To Cissy and Silv

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Because I have these

Because I have these two(Cissy and Silv) blocked on most if not all programs and the chances of them seeing this are high, I'd appreciate if my characters could be left out of any and all interaction with theirs, as well as no contact be made from them to me through any platform or third party.

Without going into detail, I didnt feel safe coming back to the community until after they had left, and would like to keep my experience here separate from theirs. I've felt more connected to the community than I ever have in my twelve years here, and would love to keep it that way.

Also thank you for speaking up Jo, I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with their recent activity.

i know i really shouldn't

i know i really shouldn't especially in a public space but i can't-

that's kind of what happens when you really hurt people who once called you their friend, it stays with them for a very long time and you've re-opened a lot of wounds that never got to heal. i'm sad that you're mocking these people who are just trying to find some closure and peace so that we can all move on

thank you Lost, for trying
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for now i don't have much to

for now i don't have much to add publicly, though saff has great and genuinely honest points, and i can very easily sympathize with mauv and understand how she's feeling, and also alc ♥ there's a lot of support and mutual understanding out there for others who may not think there is. thank you for taking initiative and trying, jo ♥

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I laughed one long, solid

I laughed one long, solid laugh that made my guts convulse and my pancreas start working again for about 4 seconds. I guess they have nowhere left to go so they came back here. Oops.

At one point I wouldn't have felt safe coming back but currently, I don't care. They can avoid responsibility all they want, but those of us who were on the receiving end of their shit-nastics know and remember.

Adding my voice here. To

Adding my voice here.
To Cissy/Silv: You've been given chances to make proper amends and have... Well, flipped the bird and opted toward juvenile behaviour. Lovely to see that those of us who'd believed ourselves good friends aren't worth the time and effort. I've known this for a while, but it has definitely reopened a wound, as Saff said, seeing you back here while refusing to even acknowledge you'd caused hurt and chaos. Not even a, 'Hey, we fucked up.'

Count me and my characters among those to keep away from, please.
And it may be difficult, but please try to find some sense of humility and be courteous to people needing space without mocking them, and to those who still want to know why you treated them like trash. I doubt they'll ever get their answer, but you could at least not put salt in the wound.

e: Edited for clarity.

The Endless Forest is a

The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game and social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends. When your computer goes to sleep you appear as a deer in this magical place. There are no goals to achieve or rules to follow. Just run through the forest and see what happens.

You are a deer. So are the other players. You meet each other in an endless forest on the internet. The setting is idyllic, the atmosphere peaceful. You communicate with one another through sounds and body language.

The setting is idyllic, the atmosphere peaceful. Just run through the forest and see what happens.
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^ Pretentious and cringe lol.

Pretentious and cringe lol.

Obviously the bonds we make while playing this damn game are more real than the game itself. You're undermining a whole world of emotional complexities, both good and bad, posting this for as I can only guess is trying to make yourself seem above all that.
You don't get internet points for thinking you're owning a bunch of people who suffered a traumatic end to something that was real to them.

Anyway, clearly Cissy and Silv want to be ignored so ya'll don't need to worry about them reaching out to you guys. God knows they've burnt those bridges. They were lucky to have friends like you, but clearly they don't deserve you. Keep your love between the people who love you back. My heart goes out to everyone who went through this trauma.

Joka/LostintheEcho is no

Joka/LostintheEcho is no longer able to comment on this thread so I'm just posting their message for them:

Well said Vee :hearts:

The Endless forest as a game would have died out years ago if it weren't for the community that backs it. It's taken years for many of us to feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging. You may mock our reactions and defensive nature towards your return, but I am really fucking proud of us.

I also find your actions hypocritical. You think you're in our heads? When you yourself have clearly been unable to escape from this place, otherwise you'd never have even dreamed of skulking back here one day. Not to mention the 'anon' accounts we've suspected of being you for years now. If anything, your childish responses have been alleviating to some degree. You've shown us that you haven't changed, and I hope some of us can be freed from the last shred of hope that maybe there was some good in you.

Silv, I honestly had more hope for you. You were always better at branching out and were generally more passive to things. But that passiveness is also your downfall. You sabotaged so many good things and hurt so many more people just so you could continue to live in Cissy's shadow. I hope it was worth it.

neamrel, don't worry, we know you're not Silv. I was going to keep you out of this but I at least want to say this; I hope you don't get fucked over later down the line too.
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Piggybacking off a

Piggybacking off a conversation that Mauvable and I had over Discord a few nights ago. I just want to say how appalled I am at the size of the community that has been abused by these players when a lot of us felt alone in this abuse, myself included. I also wanted to put out there as a positive note to this thread that if anyone needs to be heard or wants to discuss anything, my discord is always open and I am happy to help or just listen. This community is full of wonderful people, I'm so sorry that a few have ruined that experience for some. ♥

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So all of you can make your

So all of you can make your own justifiable call out posts, but other people can't make justifiable call out posts? They just get bullied and gaslit while you all get to do whatever you feel even when you get nasty at others for doing the same. The hypocrisy is thick.
Fuck Cissy, Silverfang, and their crew, but maybe a dose of self awareness and consideration would do you and the community some good. People have been pushed off of this site because trauma is handled such an insensitive fashion, no one seems to learn from it or they hold a fictional character(fake, not real!) above a person's( very real, exists!) feelings and concerns, and there's some nasty shit being normalized here to the point of people thinking it's totally fine anywhere.

It was clear from the start

It was clear from the start that they have absolutely no intention to return to the community and are just shit stirring because they get off on messing with you all so why this entire post had to be made is completely beyond me. You could have just ignored them and not given them the satisfaction of begging for their attention (which, again, you're simply not going to receive in the way you're hoping to.)

Both sides have only shown a complete lack of emotional maturity, not to mention painting some rando moving on from the community as a deeply traumatic event is in profoundly poor taste and a laugh in the face of those of us who have actually suffered genuine trauma, whether inflicted by Cissy and co. themselves or otherwise.

I don't see this blog as having any purpose other than just stirring up more drama (and hey, it worked! the community has not been this active in months) and handling a deeply personal issue very poorly. Many of you may feel that Cissy and Silv owe you something, individually, and that may be the case, but as a community, none of you get to decide who plays this game, no matter how much you want to dictate the rules for everyone else. And this is coming from someone who has more reason to despise Bethany than all of you combined.

Just ignore them and move on, it's been over for years and none of you will get closure because they're all sociopaths.
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I'm not sure how involved you

I'm not sure how involved you were with this person, but that aside, it's not fair to claim you know how much trauma people have been through. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, if you want to talk about it please feel free to reach out. Everyone who has felt strongly enough to step forward is valid.

Since posting my first reply, I've had so many lovely people reach out in support and I'm endlessly thankful for the love I've been shown.

Here's my discord if you want to reach out.



"People have been pushed off of this site because trauma is handled such an insensitive fashion, no one seems to learn from it or they hold a fictional character(fake, not real!) above a person's( very real, exists!) feelings and concerns, and there's some nasty shit being normalized here to the point of people thinking it's totally fine anywhere."

It's very important to communicate, especially here on the internet where tone of voice isn't something we can use to judge someone's mood. If you guys ever have a problem with someone please remember to take a deep breath, think it through, and send them a message. I hope that no one would be chastised for trying to communicate or express their feelings in a healthy and mature way. And if you need help, please feel free to message me. I'll do my best to be an unbiased aid.

I hope that if anything is to come out of this it's solidarity and open communication as a community.

@Witcher. I agreed that

@Witcher. I agreed that giving this attention was far too deserving to them, but also, it’s a way to have everyone be like “hey ur not crazy, they effed me over, too!” Cuz. Ya know. Gas lighting is a thing.

I wasn’t even going to comment until I read yours, and I find it entirely rude and insensitive of others feelings. You could just as easily not comment and add fuel to the fire, lol. Since cissy has “hurt you worse than anyone else” (which what gives you the right to judge that?) lmao.

Anyways, feelings are running high and tense right now. I personally could care less who plays the game, because I will always know who I will OOCly avoid and will warn my friends accordingly :shrug:

@BrownNoseMouth. If they had a way for someone to privately message, it would’ve been handled privately. Unfortunately, everyone is blocked on everything so (‘: lmao. (WHICH, I should note, Cissy/Silv initiated blocking everyone- so how else would this be handled?) If you don’t remember, someone DID try to reach out via Silv’s personal blog, and she responded by deleting everything. So.

Sorry this isn’t as “polished” and unbiased as I try to be, especially on posts, but you BOTH came at this post very aggressively. Idk what else kind of response u expected (if either of u were expecting response at all lmfao). Thank you to Mauv for being so sweet, though.

Btw, if either of u want to message me, u can via discord.

@Mauvable It is important to

It is important to communicate! But it is unfortunately a massive weakness in tef community. It seems lobbing ones friends at someone or gossiping and ostracizing is the go to choice. Also I'm not sending 20+ players a message because they want to act like creeps, hurt people, and belittle harmless creative choices. It's been years of messaging people being a futile effort on my part and many others. It doesn't matter what sort of nice face one dons. Change is not widely accepted here.

This is mostly about tef as a whole, you misinterpreted some.

I personally don't think this

I personally don't think this is the platform or post that you should be addressing that. Maybe try a more calm blog post (a new one, maybe), or better yet, the TEFc discord to bring it up. Bringing this up on an already heated and emotionally charged blog post wasn't the best decision if you were trying to promote better communication within the community. It's just adding more fuel to the fire at this point.

I don't really trust you had good intentions like you're trying to make it out to be now, especially with how you were wording it in your original comment. But I also have a hard time trusting people that hide behind new usernames. So it could just be on me. :shrug:

A passive tone is not what I

A passive tone is not what I was going for. Why does everything need to be calm and toned down to be considered valid. Being outwardly emotional should not be demonized despite what's considered proper etiquette here.
I'm seeing a lot of "show your face" suggestions that are not going to happen. People use anon accounts so there isn't a witch hunt for being even slightly upset about something or voicing an opinion, but I know it's seen as some kind of cowardice instead of using some empathy and critical thinking on the situation. Proved that in public with another recent incident. It did absolutely nothing, it fueled spite and passive aggression, like it's funny that people are unhappy. It has further destroyed my faith in the majority of this community.
There's no self reflection and the moment there's criticism it's met with opposition no matter the subject. Like cultural appropriation, triggered jokes, obviously malicious behavior, guarding basic flora and fauna traits on designs and head worlds, the play styles debate, and letting in generally nasty human beings in because they(prominent community members) want to play neutral and nice. You all have more influence than you'd think, maybe wield it in a less irresponsible fashion.
But this will be forgotten soon enough, as always. It will not stick, it will be brushed off like anything else that has been mentioned here and in many suggested calm blog posts in the past.
I am done, though. Good luck making this community space even slimier and exclusionary.

You can be hostile all you

You can be hostile all you want (aka not passive tone- idk if that's what u meant but) - I was just saying I personally don't like coming at topics hostile because I want others to feel heard and understood. That's apparently not your approach, and that's fine, 'cause I feel like some people DO hear situations better when it's presented in an aggressive tone. You express yourself how you want, and as will I. I'm reading this as you feeling very defensive, and I'm assuming it's because you've been brushed off in the past many times inside and outside TEFc. I'm sorry if I made you feel invalidated, however agree to disagree about this situation. Call out posts as a whole is something I don't agree with, so yeah, I wouldn't have supported you posting any call out posts in the past. Again, this was a LAST RESORT.. lol. Some people the only thing you can do is avoid them. But that's called being an adult cuz not everyone will agree with each other. Oh well, so is life.

If you feel the most comfortable hiding behind a username, I really don't think people care. It just takes a lot of validity out of the information given- at least to me. And I will continue to point it out whenever I interact with someone hiding behind a username, because I'm not very comfortable not knowing who I'm interacting with. But here I am! lol

The community, as a whole, HAS grown a lot- in the time I've been here. It used to be cliquey and extremely passive aggressive. It has come a LONG way since those days, but it's still made of imperfect people. So if you're looking for a perfect community, this - and really, no place on the internet - is the place for you. Sorry.

But maybe, and this is coming from someone who doesn't know who you are or what your history is, you're maybe focusing too much on the negative of everything? I really feel like this situation has drawn the community closer, because we all went through a rough time with certain friendships. It felt bonding, to a degree, to know we weren't alone. So I'm sorry you feel like an outcast about it.
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@Singa I couldn't have said


I couldn't have said it any better


I dropped my discord in an earlier post, feel free to reach out if you want to vent

BrowNoseMouth, I read your

BrowNoseMouth, I read your posts and understood what you were getting at. A shame that others were not able to grasp what you were really trying to communicate. I do not think it is possible for those standing in it. You have to not be playing The Endless Sit Simulator 24 hrs to see that the remaining community members are what keep the community down. The paranoia, spitefulness, and inability to move on from issues even years and years old, along with the circle jerk in Discord while neglecting the game and forum, indeed, good luck to them.
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This is so weird. I'm

This is so weird.

I'm offering help, I'm offering someone to talk to, I'm offering friendship. Instead you guys want to insult us.

You have the option to try being friendly but instead you're choosing to insult us and then saying that we're the toxic ones. You mentioned self reflection but are being bullies.


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vent and share your feelings.

As this post starts to get more and more attacked I officially withdraw. My discord has been linked if anyone wants to reach out and talk.

@balg lol who are you tho i


lol who are you tho

i understand being frustrated at not being heard, but when people are offering you the chance to be heard and you don't take it, at that point it's a self fulfilling prophecy and you don't have a right to complain anymore. put up or shut up cause it kind of just sounds like you're determined to make it a problem rather than trying to solve it.

you wanna beef at me about it? feel free to. snartie#0122.

but if you don't take the opportunity, then don't blame everyone else. your lukewarm takes about the entire community being toxic lose their bite when you've been offered multiple chances to speak up by people who are a hell of a lot nicer than myself. (:

Balg, you're free to play the

Balg, you're free to play the game however you'd like. If people want to use it as "The Endless Sit Simulator 24 hrs" - well, CONSIDERING it was meant to be a screensaver in the first place - I think more power to them.

Your comments are very disheartening and I fear that maybe you're both (if you're not the same person, since.. fake usernames lmao) common denominators. Your negative outlook and pessimistic attitude may be a big contributor to that.

If you have such a big issue with people, confront them or move on. That's really how adults work in the real world. Not everyone is going to agree.

"Inability to move on from issues even years and years old" - what. Literally Brownose is saying they have issues of resentfulness from years ago?? Are u two even on the same side/understanding each other? Bruh
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If anything is going to give

If anything is going to give Cissy a rise, its the comments trying to devolve the conversation by throwing everything back at the community, thereby taking the heat off the main subject.

I'm going to try and explain how I view this community and my actions as much as possible. I'm sorry if something is inaccurate or amiss;

I initially posted my comment on Silv's blog because they had blocked me everywhere else. When they reacted by deleting everything, I posted this blog when I saw Cissy continue to log into the forest. Now, this can be considered hypocritical since I've recently been a loud voice in another incident where I implored people to keep things private. But as others have already stated, this was a last attempt to reach out since all other avenues were closed by them. Does this make me immature? If that's what you believe then I will gladly take one for the team.

Now, I don't like the insinuation that we should all just shut up and ignore them. Telling a victim to ignore the cause of their trauma is. Very. Unhealthy. And it feeds into the anxiety and fear that stops victims from speaking up in the first place. Finding the courage to speak up does NOT suddenly make you the bully. You are fully justified to feel the way you do, and please don't let anyone make you feel guilt for your trauma.

As for the community itself. We are not all circle jerking in a big discord chat over this. There seems to be a misconception that we're some kind of hive-mind all working together, when that really isn't the case. We are all individuals with our own opinions. Just because the majority think a certain way about a certain topic, doesn't mean we're all trying to gang up on that thing together, at least not intentionally. I hope Mauv doesn't mind me saying this, that I had no idea of their issues with Cissy and Silv before I posted my comment. Which should speak volumes about what really goes on behind the scenes. And that is; Not much. The gossip doesn't travel as far as people may think it does. And people don't talk to each other as much as we may think they do. Just because you see characters interacting in the forest, does not mean the players are the best of friends or even speak to each other in the first place.

I posted my comment fully expecting to get backlash, and instead I got thanked by people I never would have imagined agreeing with me. If we're toxic for finally standing up for ourselves, then the comments attempting to throw it back in our faces are equally toxic. Stewing on the negativity you have towards a community only perpetuates a divide, rather than trying to talk through your issues and hopefully clear the air with others. We preach about the importance of communication but still seem to be failing at it.
Sigi by Wake

It seems to me that they gave

It seems to me that they gave you a very clear answer over and over again before you posted this blog. They obviously have no interest in owning up or addressing their actions. And since you mentioned that you reached out because they recently started logging into the forest again, I'm only going to say this: people should be free to play this game without being forced to engage with the community. I'm only giving them the tiniest benefit of the doubt here because I still believe they only returned to TEF to mess with people's heads, but in case I'm wrong and their juvenile behavior is in response to people reaching out and hounding them repeatedly after seeing them playing privately in forest and trying to mind their own business, I firmly believe this needs to be said.

They may have burned all their bridges and hurt a lot of people in the process, but it's not their fault that there is only one game server and no in game block feature, and they are far from the first players who have opted out of being part of the community while continuing to enjoy the game itself. That's my 2c and you're free to agree or disagree.
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Well call me crazy but if

Well call me crazy but if their intention was to just enjoy the forest, they could have played on alt's and all of us would have been none the wiser, correct?

As has been said before, this was the final statement. The final reach out. And you're correct that we probably won't get a response out of it. But that does not mean that this should have not been posted. You're dealing with your trauma the way you want, and so are we. No two solutions are the same and neither can be called right or wrong in the way they process it.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out since this has been posted. And contrary to some of the posts above, I believe the community has never been more united than current day.

Have fun in the forest. ♥
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just wanting to say: if cissy

just wanting to say: if cissy and co got any sense of satisfaction from this discourse, it's absolutely nothing compared to the solidarity between players who've been made to feel isolated and even driven out of the community by abusive behavior from them. this wholly outshines the original intention of this thread, and i'm glad to see people coming together and looking out for one another.

this point is the most important part of this thread. it's the unity and love that matters most of all. this is healing.

the community isn't as bad as some of the comments in here make it out to be, i promise ♥