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So I always feel bad for asking for artwork on here, but I know you guys are some of the best artists I've ever seen and I wanted to propose a bit of a trade for anyone who was interested.

I'd like some thumbnail artworks for my youtube channel, and wanted to see if anyone was interested in making one or two for certain games I'm playing.

What you'd get in return would be, for one, I'd use the artwork every single time I uploaded a video of that game (I'll go into detail about a few of them where I'd like multiples though). But also, I'll include credit to you in the description and will happily include a link to your Youtube channel, art page, blog, or any combination of those. I think it would be a pretty awesome way to share my friends' art and get their name out there. I only ask that it is inked and in color, and both traditional and digital media is fine, but otherwise you can make it however you'd like. I'm presently using Cato's artwork of Quad for my profile picture on Youtube too.

If you need some good references of him too, Nala_91 has a good pic, as well as Ephra, or you can just model him off of a blackbuck antelope. He can also be anthropomorphic in the artworks or feral, whichever fits the theme.


So here's the games I'd love artworks of for the thumbnails. If you need any additional info on any of them, please let me know:

Most Needed -

The Endless Forest - Yep, believe it or not, I can use one for TEF! Anything would work here, Quad sitting by the Twin Gods' statues, or walking through the Forest, or whatever. If nothing else, I might ask Nala_91 if I can use her artwork for it.

Rocket League - Quad in a battlecar with a crazy expression, feel free to go wild with this one, like you can have him flying out of the battlecar or driving it in the air or whatever.

Happy Wheels - Quad in a wheelchair or on a bike riding away with arrows flying at him ((keep in mind the gameplay for this game is pretty graphic so if gory stuff grosses you out, please don't click!))

Oxenfree - Quad's head with a worried expression on his face as his pictogram has been replaced with a triangle shape

No Man's Sky - Quad in a spacesuit running away from an alien creature on a weird planet. someone made an artwork that would be perfect but I don't want to steal their art so that's why I'd ask for something similar

DOOM - Quad in a Doomguy outfit with a gun and a big grin on his face. Don't make it too gory but something like that would work Eye

Not so needed but would like eventually -

DRAGON - Quad as a dragon with dragon glasses? Or you could do something similar to the art style of it since it's all hand-drawn, so a hand-drawn Quad that's been crayon-colored! - Big thank you to Postmortem for making this one!

Death Goat - Quad with a skull mask wearing a red cape!

The Deer God - Something similar to The Endless Forest one, Quad in a forest or something.

Hybrid Animals - A Quad/Kangaroo hybrid would work...

Fallout 4 - A glowing radioactive Quad would be hilarious, or him in a Vault 111 jumpsuit.

Sunset - The one by Michael and Auriea! I haven't played it yet but I plan to record my playthroughs so something to fit the theme of it. Surprise me on this one.

Assassin's Creed Black Flag - Another "I haven't really played it yet but plan to" thing, so...a Quad Pirate?

Child of Light - Same deal, haven't played it but I know it's a fun game so another 'surprise me' and I might start playing it more often.

ARK: Survival Evolved - I plan to record some gameplay of this so it would be great to have Quad being chased by a T-Rex


Thanks once again for being an amazing community, I look forward to checking out anything you guys make and as I said, make sure you give me a link to your youtube channel, art blog, or such for me to link to when I give you credit.

Also check out the thing I made!

Hmm, can't promise anything

Hmm, can't promise anything but I'm interested in trying some out. Plus, I still have your signature I need to finish. Hah...yeah.


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Bumping for you

Bumping for you
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Ace - Hey no worries, I

Ace - Hey no worries, I actually forgot all about that! If you get around to it, then awesome, and if not, you won't hurt my feelings at all XD

Also I separated the ones I'm prioritizing with those that can wait. Primarily the ones I'm playing right now.

This looks fun Maybe after I

This looks fun
Maybe after I get my new tablet I'll make some?

Meant to ask earlier but lost

Meant to ask earlier but lost the thought, for Overwatch do you want Quad dressed up as the characters or the actual characters? You didn't say in the section so I thought that might have been you wanting the characters instead of Quad but still wanted to check with you.
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Ah guess I should have

Ah guess I should have clarified, yeah for the Overwatch and Battleborn ones, having Quad as if he's cosplaying as that character or dressed up in the clothes they wear would be great. I wrote this out in a bit of a rush because I was leaving for work so sorry about that XD

I would be happy to do some

I would be happy to do some Happy Wheels thumbnails for you, Since I tend to love gory stuff x3 Once I get my new tablet (Which will be around christmas) I will start getting some art/thumbnails for you :3
discord; ini#5222
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X3 thanks so much! The Happy

X3 thanks so much! The Happy Wheels ones have become some of my most popular too. I love playing it!
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Hey, I've been brainstorming

Hey, I've been brainstorming for your freebie image- would you like Quad as a radstag for Fallout 4? Shocked
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That would be absolutely

That would be absolutely hilarious! I love it! Feel free to make it however you'd like!

Also did my first 'update and stuff' videos for Youtube XD

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Figured I'd give this a bump

Figured I'd give this a bump with a hilarious game I'm playing

for dragon; version one

for dragon;
version one version two
edit them however you want.
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Aaaahhh those are absolutely

Aaaahhh those are absolutely lovely! Thank you! I decided to use the 2nd one, and got you credited for the thumbnail in the description!

Was there any website you wanted me to link to, such as your DeviantART or blog or anything? Sort of an addition I was going to offer to anyone who made me one of these like "check out their page here" and so on. If not, I'll just leave it the way I put it

aaaa I'm glad you like them

aaaa I'm glad you like them<3 I'll make some more for some of the others when I have the time.

And if you want you can credit my dA which i'm in the process of redoing hA
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Got that added and I'll add

Got that added and I'll add the same for each additional video I make for Dragon!

Which is good because I took a short break from it while Overwatch and Rocket League were having Halloween events going on, but now that those are over, I get get back to playing that game! It's a pretty cute platformer and the art style is very unique.


Also, I decided to remove the two for Overwatch and Battleborn since they involve multiple characters, and thanks to FoxoftheStars' post, I'm going to attempt to do the artwork for those myself. At least for Overwatch, I'm going to try to make a Quad of each character so that I can sync it up with whoever I featured in each episode. It'll be a bit of work but it'll be really rewarding in the end.

As for Battleborn, my brother has been making some thumbnails for me that have been pretty hilarious, so I may make a default one for it as well.

I did, however, add another one I can use a thumbnail for - Oxenfree. Pretty straightforward, Quad just needs a triangle pictogram and a goofy concerned expression
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Got another I need to add...

Got another I need to add... XD

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Hey, just wanted to be sure

Hey, just wanted to be sure you saw I drew you a thing :3
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~bump for you~

~bump for you~