Butterflies - Christoffer's Thoughts

Butterflies... Because you are beautiful and perfect. The way you flutter through the air, drunk on sweet, liquid flowers. How you rest, poised and pretty, sipping gently at golden nectar. How you rest your patterned wings apart and bask in the sun. Nothing to taint your gorgeous beauty.

Butterflies... Because you come in such an array of colours. How you dazzle and bewilder. How you dance through the sky to some divine beat only you can hear. How softness of your sky bound journey will take you to a world yet unknown, ready to forgive, to forget.

Butterflies... Because you start so small, so insignificant. How you carry on tirelessly. How you eat through leaves and leaves leaves. How you gnaw through lush blades of greenery. How you grow and grow and grow.

Butterflies... Because you are amazing. How you build a home from scratch. How you spin and spin and spin. How with such elegance you get wrapped in silver. How you close yourself from the world.

Buterflies... Because you are not done yet. How you can breal from your prison. How you can emerge, a changed being. How you can actually find the strenght within yourself to come back.

Butterflies... Because I regret, because I wallow in sorrow and self pity. How can you live without fear? How can you not constantly look over your own shoulder? How can you not look at others and wonder what their life has been like? How have they been rejected? How much do they fear rejection? As much as you?

But how could you? You're just a buttlerfly. Fluttering by not a care in the world. sipping your golden nectar. Buterflies...

Maybe one day I'll burst the silk's embrace. Maybe one day I'll unfurl my dazzling, bewildering wings. Maybe one day I'll soar, ready to forget. Maybe.

Hum... I short piece that I don't really like. But still, just something that came to me after Christoffer fell asleep in a flower patch and I watched the buterflies in the game for a bit.
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"Hmm.... Maybe I can do this

"Hmm.... Maybe I can do this because I ate a Butterfly once..."

Iphea thought to add one of his thoughts... trust me, I just typed it... it was all his idea.

We both adore this poem.

Hehe, thank you ^^

Hehe, thank you ^^