21th february 2008..

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Dear Diary,
I've been thinking of getting back my old set. You know, the one Perplex had when he was a she. Just that he didn't use the antlers I'm using. Brown pelt with many spots all over, the real deer mask and "stumped" antlers. I had that set at the beginning. At my "Happy Doe Day", but I found this other set. Or, other pelt. The magpie pelt. If the Mardi Gras stuff has to go away, I'll have my old set back. Actually I started a bit today.

Today I've been with Sluggs. <3
We had so much fun! We do always have much fun.

Oh, and my aunt is now 4 years old! (IRL)
She had her birthday the 17th of february. Happy birthday Mari!

If you want to know more, read Sluggs' blog. XD
He has pictures of things ..