Are there other folks that don't really use the Discord server or toyhouse?

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^ title says it all! I'm a TEF oldie (15 years...dear god) and just never really made the big switch over to the newer way of doing things (Discord servers, linking to bios instead of having them on-site, etc) and I always kind of wonder if there are still people who play TEF the way I do xD; I know the community site was ULTRA slow and broken for a long time (and to some degree it still is) so I imagine that's part of it?

I find discord servers pretty stressful/boring to be part of, and while I have a toyhouse I don't use it very much... I struggle to even use the Forest Map all that often if I'm honest; I kind of miss the days where it didn't feel like I need to check every bio before I go and try interacting with someone (not that anyone says I HAVE to, but. you know how it is).

I've been thinkin' about posting bios for some of my deer both new and old, but I worry a bit about 'spamming' the community site when it's so inactive D:

(also, hello. I don't really post here much anymore whoops)
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I don't think posting loads

I don't think posting loads of bios would be classed as spam, imo you're all good to do that! I get the impression that the majority of users mainly just use the website for the Live Map now (the non-broken one) and mostly redirect to Toyhouse bio's. I'm with you on that I've never really adjusted to toyhouse, I have an account and store characters there, but that's mostly for my own sake really. Though I've also been out of touch with RP'ing for a loooong time, so I pretty much play TEF the OG-way whenever I am online --- which is also very limiting, as I do the same thing as you - gotta check everyone's profiles, etc. Sometimes I just want to open the game and play it for what is it though, which yes can be limiting and often lonely, but when I find OOC players it can be really nice!

It's this weird thing where I want to have my TEF OC, but RP'ing has never really clicked with me, so I feel like the only way to have my "IC" deer fit in TEF is to play them somewhat OOC-ly. I'm now going completely off-topic... But yeah, just typing out my thoughts as they come really lol. Laughing out loud
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Hello! There are a few old

Hello! There are a few old school players remaining, including myself. I like to keep things as close to how i played in 2009 as possible. I am a member of the discord, but i don't use it for any type of game play. I would rather keep the experience within the forest as much as possible.

- Personally i don't like toyhouse, it feels too cold, and exclusive. I don't appreciate how non members are blocked from seeing anything, and 90% of the time they are not signed in anyway. So it all just feels broken and pointless to me. .

Don't worry about spamming. We would love to see your bios! <3
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I thought i'd chime in the

I thought i'd chime in the opposite, though everyones points are valid!

When I started playing, I was introduced by a friend at the time to MSN that i'd use character bios to find peoples MSN handles, then Skype, and now Discord. Nothing has changed for me personally.

I wish there was still the drive to post character bio's I loved looking at the CSS/HTML and styles of peoples bio's, but as mentioned the website is broken and the drive isn't really there anymore.

I store all my characters on toyhouse, TEF or no, because I have a lot of them and I want people to see them. It's not wholly impossible foolproofing but I do like how its less easy to steal/scrape art from TH that it is on imgr/however we hosted them to the site (the only characters I've had appear on the PNG scraped art sites are ones I uploaded to here. I'm not massively concerned as my characters have the weirdness-protection that noone in their right mind would use that PNG lol).

Weirdly I was thinking about this and the site recently when I saw someone advertising pixel icons for deer and I realised that I'd not bought an icon/signiture art for over 5 years.

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