Dear Diary,

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I was bored, so I went to the forest.
I heard something or someone whisper to me. I didn't find out what it/the "someone" whispered, but I felt like I had to go somewhere.
I ran to the Old Oak, but no, I didn't have to go there. I ran to the Playground, but not there... The Pond; No. I was confused. Very confused.
I ran to the Ruins, and I heard whispers again. Someone wanted me to go to the Ruins. Now I heard people singing. Singing like in a church. All I could do now, was looking after something. And I saw a cage. I had to go there! But at the same time, I heard a voice saying that I shouldn't go there. I looked around me. Then , I saw a hole. A big hole with stairs.
I looked down closely and saw something. Something terrible! i walked backwards, turned and ran in the cage! I didn't mean to do that. And the cage wasn't there before I looked down and saw the terrible thing. I didn't really see it, I think. I think I saw it in my head. But in my head I saw the thing down there, in the big hole with stairs. When I came in the cage, I cried! Now I could see anything! I saw something more. I was so scared! Scared for life! I laid down, tried to ignore them, and falled in sleep.
Much, much later, I woke up by hearing some hooves running. I looked around. I was still in the cage, but the cage was open! I ran to the Pond to get some water. I didn't have any voice.
After drinking a lot of water, I ran to the Old Oak.
I heard the singing again. Scary singing.
"STOP IT!...........PLEASE!" *cry*
But it wouldn't stop. It was people singing in a church.
I couldn't move. My hooves didn't move. Nothing moved. Time was standing still. I heard voices. "Don't go there. You don't have to go there." I heard whispering.. "please, don't go there.. We.."
It was females whispering something.. Suddenly, a nameless stag came, roaring at me. I "woke" up from "dreaming".. The singing came. I ran in circles and screamed that it had to stop!

Finally, after lots of screaming, the singing were gone.
I begun to cry again. I didn't want to hear so many noices. They scared my soul out of my body and after that I didn't feel like myself. Still crying.
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I think I'll write more

I think I'll write more stories like this. =3
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Wow, I hope you're not

Wow, I hope you're not possessed or anything, Run! Shocked
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I told you not to eat so

I told you not to eat so many mushrooms! Shocked
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Aww, but they tastes so

Aww, but they tastes so good.. ! Puzzled

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o_O I knew there was

I knew there was something weird about those ruins...
I am Liëka.
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My home is near the ruins..

My home is near the ruins.. I hope I haven't gone crazy!!