[5.] For the gift of hands.

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As you can imagine, this was

As you can imagine, this was a lot of work.

The exact amount of work hours hasn't been counted, though it's consent it is indeed above 100 – more than one hundred hours of drawing, painting, animating.

I cannot begin to find words for how grateful I am to each of the persons that realized this project – were it not for them, it would not exist.

First off Misako, who did drawing and painting, and all of the animation you see. Thank you so much dear, you'll definitely get more than ice cream for this. Your ideas, your determination and your devotion to this is beyond what I can form into words, so I'll stop being cheesy and say thank you, danke, danke.

Sighthoundlady. That kickass scary bug monster was entirely hers! She also did Auroras. I am especially indepted to her since my tablet died during the making of this, rendering myself even less useful. Thank you so much for jumping in there, for all of the painting and hard work you put into this; I hope you are satisfied. Once more, thank you so much!

Then, Apeldille who did all of the Ephirés you see in here. She also had amazing ideas for the music in this piece, and I am very grateful she helped out with that – I for one, wouldn't have had idea there. I dearly hope we were able to do your paintings the justice they deserve. Thank you!

Last but not least Kate; known as 'parrotsnpinapples' on TEFc – she was a general source of creativity during the making of this blog and had a fair input in the nightmare world you saw. Her ideas are awesome, and I am very happy she put them into this. Thanks!
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oh my fucking god

oh my fucking god
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... no words.

... no words.
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Bravo you guys! This is

Bravo you guys! This is great!

I haven't seen that many deer together ever Laughing out loud beautifully done. So exciting.

Holy. Shit. This was

Holy. Shit.

This was beautifully done, exhilarating, and sad, all in one.
That was not the turn of events i was expecting at all, brilliant twist.
Poor Verve, and poor Gehirn, can't imagine...
Very well done.
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Holy shit dude. Like, I don't

Holy shit dude. Like, I don't even?

No really this is VERY well done, good job to all of you. -rewatches over and over-
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Shit... Shiiit o_____o

Shit... Shiiit o_____o

This is awesome.

This is awesome.

This really was awesome.

This really was awesome. Loved watching it.
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You guys are all amazing for

You guys are all amazing for putting this together. ;_; It gave me goosebumps it was scurry!
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Holy shit.

Holy shit.
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Gorgeously done to all who

Gorgeously done to all who did this c:
It was displayed very well and was so exciting ^^
Very haunting and shocking too
So many emotions! Thank you!
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My mind. Has never been so

My mind. Has never been so blown.
I'm speechless. :I seriously, I can't... form sentences.
-claps frantically-

Holly **'! O.O This is...

Holly **'!


This is... huh'!
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I.. omg. ;_; So well done. No

I.. omg. ;_; So well done. No words, gonna watch this over and over 'till I get tired of it. Got chills at all the points mang.
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It's still hard to

It's still hard to breathe.

Mis and Cal. Thank you for not spoiling this for me, even if I stupidly begged you to.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This is. The best thing. Ever.
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So freaking gorgeously made.

So freaking gorgeously made. Definitely one of the coolest things I've seen on this site.

.....omg ;___;

.....omg ;___;



gosh this was haunting.

gosh this was haunting.
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This is amazingly done. Yet

This is amazingly done.
Yet the sound of so many hearts shattering...

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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ohhhhh boy, that is

ohhhhh boy, that is something
not quite sure how to properly respond to this, but wow. honestly amazing, all of you.
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Aaaa you know how much I love

Aaaa you know how much I love this ;_; Glad I got to be a part of it, so epic...

Now imma rewatch it for the tenth time. And then go listen to Krzysztof Penderecki on repeat.

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Wow! This is really neat,

Wow! This is really neat, amazing work you guys! <3

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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oh my godness .... creepiest

oh my godness .... creepiest thing i've ever .... ever seen... sooo effective
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...................... OH MY

...................... OH MY GOD JHFGJKF HOLLLYYY CRAAP
Guys guys ofghjf this is AMAZING ;; holy DAYUM. You all did such an epic job, the music and the scenes sent chills down my spine! My God, poor.. everyone though, that was so scary and so sad.. still, excited to see where else this takes us.
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Oh my...I''m kind of

Oh my...I''m kind of speechless here...But I can say this is freaking fantastic.Amazing work,all of you.<3


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I still can’t get over how

I still can’t get over how amazing this turned out. I thought it was pretty amazing in story board form then seeing it brought to life being animated, I was completely stunned. Just wow, wow wow. It was so fun being a part of this and collaborating with such talented and ambitious people. The synergy drove this whole project to higher levels. Proud of everyone. <3
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Wow, so much work you guys

Wow, so much work you guys put into this. This is amazing.

Holy mother of god! That was

Holy mother of god! That was just...so.....wow, very haunting, the music, the words, magnificent ♥

Oh, double post -.- apologies

Oh, double post -.- apologies

Shit. That was intense.

Shit. That was intense.
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This is amazing....

This is amazing.... beautiful....I'm speechless... oh, I was drooling over this..

/drools some more/
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Oh. My. Lord. This was.....

Oh. My. Lord.

This was..... I have no words.

Must watch it again sometime.... if I`m brave enough to.
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~

You guys are amazing. I can't

You guys are amazing. I can't fully appreciate exactly how much work went into this, but I completely feel this is an amazing piece of art. <3333

Thank you for making this!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!


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It took all I had not to cry

It took all I had not to cry from watching this..
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Absolute chills. I loved this

Absolute chills. I loved this so much, but fff I feel for all the characters involved :C
But omg, all of you did such an excellent job on this! ;O; ♥

By Leuvr
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ultra chills. this is

ultra chills. this is amazing.
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Is that first line a

Is that first line a reference to Mass Effect Sticking out tongue?

Amazing to watch! You guys are incredible
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Oh my God this is just

Oh my God this is just amazing! So many people worked here! Shocked

It made me shiver with fear, but not tear my eyes from the video because, damn, this is an EPIC thing. And this story is too epic.
I love it. I love music here, the concept of a monster, idea and all that is! You have done a great job.
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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I wanted to say thank you all

I wanted to say thank you all for your amazing responses. It is touching to hear all the work paid off - thank you so much guys!

Freyja; AHAHAH you caught me huh. Well I suppose it may be taken as such; although I'd like to point out that the 'reference' wasn't for the sake of referencing or Mass Effect; but rather a line that struck me when I was writing some dialogue pieces. It seemed to convey the perfect mix of anger/dismay and the super stuck up talk Aurora does at times. (:
Freyja's picture

It works! Haha I just picked

It works! Haha I just picked it up, I get what you mean. Sticks out to me only because I like that scene xD
Going off-topic, sorry!
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So many responses! Makes me

So many responses! Makes me smile!
First off I had an amazing amount of fun doing this. Also an amazing amount of frustration and stress but those are easily overlooked now. Working on your finals and doing this wasn't really the best idea. This kind of is the simple outcome even looking at my earlier ideas (:"D..) And I guess there would have to be a day I'd make a video. >_>

But yes, Cal has already listed and thanked everyone but I wanted to thank them again Laughing out loud Couldn't have done this without aany of you guys. From inspiration to actually arting their bum off everyone had their role and I'm very happy you all wanted to help! Also yes, keeping me on track and pointing my nose on the important things is also a job, Cal, a very difficult and stress heavy one I'd say :")

I dreamed last night someone got mad due to all the cursing in this blog so to the dream person who got offended: sorry 8( Sometimes things need cursing.

Ah man I'd reply to everyone individually but then this'd be so long.. I'm glad you kept begging me to tell stuff Tuoho so I'd actually keep my mouth. I'm glad for all the suprised faces and the holy shits and everything. The chills are making me smile too and wtf mass effect Cal you sneaky little shit.
Anyway, thanks everyone for participating! ♥ We were originally not going to announce anything so when we did and we got a mob I was laughing really loud. It was great. ♥. Very glad you guys enjoyed the video.
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This was... ahh...! I can't

This was... ahh...!
I can't find the words!!!! Dammit!
parrotsnpineapple's picture

This turned out amazing. A

This turned out amazing. A sad story outcome but despite all that it came together beautifully. Glad I could help out in what little ways I did. Everyone did a great job!
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Thank you Tuhka, I am glad

Thank you Tuhka, I am glad you enjoyed it! <3

Truuuu dat, Kate. I am glad you helped with it, thank you. <3
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That was insane... Best

That was insane...
Best animation I've seen here, I'm pretty sure.