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Does anyone..

Know the code that'll enable you to resize a picture on a site without resizing the original piece in an art program?

If that makes sense. XD

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I missed my two year TEF-Birthday, well done Vee.

Sixth of December.

*will delete later*
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Photography Dump [London with Seele & Todays Snow!]

The rest of my family is in dismay at the snow, and I'm the only one happy to see it.
Figured what good will being miserable about snow do? It is the earliest snow I've ever seen though lol.
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Misako & Vee presents... Deer hunting!

They never saw us coming...

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Christmas Gifts - Come collect!

Unfinished project; still more sketches to make and more to post.

Sketches . Portraits . Pictures

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Chronicles of a Glitched Fawn [Video]

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Richmond Park [Img Heavy]

Enjoying the sounds of the calling Harts, Jackdaws, Parakets, and Peragrine Falcons.

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An episode of Autumnwatch shortly.

Autumnwatch is a BBC program that's brilliant wildlife watchers, it's aired in the UK.

Considering it's up on a site for free, I don't see myself as breaking any copyrights or laws. ^^

Livestream here

-will delete soon-
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New Email Address [Note!]

As the title says.
This is my new gaming account for online friends and gamers.
Feel free to add.

If no response is received, please post your email or Private Message me with it and I'll try to add you. ^^


I think some people have tried to add but MSN failed...

If we havent got contact yet, and you're awaiting an add response, please post your email address here or send an email with your email to my address!
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