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Picture saving issues? Windows 10

Does anybody have problems saving pictures from the internet and websites with Windows 10? I just saved a bunch and they came up as corrupted when they were fine on the site and weren't broken links, etc. I try to open them and windows says 'we don't support this file'. It's not all the pictures I save, but quite a few ended up like that.

Frustrating :\
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(I don't know if I ever posted this... I can't find it. But I just found it on a disc and I wanted to share it, I think it's very relevant in Kaoori's life. She's been here for 10 years now and has seen so much.)

It was all so familiar, and yet all so new.
She sat by the pond, the twilight reflecting off the soft movement of the pond's waters. The moon was huge tonight. And in those stars... well, she knew many who resided there. Many close to her heart.
Some fawns came by to disturb the shallows of the pond and she watched, a small smile forming on her muzzle as they laughed and cavorted about in the moonlight. She didn't know their names, and she doubted she would; there were too many new faces for her to count. Slowly, she got up, shaking some sand from her coat and headed toward the crying idol. Here at the idol a good friend had spent his time in quiet contemplation of what had been. A time when sadness had first rocked the forest. When violence was fresh. She dunked her head in the cool waters and headed off, realizing she was taking herself for a walk through the forest at this point.
The shika found herself at the playground, near the tallest and largest rock. Climbing it, she looked out over the birch, as she had many times before with her mate. She remembered many a time here with him; the life and death struggle between her mate and his rival; the confession to him that changed her own life forever. Just below the rock, her first son was born.. who now had a family of his own.
Time flies.. She felt old. But she would be forever in her prime in this forest, as many were.
She glanced to her left and saw a couple resting on the rocks, not far from her. So as not to disturb them, she left quietly, heading toward red hill. So many memories made there too, on this lookout. The one who had named it was long gone now...so many others with him spending lazy afternoons lazing with her on the hill. So many memories everywhere..
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Chibi YCH

Kali (Scythe) and I are collabing on some YCH! I made the basic lineart which she can alter and color to whatever character you like. We're asking $5 for each YCH, something we decided to sort of test the waters with.

here's the original lineart:

and this is what Kali altered it to as an example (one of my characters):

anyone who's interested, leave a message here or drop me a message on discord. I'm at Kimi#4395.

Thank you!
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The Twelve Days of Christmas

I need 12 people to tell me about 12 people who they really care about with a link to one of their characters.

Site willing, if tefc will be kind enough to load half the time, I'd like to draw some fanart for people for Christmas. They'll be sketches, and hopefully they'll be okay, and hopefully it'll help my muse out a bit.

1. For Malakh- From Draak X
2. For trollchild- From Hautakumpu X
3. For Melodi_White- From In X
4. For Vee- From Vessan X
5. For Vala- From Pink X
6. For tossercook- From Sybilline - X
7. For Honeybean and Ebony3- From coddiwomple X and X
8. For Lathyrus- From Osmotius X (the character you linked to didn't work, so I hope the one I picked was okay)
9. For Fincayra- From OkamiLugia X
10. For Avarice- From Acurna X
11. For FishBiscuit- From OshiBoo X
12. For Witcher- From crossboxes - X
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SAI brush help?

I recently purchased SAI version 1 and I see people with these custom brushes and I just wonder if anyone knows where they get them? Or if anyone would like to share any they've made on their own? I have a few I've 'made' and I'm trying to get to work on my digital art, especially my backgrounds. Photoshop CS6 is my next big hurdle. ;_;
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10 years and it's been a ride

In 2 weeks this account will be 10. Kaoori will be 10.
What a ride it's been. I can't believe I've been here for a decade of my life. I've met some really great people here and I'm happy I can say that. I've created some really great characters too, and met some great ones, but out of all of mine I can honestly say this little blue doe will always be my favorite.

Happy decade you silly little thing. Thanks for helping me find some really cool people.

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Bob Ross art bundle on HumbleBundle


Only 13 days left. If you donate at least 15 dollars you can get Corel Painter Essentials 6, and some other games. 15 dollars gets you some brushes for Corel Painter too.

Just a thought for anyone looking for an art program. Figured I'd pass it along. Smiling
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More later, 'sgirl's been in my head all day


fawn, of a prehistoric extinct species called 'dicrocerus elegans', an ancestor of the true deer of the present

naturally curious, yet naturally timid, moreso toward anyone acting with a predatory vibe

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9 years omg.

And I missed Kao's birthday on the 16th again

Kao you old

Certainly doesn't feel like 9 years!
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sweet summer child

Art by Ranza! ♥

Palila, 'Pai'


Hawaiian Axis Deer/TEF Variant

Feral with Non-Feral tendencies

-tends to follow, not lead. Very keen on seeing what her peers do. Despite that, is her own deer and will follow her own in the end.
-Per her feral roots, always alert and listening.

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