[Community Participation] Preparing for the Finale

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some characters to cast for a few roles.
If a lot of people sign up for the first two roles, I'll either fit you all in or pull random numbers to make it fair.

1. Lures
Lures will enter the Reaches to draw Brother out for the final confrontation.
Your characters will get a shoutout in the finale.
No RP is necessary, but is welcomed if you would like to.

2. Someone(s) to pin down Brother temporarily
Hlin needs an opening to use Brother's true name.
I'll accept any character who can come up with a way to pin them down!
Magic, strength, distraction, whatever you like.
Your character will get a shoutout in the finale.

3. Fighters
This role is open to anyone and everyone.
Your characters will be included in a list on the finale.
There will be a fight in-forest at 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 14th. (There's converters along the side).
If you can't make it, let me know here or via DMs (wurm#2359) and I'll include your character in the tally.

4. The final blow
Someone to strike the final blow.
Your character(s) will get a shoutout in the finale.
If multiple people apply for this role, I'll do what I can to include you all or pick randomly.

I could also use someone to take screenshots!
Unfortunately, I can't take them very easily while controlling two characters.
Anyone who's willing gets my undying thanks.
You can send them to be via DM and they'll be included in the finale.
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Mark Adoette down as a

Mark Adoette down as a fighter. Will try to make it to the event.
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^ Got you marked down. Thanks

^ Got you marked down. Thanks to the participants + interested parties so far.