"The freakiest, sickest, scariest thing I've ever seen!"

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The Fawn

“Ok, with that human face part I’ve gone from relaxed to petrified (I guess you could say I’m like ‘a deer in headlights!’!!).”

“Sweet fucking Christ, that’s terrifying. That’s going to be chasing in my nightmares tonight.”

“That has to be one of the freakiest, sickest, scariest things I’ve ever seen. That’s like Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, Alien, F.E.A.R., a botched surgery and evil evil evil Bambi all rolled together.”

If you think that picture is terrifying, their main pages background will make you shit yourself.”

Recent thread on Penny Arcade Forums

And here we were thinking our new fawn character looked so cute.

It’s not the first time that we have heard people respond like this. The human face on the deer in The Endless Forest sometimes freaks certain people out. Granted, most of those people would not be interested in playing the game. But this thread on Penny Arcade happens to be about non-competitive games.

Anyway, if you can see what might be so immensely unsettling about our Endless Forest characters, please let us know. We just think they’re cute imaginary creatures…

See Lina Kusaite’s portfolio for more concept sketches of the fawn.

[The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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I do find the fawns to be a

I do find the fawns to be a little creepy. I think perhaps it's an "Uncanny Valley" effect? But mostly, I don't look at them expecting to see replicas of human faces. Their features are markedly different because they aren't human--they're deer. Eye

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Admittidly I wasn't too fond

Admittidly I wasn't too fond of the human face at first myself, but I find it hard to believe how it's scary. I actually find that it gives the deer more emotion, and most of the time I hardly even notice the difference. Infact, there's something about them that still manages to resemble a deer's face in a slight way. I can understand how certain people might not be too fond of it, but I can't see how it's so much of a difference that it 'scares' people.
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What's the big deal about a

What's the big deal about a human face?
I can't wait to see their face when they look through the mirror in the morning hahaha (:

I was a little freaked by

I was a little freaked by them too, at first, but those big eyes grew on me Sticking out tongue

the whole concept scared the

the whole concept scared the daylights out of me when I just saw it; I've had this mini-phobia of human faced animals ever since I was a weird little kid x3

but after a while, it started to not freak me out and I gave myself a little "test" to try and conquer this irrational fear of deer with human faces and I downloaded the game. needless to say, I played it as a nameless for about twenty minutes until I wanted to join xD

sure, the thread is about non-competitive games, but these people no doubt buy into the mainstream idea of games or.. whatever Laughing out loud -brainfart-
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LOL. I thought they were so

I thought they were so cute, too. ):

See Lina Kusaite’s portfolio for more concept sketches of the fawn.

Her art is excellent.
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Well, personally I love it.

Well, personally I love it. It's very creative and different, which make it awesome to me. ;D

Sometimes, if you catch them

Sometimes, if you catch them at odd angles the fawns can give really really demonic glares D:
I wish I had some screen-shots to show what I mean, might have something to do with with the large eyes and the smug little mouth...but really, I'd hardly call them nightmare worthy Sticking out tongue

Personally, the human faces

Personally, the human faces of the adult deer are still a little unsettling to me, but not in a bad way- just in a "lol" way. Not to be offensive XD I love the emotion that can be portrayed on them, though.

And fawns are so cuuuute <3 I wouldn't have them any other way :3
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I eh, can't really take that

I eh, can't really take that topic on there too seriously.. You know, if someone says "THAT"S UGLY", the rest will simply follow or they'll get flamed. I think the fawns are just -adorabe-, really artistic. They might not be pleasing to the "common" public, but to me The Endless Forest is moreso about art. If people see an abstract painting, most of the time they don't understand it or can't appreciate it. Mostly, I think, because they don't want to. Others might find them freaky, you know. "Ew, you like abstract?".
If people take the time to look, they might actually find the beauty. But, people are hasty. They don't take that time and simply go with whatever the rest thinks.
I only don't really like the fawn face when he's straight looking at me. But from a different angle, it's the cutest thing ever. But, the above picture here actually makes it straight looking at me cute.
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Hehehe, I´d love to hear

Hehehe, I´d love to hear those people´s opinion after seeing that fawn with blood-crying mask... *evil giggle*
But yeah, I can undrestand that a character like this can be weird looking if you´re not used to them... I am myself, and kind of have turned to like how these characters look like. They ARE different, and that´s why they are good. If this game was deer with deer faces, I don´t know if I would have started to play this game. I think this is so artistic and inspiring just because it is an "odd" consept.
Consept-art for fawns are adorable, the thing that I see different though, that might be the reason for making them "creepy" could be their eyes. The fawn in the game have kind of a bit "too human" eyes with whites around the pupils, where they are almost whole dark coloured in consepts. Maybe making the eyes darker and rounder, or just less whites to visible they would be even cuter? Like here: http://www.cocooncharacters.com/main.php/The+Endless+Forest/Baby+Deer/baby12.jpg.html?
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awwwwww pooorrr ickle fawns

awwwwww pooorrr ickle fawns (sends hugs) though when they are in the buterfly pelt they do have a rather cheesed off look.
I think the idea of humanish faces is very good and it adds to the magic of the game, and for people who an't to sure of them thats the great thing about the masks. So keep up the great work and happy galloping. (goes off to stare at fawns)

The concept of deer with

The concept of deer with faces drew me in from the start, I loved it <3
I think fawn are cute too D:
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I thought the fauns were

I thought the fauns were kinda cute ^.^ when i first saw it i was like.... uh... but after playing for like 5 seconds that was the one character i REALLY wanted to be :] the fauns are cute, adorable, cuddly and i just want to hug them all ^.^ besides at least i know my brother and sister wont bother my game lolol
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The fawns scare the daylights

The fawns scare the daylights out of me. Sticking out tongue I don't mind them any more but at first i couldn't help but think their vacant eyes were staring into my souls.
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Heh, myself I find the fawn

Heh, myself I find the fawn face adorable. Laughing out loud
It's the adult face that creeped me out a bit first because of the fact their features are very different from normal human faces... which I think is completely fine considering the fact these are fantasy creatures, not normal humans or normal deer.
But really, I bet people would find them "creepy" no matter how "normal" the face looked like because of the fact they're human faced deer. [which I myself find really fachinating and creative, but I guess not everyone can see things artistically...]
Many times I've heard the word "creepy" when it comes to my art as well but you know, I can only take that as a compliment. Different is good, stands out from the mass of "normalness" [<-wait, I bet that isn't even a word].
I can only lift my thumbs up for you guys for creating something different instead of going with normal deer faces. I just love the current character designs, that's all I can say.
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I love how this post is from

I love how this post is from 2007 and all the sudden everyone is posting on it. Laughing out loud

Fawns are adorable, end of story!
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Quote:I love how this post is

I love how this post is from 2007 and all the sudden everyone is posting on it.

I SO didn't notice that! 8'D

OMG you're right XD ...I

OMG you're right XD
...I blame the new layout >_> (which I love but am confused by <3)
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I think they're cute, to say

I think they're cute, to say the least, but the eyes are too off to the sides for me. Just a suggestion.

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I iz a little baby deer... +

I iz a little baby deer... + THAT FUKING FREAKS ME OUT! I just want to change my pelt on the damn game
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I think the fawns look cute,

I think the fawns look cute, but maybe it's the eyes some people don't like... make them darker and more animalistic, and maybe they wouldn't be as freaked out...
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i knu this has been up for

i knu this has been up for awhile but i had to comment wen i saw it xD

omg close up scared the crap outtaa me i will admit

but when you see them in the forest your like awwwww -meltz- they are just soo cute!
and its hilarious when you see groups of them playing and spelling eachother and dancing<3

It was unsettling at first..

It was unsettling at first.. odd, a bit different, but much more an interesting/artistic twist than that less eerie, more conventional (and utterly boring) concept of anthro that is an almost human body covered in fur.
It intrigued me further to what the game might be like, and how different to the norm it might be.

What also factored in to my first experience of TEF was that the forest was kind of silent that day, so I was kind of waiting.. wandering around as a little fawn thing.. hearing creaks and rustling.. and thinking "oh man whats going to jump out at my poor odd little animal T ^T ? " .
I didn't consider it negative experience, just awkward-memorable and thrillingly.. different.
My first days in the forest just had a really awesome mystery feel to it, that the character investigates and explores, like your other games seem to have. I think that the foreign/odd face in a fairly "real" landscape made me consider and associate with the character in different way than my usual in gaming. Plus it immersed me quickly because immediately I am asking myself questions like: well "i'm" obviously not a regular deer.. so what am I? What does that mean? Where does that mean this place is set then?
(As opposed to being like ok so im a fat short hairy italian plumber and ive got to save a princess so that means im a hero but a sympathetically not-handsome one ..aaaand Go! *Boing boing~ hey, 1up!)
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just seen the date. thought

just seen the date. thought it was new since it was up on the list. lol.
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Regardless of whether the

Regardless of whether the face seems 'right' or not upon first look (and I assume for most it doesn't- we're hard-wired to recognize facial expression and proportion of our own species as social creatures since the face can tell us everything about another's status, and when it is off, it can disturb us), I feel the human faces are essential to what makes this game so unique. Unlike the other games, it is an admittance that these are not deer in a forest. They are humans who are deer, or deer who are humans. It acknowledges the player's presence in the forest.

When you accept this role and become this creature, there is nothing more darling in the forest than the fawn. When you yourself have grown from a fawn, it is no different a feeling than being an adult human with a child. They are just smaller, less experienced versions of yourself. They are goofy, they can surprise you, and they can be incredibly vulnerable.

If people are not willing to give this a try and put their immediate reactions aside, they are missing out on a very unique and meaningful experience.

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admittedly, when i first came

admittedly, when i first came here i was put off. And as soon as my fawn grew up i hid it's darling face behind a real deer mask. But now, i adore the faces, so so much. I have become completely accustomed to seeing them, the no longer seem strange in the least. Rather, the are beautiful.. and spiritual in an unexplainable way. Fawns especially, have become incorporated with at least 60% of my daily art ♥ Just yesterday, my brother came across one of my concept arts for a fawn character, and though he usually dismissed them as "wierd" this time he actually looked at it, and asked me questions about it.. i was kind of touched.
I remember when i first joined as an itty bitty fawn, i was so new to the world. I didn't know how to communicate clearly, i was running ALL OVER THE PLACE. and you wouldn't imagine my reaction when one of the first deer i saw had the zombie set, i was terrified it was going to eat me!

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well Im not fond of the face

well Im not fond of the face myself, it is a bit creepy. I would rather have a regular deer face than a human face, as it is a deer roleplay type thing. and talking in the game would also be nice Sticking out tongue Eye

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I was thinking about ditching

I was thinking about ditching this whenever I saw the human faces. They creeped me out at first. But now I learned to love them. If you changed them to a normal deer face, I would most likely quit.

made by foxofthestars!
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I wasn't all that bothered by

I wasn't all that bothered by the human faces on the stags & fawns, but then since I was 12 I've had a long side-interest in ungulate sphinx-types & one of my oldest original species is one.
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I thought the faces on all of

I thought the faces on all of the deer are very much like the characters such as the Lord Of The Forest (white stag god) from the anime Princess Mononoke.

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lawl, i love reading those

lawl, i love reading those kind of reactions x) it's amusing. imo i think they're cute, especially when they lay down, they're eyes seem to be half closed and they look content. the human faces never bothered me, i thought it was the differentness (new word) that made the game.
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I personally am not a big fan

I personally am not a big fan of the fawn's eyes and face coloring. I would probably make the eyes a little more like how Eyestrain draws her fawns, with the freckles too to get rid of the blank, white face.

Big, black, beautiful eyes and cute little freckles might make them less creepy to me. ^^ Oh! and add the two little teardrop-like shapes above the eyes that most of us are partial to drawing on our fawns to further break up the blankness.


(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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Track to answer later.

Track to answer later.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3

I always thought the fawns

I always thought the fawns and especially the nameless adults looked... Doof.

Well, as said before, maybe those dot's above each eye as the eyebrows, maybe a non-smiling face... And those eyes, please, just place them normally in the center of the head, a bit more human so to say.

Edit: The headshape isa little bit unnetrual round, too. ^u^'

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Ugh, I hate those people that

Ugh, I hate those people that run around and yell things like that ):
I find them neither creepy n'or cute though c: maybe a little cute ♥

Mmm, the fawns can look

Mmm, the fawns can look creepy but I think we've all got used to them. We never really see them at this angle while in the forest so we never notice.

The best thing to do to make them less wierd would be to make the eyes more animal like and put them more to the center, because right now they look like they're looking in two different directions.
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Lol I think this guy is

I think this guy is overeacting a bit much.
I love the fawn faces.I see a picture of innocence in them.Or at least from a distance.I admit that close up is a bit unerving,but I still find it somewhat cute.
And the human faces in general give the forest a mysterious atmosphere in my view.

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How did you get the moveable

How did you get the moveable deer on your post.
When did you die?
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Hi, Kiai, and welcome to

Hi, Kiai, and welcome to TEFc. This post is very old and probably shouldn't have been brought up due to that age.

The deer in people's signatures are either their own artwork or artwork made for them by others. We frown upon using any art that you didn't make yourself or that you didn't have permission from the artist to use, because to us, we consider it stealing if you don't have permission to use the artwork.
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Oh ok, I'm sorry I was just

Oh ok, I'm sorry I was just bowsering pictures.
When did you die?