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hello darlings!

recently i have started noticing that i have problems with my fps and problems with the game overall, when i changed my windows 7 to windows 11. it started glitching and turning off all of a sudden even if i can click on a random spot in the game or when im trying to log in or load my character's skin

also i have an error with 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Runtime Error'. i tried to find VC_redist.x64.exe with which i could probably open the game, but i only have 'ForestViewer' which opens the game

i wanted to know what fps have you and have you ever come across such problems on new windows?
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Hey! It seems to be a common

Hey! It seems to be a common issue that newer machines really do not like TEF. Sad
A user on the discord did have a fix for a similar issue, by changing which GPU the game uses.
They had to set their main GPU as a preferred option for tef instead of the integrated GPU. This did work for me initially, and then a few days after I started getting error messages again. It might help with your crashes/lag (hopefully) but I can't promise anything. Good luck!!