coming back after a decade

i found this game as a kid so soo long ago. literally like 10 years ago give or take. and the joy i get finding out it still has a community and even plans for the future...
i downloaded on a whim way after i shoulda gone to bed and hopped around for a bit with someone and it was just as pleasant and relaxing as i remember. hoping to immerse myself at *least* a little bit<3 getting to know my deer and how he will develop as time passes and all that. developing myself as a person too by making my first ever post to a forum in the year 2023 cuz its never too late for anything
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Welcome back!

Welcome back!
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Welcome back! I've been

Welcome back! I've been coming on and off for years, I was briefly here in 2008-2010 and then it was reintroduced to me years later, it has evoked feelings each time <3

i just came back too! I was

i just came back too! I was like, a pre teen and i dont remember the exact age and i had noooo clue what i was looking at when i found the game but now im older i enjoy it so much more lol

only let down is the removal of human faces in community content but thats ok i can draw my own!
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What you have said really

What you have said really fills me with joy!
Welcome back to the forest!