Another artwork request (sorry for asking again)

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Heya everyone, I'm coming up with a new 'villain' for one of my deer, much like Iugulare, the infectious stoat who rivals Quad.

This one will be a villain for Trunks, and I plan to write a story about the two of them.

So this character is a dragon. I haven't come up with every detail about her, but the idea is that she is summoned by Iugulare to serve as a minion, but the dragon goes off and does her own things instead.

She doesn't have a mouth, but she has a long 'pouch' (it's more like a tube) that runs the length of her belly. She originally didn't have any kind of arms, but Silent helped me decide for her to have little arms (almost like praying mantis ones) that she uses to capture her prey. She forces them into the 'pouch', where she is able to feed off of them, and after draining the energy and nutrients from her prey, she releases them through the tip of her tail (the end of the tube). Depending on the prey, she may feed off of them for only a moment, or in cases where the prey is full of nutrition, she may hold them in her pouch for a day or two.

In addition, she steals their spirit. The victim, when released, is virtually a zombie, while the essence of the victim remains trapped in the dragon's belly. She finds someone whom she wants to capture...Trunks...but he is protected by the Twin Gods, and he becomes her nemesis.

Anyway, I'm looking for some artwork for my new dragon.

Silent and I decided on a name for her - Anirapio, which is the combination of the words animus (soul) and rapio (stealer) in Latin.

Here's my reference of her:

Second drawing (added in the little arms) :

and Silent drew her as well:

Reento's drawing is pretty close to my original concept:

And then if you wanted to get some more ideas, click here!

You're welcome to add anything to her that you think would look good - just remember that she doesn't have a mouth but has a slit in her chest for her pouch, and a small slit at the tip of her tail. Color is greenish with a white belly, and I'm happy with a sketch or an artwork.

Thanks to everyone who draws Anirapio. I really owe you guys Eye
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I'm going to work on her

I'm going to work on her summoning story now. It'll be the prequel to the story involving her and Trunks.

*edit* Done Eye
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I have to try this one day

I have to try this one day <3 Can't force inspiration though! XDD Let's hope having this in my track list will remind me at the right time.

Hmm.. I heard you don't mind

Hmm.. I heard you don't mind scrappyness?

Click me.

Tried my hands on it... quick scetch...i hope ypu like it ^^
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Seele - Hey thanks! Anything

Seele - Hey thanks! Anything you make of her is totally appreciated!

Alicev -! She's scary and gorgeous at the same time, and for a sketch that's amazing! Thank you!!

I am glad you like it,

I am glad you like it, quadzilla <3
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Mhmm!! I've gotten some


I've gotten some great Ani artworks. They really make my day coming home and seeing them up, especially since I've been stressing out over school and work a lot lately. I'm gonna bump this one or more two times and then I won't again, since I'm just about done with this semester of school.
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Ani got a totally awesome

Ani got a totally awesome commission by Raz!

I paid for it today but just to be sure I didn't want to post up the copy I have without the watermark unless Raz is alright with that. But seriously she is beautiful and scary!!