How you... beautiful CSS!
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Thank you both, pffff ;___;

Thank you both, pffff ;___; ♥

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Omfg, this has to be one of

Omfg, this has to be one of my favourite layouts that I've seen. ;u; /envies
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Ooooh. Love the new CSS.

Ooooh. Love the new CSS.<3
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Pinkpaws - You made my day,

Pinkpaws - You made my day, do you know ? ;___; ♥
Kirness - Thank you so much... <3

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Mos thought that deer was

Mos thought that deer was annoying Nat-Nat / Epic fail
sorry! xD
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OH LOL No problem

No problem <3 Greitai is just afraid by Nat's soul, hah ! Mos can to come if he wants to <3

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I noticed her sniffing Kody,

I noticed her sniffing Kody, but didn't know if he should react since she's a spirit so he shouldn't be able to see her I think? I wasn't sure. B)
If she had a scent then he'd probably smell that though :'D
Anyway, lovely bio, tracking~

I love this new layout.

I love this new layout. <3
Also, this is Raindrops. Just retracking~ (:

I love this CSS. So much. Way

I love this CSS. So much.
Way to make Greitai think she's insane, though. |DD
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StarBright - No, he couldn't

StarBright - No, he couldn't see her, that's true ♥ Thank you !
Sybil - Thank you too <3
Ammy - Aaaaand thank you (: Did Greitai understand she was Nat's soul, or... ? |D
Insane Greitai = Lovely, heh 8D ~

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She's not sure... She came to

She's not sure... She came to the conclusion it didn't want to hurt her. Even got enough sense to recognise that she was being nuzzled by something. She knows... well she thinks that it is Nat, but cannot understand how. She knew Nat's body seemed sort of 'empty', though.
She recognises that it is Nat, at this point. Or at least something that is watching over Nat. To be honest, she's a little afraid.

Oh, and being overly protective.
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Oh well &hearts; Nat' will

Oh well ♥
Nat' will wake up soon. She's trying to move the ears and the tail to tell it to Greitai, but I can't do this in-game, pff |D

Wanna RP, maybe ?

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Oh, I only just read the note

Oh, I only just read the note on her bio. Woops, I had Umay react to her spirit coming over earlier rofl, sorry about that haha. ;u;
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No problem about it &hearts;

No problem about it ♥ Much of people do the mistake, but I don't mind, really <3 Everyone isn't reading Nat's bio, they don't past their time to that.

I hope so |D

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B'aw. I think you've done

B'aw. I think you've done very well playing Nat-Nat.

And, sure thing. I haven't roleplayed in a while, but I'd still love to XD.
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Alright ! So, in first,

Alright ! So, in first, forgive my english, please. And if you didn't understand something, just tell me <3


Nat-Nat's body was laying under the sun, in a flower patch. The blood has stopped to drop, but the wounds were still opened. Her face was destroyed, a scar was visible on her left eye. Her legs were scratched, everywhere. Her tail has lost some of her fur. This last wasn't as soft as she should be. Her soul didn't see, her soul didn't hear, her soul didn't do anything. Her soul was here, intelligent, feeling, thinking, looking. She didn't have any sens. But she had all the rest. The soul was looking on Greitai. She wanted to thanks her. But couldn't. She tried to enter Nat-Nat's body many times, but it always left her over-tired. Though, now, Nat-Nat's body could move some parts of her body : the head, the tail, the ears, the face and the paws. It was a giant progress. She was healing faster and faster every day. Maybe because Greitai was here. Maybe because she felt loved. The soul tried, many time, to make Greitai understand she was Nat-Nat's soul. Greitai seemed to understand, but was still afraid. So, the soul just stayed next to her, nuzzling her time to time, calling her. The soul didn't have a voice, no, not really. But she could speak in Greitai's head. When this last wanted to fight, so the soul was screaming in her head, to make her stop. When Greitai was asking if it was Nat-Nat, the soul just approved as she could. The body still laying, the soul "looked" at Greitai. How she could be so patient ? Always trying to chase away strangers, to protect her. The soul and her body were totally grateful to her. When the doe would "works" normally again, the soul promised she would owe this to Greitai. Forever.


Pretty hard to understand, sorry. And omg, I have some inspiration today o3o"

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-- The carnivorous creature

The carnivorous creature had stayed loyally by her friend's side. Gradually, she had come to understand that something invisible was watching over her and was doing so with affection. Her own mind seemed to be telling her that this... this thing was someone she knew. Every time she heard it, the raptor-faced female would halt and 'listen' for the sound's source, yet she could never distinguish a place outside of her own mind for the source of the sound. Bending her neck, she pressed the tip of her muzzle against Nat-Nat's body, absolutely no hunger in the action.

There had been occasions where Greitai had glimpsed a flicker of movement from the body, giving her hope and driving her to protect her fallen friend with more energy. Confusion and a strong urge to protect surged through her, along with fear. Her feathers were puffed to their fullest, the blue eyes on each feather directed at anyone she felt threatened by. She was completely alert, and aggressive; charging at the very first threat. The entity Greitai assumed to be Nat-Nat had been there nearly every time, often yelling at the protective carnivore. Loudly insisting the Greitai stop the assault at once.

Stress had made her tired, yet Greitai's serrated teeth were ready to tear flesh, just as her hooves were prepared to smash bones. Skulls included. Every threat would be met with foolish bravery and confidence and an eyeful of feathers.

See, when one doesn't have much, they hold onto what they do have tightly.

I didn't have much trouble understanding it at all C:
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Nat-Nat wanted to wake up.

Nat-Nat wanted to wake up. She wanted to tell to Greitai how much she was grateful. Because Greitai wasn't obligate to stay next to her, no. But she did, even she knew it. The soul was trying, frequently, to come back inside her own body. She could stay inside it for a longer time everytime she had any access to it. Soon, she knew, she wouldn't be kicked off. And this thought was making her happy - if a soul could be happy, of course. The soul tried, a new time, to be inside the body, to take the controle over it. Now, she knew how to move. But she had to learn how to speak. She slighly moved her mouth, did a song who sounded like a "Gnnm... ?" She opened her eyes half. Seeing blur. She could just discerns a brown form, next to her. She felt the warm of the body. Nat-Nat tried to move her head up, but surrendered quickly, as it was a too big attempt. The soul felt she would be kicked off from her body soon. So she resisted, even if she was over-tired by doing it. She tried to say something, hardly. • Th... Than... Thank... Y... • She closed her mouth, hoping the doe beside her would understand her words. She closed her eyes. Resisted to let the soul inside her. To not let it go. She moved the ears. Trying to remember why she was here. Why her soul had left her body. Why all this dried blood was here, on the ground. Why all her body was hurting her, and her head turning, as if she was in an infernal machine, never stopping to turn around itself. She closed her eyes, still conscious. She was hungry and thirsty, but was too tired to move. During how many time was she in this condition ? How many minutes, hours, days ? She tried to move her head up, oppening her eyes again. She could keep it up. Her vision was becoming clearer, very slowly, but it was a significant fact. The soul was now staying. Nat-Nat was coming back to the forest. She opened her mouth, and repeated : • Thank... Thank y... You... Grr... Grei... Grei-Greitai... • She layed her head on the ground again, exhausted, but alive.


If some mistakes are too big and important, could you, please, correct me ? ♥

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Hey, I'm unsure as to whether

Hey, I'm unsure as to whether you want to continue this roleplay or not, due to the events that transpired in forest XD. I'm totally cool with it, though.
Just wanted to clarify c: ♥.