3D Printed Quad!

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Hey if you wanted to see what one of those 3D Printed deer from The Endless Forest looks like, check mine out! I went with all white since Quad's such a devout zealot of the Twin Gods and all, and it's a pretty awesome little collectable to have! He does have a tiny bit of trouble standing and can be easily knocked over, but it's not a problem for me personally because I have him sitting up between the deer plush my friends made me several years ago.

Overall I'm very impressed with Shapeways' work! Happy to see one of my favorite games get so much love from the fundraiser too!

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little deerrrr

little deerrrr
-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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Wow, that's good! Might you

Wow, that's good!

Might you paint it some day?
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Oh geez I didn't even

Oh geez I didn't even consider painting it. Maybe sometime, I'll give him a Beluga Pelt look with some red antlers. I'll have to see what kind of paint is good for that too, don't want to mess it up.