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13 Years Have Passed

Dear fellow players,

Today marks my 13th anniversary for being on this game and community since 2010. I have played this game for such a long time. I hope everyone is well. For years, I have helped numerous players keep their physical avatar appearances and giving candles for new players. I wonder if there is a way for me to still become a backer for the new version of The Endless Forest. I hope to enjoy playing the game in the years ahead and seeing my old friends and making new ones.

May the Lord bless you with peace, prosperity, and joy.

See you in the forest. Smiling
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Will TEF run on BlueMaxima's Flashpoint?

Since Adobe Flash Player has ended it's support to Microsoft, has anyone accessed TEF through BlueMaxima's Flashpoint?
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The End of A Wonderful Decade And The Beginning Of A New One

My friends and fellow players, tonight, we are going to say goodbye to a wonderful decade of good times. It brings us memories of happiness, and dedication that we will never forget. We are all here looking on the beginning of a new era of technology and communication of gaming. At this time, we are likely at the end of a chapter, turning the page and seeing a new chapter being created. It symbolizes a new decade that we hope to depend on. There will be an update to this game we are looking forward to with much anticipation. Let's not forget the old memories that we had back in this decade, but we are all looking at the next generation of this game. As time goes by, we look into the near future of this game, seeing new players worldwide that we can make friends with. We see artists creating new sets of designs of pelts, masks, and antlers, that will be introduced this decade. We are eagerly looking for the Second Decade to come. I thank the players that I see on this game, for their loyalty, and endeavor to make it a welcoming place for new players. Everyone, Happy New Year! 2020. I will see all of you in the forest.


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9 years have passed

It has been a long time since I have posted. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed playing my deer, helping other players get forest magic. I like to give flowers to fawns and coming to holiday events. As of 2017, I now operate 4 stags. On June 7th this year, I met a player who has been on TEF for a long time. That deer gave me the Day of the Deer pelt and blood cry mask. I am so happy to have this unusual pelt and rare mask. Thank you for giving them to me! This pelt and mask will represent me as one of the older members of the game. I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing my old ones. See you in the forest!
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