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My newest pictures(and some old)

I've been in the forest and I took some pictures!
It's pictures from Sunday(?) to today. =)
I'll tell a bit about them! (If I remember what happened at that moment)

This was after Sluggs told me that he found another Doe..

Liëka came being with me for a while..

I went to the Playground and found out that Sluggs followed me..

I ran to Walter..

Quamar, Walter and I..

I didn't want to play..

From here it's random - I think. I'll still tell about them!

Sluggs and I are together again!

Look at cute Echo-fawn!

*Eats Walter* nomnomnom...

Happy Zombie-couple!

I'm one of the Twin Gods! Twisted PRAAAY!

I got a new friend. Don't know who it is though.

I found a "spot" in the middle of the triangle!

When I walked on it, Liëka suddenly came. =0

Yeye, there he goes again.. R.D's are weird.

I have more pictures, but it's so many!

But look at this! This is maybe the first picture of me as fawn!

This is me and Perplex. (also when I was fawn)

And the first picture of me as an adult Doe. =)
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I hate school! Everyone is hitting me just because I'm a Tokio Hotel-fan!
Why do people have to be like that..? ;_;
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Dear Diary,

I was bored, so I went to the forest.
I heard something or someone whisper to me. I didn't find out what it/the "someone" whispered, but I felt like I had to go somewhere.
I ran to the Old Oak, but no, I didn't have to go there. I ran to the Playground, but not there... The Pond; No. I was confused. Very confused.
I ran to the Ruins, and I heard whispers again. Someone wanted me to go to the Ruins. Now I heard people singing. Singing like in a church. All I could do now, was looking after something. And I saw a cage. I had to go there! But at the same time, I heard a voice saying that I shouldn't go there. I looked around me. Then , I saw a hole. A big hole with stairs.
I looked down closely and saw something. Something terrible! i walked backwards, turned and ran in the cage! I didn't mean to do that. And the cage wasn't there before I looked down and saw the terrible thing. I didn't really see it, I think. I think I saw it in my head. But in my head I saw the thing down there, in the big hole with stairs. When I came in the cage, I cried! Now I could see anything! I saw something more. I was so scared! Scared for life! I laid down, tried to ignore them, and falled in sleep.
Much, much later, I woke up by hearing some hooves running. I looked around. I was still in the cage, but the cage was open! I ran to the Pond to get some water. I didn't have any voice.
After drinking a lot of water, I ran to the Old Oak.
I heard the singing again. Scary singing.
"STOP IT!...........PLEASE!" *cry*
But it wouldn't stop. It was people singing in a church.
I couldn't move. My hooves didn't move. Nothing moved. Time was standing still. I heard voices. "Don't go there. You don't have to go there." I heard whispering.. "please, don't go there.. We.."
It was females whispering something.. Suddenly, a nameless stag came, roaring at me. I "woke" up from "dreaming".. The singing came. I ran in circles and screamed that it had to stop!
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21th february 2008..

Dear Diary,
I've been thinking of getting back my old set. You know, the one Perplex had when he was a she. Just that he didn't use the antlers I'm using. Brown pelt with many spots all over, the real deer mask and "stumped" antlers. I had that set at the beginning. At my "Happy Doe Day", but I found this other set. Or, other pelt. The magpie pelt. If the Mardi Gras stuff has to go away, I'll have my old set back. Actually I started a bit today.

Today I've been with Sluggs. <3
We had so much fun! We do always have much fun.

Oh, and my aunt is now 4 years old! (IRL)
She had her birthday the 17th of february. Happy birthday Mari!

If you want to know more, read Sluggs' blog. XD
He has pictures of things ..

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My "message board".. (Stupid)

If you want to say something, ask about something or just talk to me here..
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Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day today!

Here is a new Valentine card I made.

I can't make cards! X)
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Card To Sluggs

I made a card:

"Dear Sluggs,
It's so much fun hanging
out with you! You are
the one I'll never forget.
I'm always happy when
I see you - whatever
you are! =p
I'll give you my heart. (I didn't write: "...if you need.")
With love...
BIG(!) love from me,
Run! (gives heart)"
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