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Health 100% x Mental 99% x Currently...


Voice: Jeremy Irons
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Descent into Madness

Manipulative - Charming - Possessive - Lustful - Observant - Rash - Overprotective - Relentless - Aggressive - Forsaken


“...reminiscence is less an endowment than a disease...”

- Thomas Hardy, Far From the Madding Crowd



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woo ♥

woo ♥

Welcome back old man.

Welcome back old man.
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An unexpected and surprising

An unexpected and surprising encounter...
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Tracking this!

Tracking this! Cool
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Hello there, nice to see

Hello there, nice to see Walti again! How are you two?
Sorry for lame ass Trees, playing two charas at the same time is crazy hard @__@
And I am so bad at multitasking (and yet developing a third active character...I must be crazy XD)

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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sorry it is taking me so long

sorry it is taking me so long to get to your art! Lots have been going on but I havn't forgot you I swear ;u; <3
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Update Hello everyone. I


Hello everyone.

I just wanted to announce that I've hit a total donation amount of €1500 for The Endless Forest. Some people may call that crazy and absurd but frankly, it's my money and I'm choosing to spend it where I will.

I would like to thank those who have been kind enough to create art or even just send me an e-mail lately. I appreciate it and I will be continuing to donate to the Forest every month or two, so long as I can afford it.

In return, I ask that everyone else continue to donate as well. Seeing the Forest flourish further into Phase Four would simply be wonderful.


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Good "old" Walter...&hearts;

Good "old" Walter...♥
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I made art to sell in order

I made art to sell in order to donate, but no one is wanting them. Sad

Thank you for doing so much for the forest! I wish I could donate more.
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I can't even begin to tell

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for you to donate that much to Tef. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥ You've given Tef so much, in money and for just being here. So much love goes to you and your generosity <33.
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Wow , You are incredible

Wow , You are incredible !!
No words can discribe how grateful i am .
I am sure we can save and even help to expand our Forest !
Thank you so much !
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Track cB

Track cB
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Halloween ...Remember !

Twisted Halloween ...Remember ! Twisted
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mm yesssss.

mm yesssss.
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! <: