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and years later...

(Sorry in advance for my English. I use an online translator.)

Many of us are over 20 years old. Some are over 30 years old. Some of us have children and own a house in real life. It's amazing that we managed to keep an important part of our soul and stay here. And although in real life we have problems, we face injustice and pain... We always have the opportunity to plunge into another world. So let us have at least there will be perfect families and loyal friends here. Here, where it is calm and warm, where we will always be welcome.

I am very glad to meet old friends and acquaintances after many years. I'm glad that Louise has such a wonderful big family. Oira-Oira, Mora, Tarter, Isetore, Daniella, Schtil, Lampir, I love you!

I am glad that Abraham can still spend his leisurely years in the company of good old friends. Sirius, Adolf, Hannelore, Aili - you are always in my heart! Ralph, Chris, Mest, Valentin, Tago - I cherish you and always look forward to your return to the forest.

I'm sorry if you didn't find your name in this text. Here I wanted to express my love to all those with whom I have been friends for more than 5 years. Here I mention those with whom I grew up from a small child into an adult.

And no matter how old I am, I will come here and faithfully wait for my friends <3

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my doodles

here will be my drawings for family and friends (:

Louise with father Oira-Oira




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A forest druid named Elsa[dead]

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disclaimerSorry for my coding. I'm just learning

update: died 21.05.2022

Name: Elsa
Gender : Female
Age: unknown
Size : can change it.
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this is my family

I love you with all my heart
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my dear friends


It is good that you are near
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Name: Yustafina
Gender : Female
Age: 32 years of human
Species: Moose
Size : 5
Picto: PUSH
Appearance: In TEF - Nightfall skin, skull, no horns. Art - Blue with stars skin, black mane, no horns, skull mask.
Partner - Spessartine
Son - Tarter
Grandsons - Stephano Danielle Lampyre Schtil

Art by Melody
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Name: Louise
Gender : Female
Age: 25 years of human
Size : 13
Picto: PUSH
Smell: needles
Appearance: In TEF - skin dotd, antelope horns, Luchador mask. Art - thin, long horn antelope,
skin skeleton, on the face of the bandage, red eyes, pierced ears
Father - Oira-Oira
Mother - Mora
Partner - none
Children - Danielle Lampyre Schtil

art by Serko

art by Rabbanim

my art
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update: died 21.05.2022

Name: Abraham
Gender: male
Age: old
Size : 15
Appearance: In TEF - zombie skin, luchador mask, horns zombie. Art - strong physique, skull, the whole body is covered with plants.
Partner - Ayli
Sister - Elsa

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