Can't connect to the server since last week. :(

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Hey sorry everyone. My boyfriend for some reason just can't connect to The Endless Forest still... We don't know what to do,we've tried everything we could think of to get him connected to the server.

I'm lost on what to do anymore,i needed him to be on with me so we could have the fawns together,he was suppose to play the male fawn.. but now i just don't know how to do everything the way i wanted too,i don't want to just have the female first,she was suppose to be the youngest fawn, the little sister of her older brother.

If anyone has any suggestions i will gladly listen,i am torn apart by this and need help on maybe how we could fix this connection problem to the TEF Server. Our Internet is perfect so we know it has nothing to do with our internet or his laptop. It all happend after he downloaded the new version with the new pictograms added,then he logged onto his fawn and the game kicked him and now he just can't connect. It has been like atleast a week now,leyawiin and galamoth were suppose to have the fawns last week.

He will probably have to Email them,that would probably be the best. I will still try anything anyone suggest to us. Thank you everyone.

i cant get onto mine either,i

i cant get onto mine either,i can play the game but no one is connected so im the only deer!Exclaim!!Exclaim how do you connect to the server?!?
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Has he un-installed and

Has he un-installed and re-installed the game yet?
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Omgosh everyone,i am sorry i

Omgosh everyone,i am sorry i just saw this. He can connect now,but his computer has been acting up so bad lately now that he can't hardly play anything sadly. So idk when i can have the whole family on,as in Leyawiin(me) Galamoth(My Boyfriend/Steven) Lanayru(me) and Warden(BF/Steven)

So trying to figure that out now. Again im sorry for responding so late to ya'll! Forgive meh O.o <3


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Suggest "System Mechanic" the

Suggest "System Mechanic" the free version to your boyfriend. It may help his computer.
Keeps loves Fay.
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Oh wow thank you very much

Oh wow thank you very much Keepspeeps!

Do you perhaps have a link to the website? If not then that's totally cool. Thanks for the help <3

P.S.~I love your community name haha <3 Keepspeeps xD


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Thank you so much! Since I

Thank you so much!

Since I can't find the free dl at SM's official website, here's the dl from / cnet.
What I use on SM: Memory Defrag, Registry backup & cleaner, Harddrive defrag, Clear system clutter
Keeps loves Fay.
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Oh wow thank you so much for

Oh wow thank you so much for this! Hopefully we will have some progress with his computer now! *Hugs* <3

~Crosses fingers~ I appreciate your help! Laughing out loud