Any reviews on Sunset?

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Hey there guys -

I've gotten into a bit of a weird phase with Steam, basically, I'm buying games like crazy for when I'm at my hotel during landfill jobs and whatnot. That and...I've become a bit of a Steam Achievement junkie XD

I have Sunset on my wishlist, and I'm pretty sure a bunch of you have played it, so I was wondering what you thought. I definitely plan to get it, but I wanted to see what sort of reviews you guys had for it. Basically I'm considering either getting it now or getting it another time and getting something different.

Thanks for any help on this.

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uhh I don't know, never

uhh I don't know, never played it. :v bump

I have it sitting in my

I have it sitting in my library, but I haven't tried playing it yet. I'll more than likely give it a go soon and let you know what I think!
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I've played it. I found it

I've played it. I found it rather interesting but initially I didn't realise there were multiple choices throughout playing. The colours are nice and it's actually quite an interesting narrative rather than a 'game'.

I'd recommend it, just to support ToT if nothing else.
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I personally loved it.. I do

I personally loved it.. I do agree with the above, though, that there were just some things that didn't click until I got further into the game and then though, oh I wish I could've done x y z differently.
Regardless it was very pleasant and almost therapeutic for me to play. Takes about 2 days to complete it if you play it straight through.