A brand new fawn.

I had a nice time on my first outing into the forest. Much like a real newborn fawn, I had to learn how to walk and run, and I have to learn social etiquette. Is it polite to cast magics on random people, or not? There is much to learn. A very nice deer with a peacock pelt played with me a bit and cast some pretty magics on me. Thank you, nice deer! I saw all the major landmarks, and the forest is surely a beautiful place. I think I'll log back in and find a nice place to sleep for the night. I must also think of a good name for my deer. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Welcome to the forest!!!! My

Welcome to the forest!!!!
My deers name is Ammy,
the forest is wonderful isnt it?
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Welcome! =D About the

Welcome! =D
About the casting spells on random deer, uuum some deer mind and some deer dont mind if you do it. I for one dont mind it XD.
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I don't mind getting cast on

I don't mind getting cast on either, I mean you can just sneeze it off. Though it is usually best not to cast on sleeping deer, since they don't know your doing it and when they wake up they would have no idea how many spells were cast on them, and that irritates some. Once again, I really don't mind. Welcome to the forest!
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Welcome to the Forest,

Welcome to the Forest, phoenixtart! Of course it's okay to cast on other deer-- they shouldn't be in the Forest if they don't want magic! Eye (and if they really don't want it, they can sneeze it off!). Please don't worry about "etiquette" in the Forest. (But being nice is nice, of course.) But really, just be yourself and enjoy!
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Hello! I'm fairly new

Hello! I'm fairly new myself. Hope to see you around in the forest sometime!

mmm... meesha.
mmm... meesha.