The Diary of Seed, 4-2-14

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I encountered Honeyfur and Phobos again today; I've mainly met Phobos through her, so I can't say I know him well, but I hope our acquaitance will continue nicely, and deepen well. For a time, we sat in peace and quiet in the First Forest, enjoying the solitude. I made some resolutions to be more visible, and to shake off the shyness plaguing me lately, if I could manage it.
And also, to attend to my obligations, which I've been neglecting horribly.
Like these diary entries.
Well, my sighs will improve nothing.

Eventually, restless spirits rose to the forefront, and Honeyfur and I began to play about. At first, Phobos remained cemented in his own thoughts, and would not budge, but eventually sprang to life.
After a while, I began running a sort of obstacle course through a likely-looking string of mushroom-bearing trees, just tight enough to weave back and forth through them while hopping. After a while, I noticed Phobos was playing the same game I was, alternating which side of the tree he crossed with each tree. I was pleased to see it, because it's not something I see other people do: make obstacle courses with rules, I mean.
A fawn joined us, and we began picking up the pace. I soon found I had to slow down to turn in time to cross the small gaps between the trees, using skids to control my turns while keeping the momentum up...
It was a difficult enough task that I didn't notice when everyone else scampered elsewhere while I was circling, and had to hurry and catch up.

And then we came to play at the logs at the base of that mushroom circle'd hill, down by the ruins.
Seen from almost any angle, those logs are the same to me as to any other: a place to root around for mushrooms, a place to sit and laugh, a hurdle to clear in a single leap...

But from one angle, just one... It remains the last place I saw my first love, a warmly-scented place, steeped in memory. From one angle, and only one, it prickles old feelings into wakefulness, and the scent of old wood seems sad and lonely. I played with them there, regardless, and laughed as I always do...
But I did not look down, and I was flooded with relief when our games took us back by the mushroom-trees to dance inside them.

After a time, we all stopped and rested until the fawn had to go, and Phobos not long after that, while I was composing this entry, regardless of how long it took to actually arrive.
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I just wanted to say thank

I just wanted to say thank you for the company Aleit has right now. He'd get up and move, but I'm having a lot of issues with lag tonight ):
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Awwww, I'm glad ^^ Seed's

Awwww, I'm glad ^^ Seed's happy to be able to watch over his nephew for a bit. It also means he can unset his blueberry traps.
I know that feeling with the lag, though. It's always frustrating.
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That tree game was

That tree game was interesting. xD IF your deer ever needs to improve their agility, that would be the place to do so it seems, haha.