The Devil's Trill ~ Crire's bio ~

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~Information on the Beast~

Crire is a malicious being.
His very purpose in life is warfare, having been created for just that by Satan himself.
He is a powerful beast, possessing many various abilities which he utilize with a
perfectionist's obsession.
These powers include shapeshifting, breathing fire, flying, invisibility and intangibility.
Of course, one of his lesser-used powers is that of conjuring his beloved violin out of thin air.
This power soon grew to be the one he would use the most.
But this all changed when he was thrust into the forest by the hands
of The Angels, who stripped him of all of his unholy abilities, tearing his wings apart and trapping him
in his most powerless form, that which he was created into.

He now wanders the forest scornfully, only regaining his shapeshifting ability when the
full moon bathes him in its arcane light.
When this happens, he has only one thing in mind.
Playing his violin.

Although after some years in the forest, he has slowly regained the power to shapeshift. It causes him some pain but when you're born in hell, you're kind of used to pain.

Speaks in this colour: #FF4500

~Information on the Man~

The shape Crire enjoys the most is the humanoid one, mostly because then he can wear the coat
his master made for him...
And he can play his violin.
He looks human to a fault when in this shape, only things setting him apart being his cervine
hooves and teeth made of iron, as sharp and pointy as broken glass.
Being trapped in the forest and realm of the humans by an alliance between The Angels and The Twin Gods, he
does not get the chance to enter this form very often, but in certain scenarios, (read RP) he is seen
ultimately in his human shape, on the streets of London.
When he dreams, an ability unique to him among his demonic brethren, he is transported
to his old home town, though not nearly as powerful as he used to be, wings torn and wounds springing open, should he use his more complicated powers.
He hardly cares for anything but playing his violin in this state...


So far, his list of relations is limited, to say the least.
But the ones he has met rarely leave his company... unchanged.

Serendipity - "Aahh, my little slave~ His purity is rather... alluring... such a temptation to corrupt him."

Valturez - "Heh, Ol' man Val... Listen, nobody's gonna get you in the forest, y'hear? 'Cause they're gonna have to go through me first and I tell ya... I'm a lot tah go through!"

~A small interview~

So, puny mortal, you dare enter my lair?
Keh, your own fault, then, don't tell me I didn't warn ya!
You are in the presence of the Great Crire, demon violinist and a favourite of Satan himself.
Shut up, I am!
Why am I trapped in this shithole, then?
Because of those Satan-forsaken angels!
Yeah, they might be flimsy lil' bird-brains, but you try 'n fight off an entire army of 'em with no-one tah help ya and yer arms tied behind yer back!
Hm. You wouldn't last a second.
I kept 'em at bay for two hours.
Pretty impressive, I know.
That's because I am impressive. If I were at my full strength, you'd be covering before me.
*sigh* But, as it were... I ain't got much power at all right now...
Yeah, those damn bird-brains mixed blood with me 'n sealed my powers. I tell ya, when I get back on mah feet, there'll be hell to pay.
Huh... You wanna know about my past?
Hmph, whatever. It's not like I've got much else to do.
I was born in the Seventh Circle of Hell, by the violin of my master. Heh, The Devil's Trill... That tune's pretty much what forged my soul... Fuck, what I wouldn't do for a violin right now... Heh, sorry 'bout that, I always get kinda nostalgic when I talk about it...
Shut up, demons can too be nostalgic!
Hrm, anyway, if I can go on without anymore interruptions...
I "grew up" in London. Wonderful place. No place quite like it, eh? Heh-heh, a demon's playground, I tell ya...
I'm roughly 240-ish years old. Yeah, I might be young, but I've got more power than any lowly, little demon!
Okay, okay, had... Happy now? Now stop friggin interrupting! Wanna get scorched? Didn't think so. Then shut up already!
Hmph. Some people...
What? What do I think of this place?
Hate it.
Loathe it.
I find it revolting and repulsive and I just wanna go home!
How I miss the sweet sting of flames and the smell of sulphur...
Hmph. But there's no way I'm going home before I get my powers back.
Keh, why am I talking to you again? I was trying to regain some power here, you moron! Scram! Get lost and leave me alone!
And come hear me play one day...

~By me and by others~

By me:
By Aihnna:
By Scythe:

RP guide

Scenarios which I am comfortable RP'ing Crire into:

Dismemberment (only if naturally led there by the "plot" aka: please allow him a chance to get out of it!)
NSFW-content including rape (exclusively off-site; contact me privately)

Off-limit topics:


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you've kust got

you've kust got ninja'd

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This looks interesting.

This looks interesting.
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Thanks! XD Then I don't have

Thanks! XD Then I don't have to do test-comments myself >w<

How many times must I get ninja'd on one day? TwT

Thanks, Shamiya! >w<
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*sneaks in stealthily* Don't

*sneaks in stealthily* Don't mind me.. 8D

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1000000 times sorry is just

1000000 times sorry is just fun

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@Wotsits: Oh, really? < w <

@Wotsits: Oh, really? < w < *mindmindmind* XD

@Midnight: Don't worry, I'm just kidding you XD *nuzzle*
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*waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* *nuzzle*

WELL THEN! ~twack&hearts;



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@Kittyo8; Join da party 8D

@Kittyo8; Join da party 8D

This sure looks interesting.

This sure looks interesting. :'D
You, sir, just gained a track!
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Pfft, I look away for a few

Pfft, I look away for a few minutes and I come back to two moar tracks XD

Thanks you guys, he's attracting quite the crowd, isn't he? >w<
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Track. :')

Track. :')
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Oh, you tricky tracker, you <

Oh, you tricky tracker, you < w <
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interesting. o_o Ps, I LOVE

interesting. o_o
Ps, I LOVE the Devil's Trill. Especially the Vanessa Mae version. :]
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Me too it's just such a

Me too it's just such a beautiful piece and she really gives it something extra! >w<
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the human looks awsome(hot)

the human looks awsome(hot)
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Thanks! >w< I'm pretty proud

Thanks! >w< I'm pretty proud of him too, actually >w<

+12,000 points for the violin

+12,000 points for the violin :3

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Aww, thanks XD And I was

Aww, thanks XD
And I was thinking I failed miserably at it TwT;;

Oh no! The fact it was once

Oh no! The fact it was once made of
"the bones of a thousand dead sinners"
and he continues to play it as a man just makes it even more fitting :3

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Oohhh! : D Well, thank you!

Oohhh! : D Well, thank you! >w< It's just my kind of grim imagination, I like that sort of thing TwT

"Violin" she

"Violin" she whispers

Play for me.
I want to play with you.


King of instruments indeed"


tracking so f*cking hard.
This account is a biography holder. Nothing more.
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He raises an eyebrow,

He raises an eyebrow, indifferent.
"Why would I waste my violin on you?..."
"You appreciate the music."
A smirk.
"Listen carefully."
He plays.


Thanks, dewd XD

She smiles. "Because music

She smiles.

"Because music is meant to be heard"

Ears prick upwards, a rare feat, eyes of mirror opening to slits, reflecting.

"Because the king needs peasants"

She listens.
This account is a biography holder. Nothing more.
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He smirks, pleased, eyes

He smirks, pleased, eyes closing in concentration. In passion
"You understand, don't you?" he says, voice but a whisper as he plays, torn wings fluttering lightly.
His very being is music.
He plays it like no-one else.
like a demon.
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sorry for interupting Merry

sorry for interupting

Merry Christmas Chickenwhite ^^
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thanks, Midnight, you too!

thanks, Midnight, you too! >w<
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"My, my, a bird has snuck

"My, my, a bird has snuck in!"
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Very interesting...

Very interesting...
Icon Art © Beloved
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"I don't sneak anywhere. I

"I don't sneak anywhere.
I don't need to.
Not with you."
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Why, thank you, Serenai! >w

Why, thank you, Serenai! >w<

@Serendipity: *smirks* "So, you're not afraid of getting caught?"
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"It's far too late for that.

"It's far too late for that. My wings have already been clipped"
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&hearts; I'm sure you realize

I'm sure you realize how interesting this could be. -u-
Icon Art © Beloved
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"Heh... that makes you little

"Heh... that makes you little more than a chicken ready for the chop, kid, you know that." He laughs, the bastard.

@Serenai: Indeed yes~ Rest assured it'll be kids' friendly as long as it's here... unfortunately TwT;;
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"Just tell me if I love you

"Just tell me if I love you before you kill me, hmm?"
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He laughs. Loudly. "You're

He laughs. Loudly.
"You're much more amusing alive, little sparrow."
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"A sparrow now, am I? That

"A sparrow now, am I? That one's new"
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Really interesting character~

Really interesting character~ B)
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@Serendipity: "You're small,

@Serendipity: "You're small, fragile and pathetic. And you need protection. That shouts sparrow."

@HellsBells: : D! Thank you! >w< *been stalking you slightly as if lately* Love your name, btw, it reminds me of a creepypasta >w<
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oh really? X'D wow, stalker,

oh really? X'D wow, stalker, I don't mind at all ♥
Pfft thank you.. I guess 8D creepypasta doesn't sound really pleasant though 8I
Btw what's his picto? Am I just blind or why I don't find it.. >:
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Oh, creepypasta might not

Oh, creepypasta might not sound pleasant, but it's made of win! >w< I spend my time nerding it immensely~

Also, Thanks for reminding me! XD;; You can find it in my deer-directory, just click the two sloppily-animated deer in my siggy >w< *must insert in bio appropriately...*
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Well I'm sure it is ; ) Oh I

Well I'm sure it is ; )

Oh I wasn't blind as usual? :''D Gooood. Hmm I'm gonna go check it~>

lol now I'm creepy but I stalked you on dA too 8I run if you can.
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Pfft, stalked-shmalked, I

Pfft, stalked-shmalked, I feel flattered! >w< Not all people are interested enough to do that TwT
Most of my tEF-stuff is in scraps, though XD;;

Added link to picto, by the way! : D
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Yeah, I'm one little damn

Yeah, I'm one little damn curious creature :'--D I have to check out all places.
Lol that just sounds wrong.. XD;

Yey good! c:
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Pfft, oh, you cheeky, little

Pfft, oh, you cheeky, little thing XD Don't worry about sounding wrong, you're preaching to the choir XD
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oh my gawt :'D btw hopefully

oh my gawt :'D
btw hopefully Ninja's going to smash into some of your characters someday~
Lol better hide, little gay is comin' :c

I have to go to sleep now, it's almost 6AM, talk to you maybe later? :>
Nights! ♥
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Oohh, I hope so! OwO I'll be

Oohh, I hope so! OwO I'll be looking out for him, definitely! < w <

Also, what a coincident, it was around 5-ish over here when you wrote that message! XD
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Hopefully I'll remember all

Hopefully I'll remember all of your pictos. 8I Otherwise Ninja may be not-so-friendly to total strangers 8I

Hah I knew your timezone is hour less than mine :'D I hate timezones.