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Introductions are probably unnecessary for someone like 21, a figure of the common folklore.

The Mother of the forest, the first female to walk among the stags, and a gentle guardian of the children and strangers to this world.

Her demeanour is generally friendly and accommodating; endlessly patient and boundlessly loving, tempered with a stubborn inquisitiveness and a certain degree of pride. A living archetype... mostly.

She is inexplicably distant at times and tends not to confide in others. Neither will she speak too much at once, especially about herself.

Strangest of all, she firmly refuses to take a lover or bear fawns of her own...

The childless Mother. A funny old spinster, 21.

Name •
She carries at least two: "21" being a colloquial transliteration of her pictogram, and her true name Ephra.

Age •
(Jan. 21, 2006)
At 4 real years of age, she may well be the oldest deer around. Besides the twin gods, anyway.

Appearance •
A regular white-tailed deer, brown and long-limbed.

Voice •
I think something like Tilda Swinton, who narrates throughout this music playlist. In text, a dull green.

Old Haunts •
A few of her favourite places.

More •
I’m not good at writing so if there's more you'd like to know, feel free to go a little deeper into the woods and leave a message for 21 herself.

Updated May 16 - I suppose a year is long enough to update this. :b

8DD I adore 21 XD She's one

8DD I adore 21 XD She's one of the nicest does in the forest. ^^ =D I was wondering when I'd see a profile of her!

-- Dannii <3
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I love the way you've set up

I love the way you've set up your gallery!! I should do mine similar to that.

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-Snugs- Yaaaaaay. ---- My

-Snugs- Yaaaaaay.
My TEF Fanfiction: Rubies in the Pond

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FINALLY! a profile of 21, iv

FINALLY! a profile of 21, iv seen her a few times in the forest and shes been so nice to me everytime, thank you 21 for putting up with my very fawnish behavior ^.^
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Your illustrations are

Your illustrations are fantastic. :3 I love 21, she's so unique!
Understand us
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I think 21 is one of the

I think 21 is one of the most unoriginal characters. Laughing out loud She just looks like a plain deer, there isn't much special about it.

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Ohh, Ephra, I envy and

Ohh, Ephra, I envy and admire you so much; you have no idea. Just...you're creativity; the way you set this up and used images instead of words in places, the clean but awe-inspiring way you set up the fan gallery, I just... can't say how much I love having you around. Although you may think 21 is very dull, I think she's an absolute doll of a dove. Every time I see her lieing around I just enjoy sitting with her to no end, watching and enjoying the peace. No one else seems to realize this other than you and I.

I love 21. She has got to be one of my favorite deer--and doe--of them all, and that's within a 3,000 or so member span! :) If and when I decide to not be so lazy, I'll dig through my drawers and see what I can do about some fanart, although it would and never will be able to compare to the beauty of your own pieces, let alone all of the other amazing art you've been presented.

And recently you made a signature--I just, I --ergh! I want your creativity! It's just so simple but thought-up, the way it blends into both the comment background colors no matter which "color" you post in. I ...egjklsaa. I want to be you. I want Her to be as original as 21, to have a set history in the making of the game like you had been, being the first doe. I want to be able to not yell at others and have a kind heart.

I don't know. :| That dream proves impossible, but that doesn't mean I have to stop loving you as a wonderful friend, whether you feel the same about annoying little Allice-Her or not. <3
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Oh gosh! I am not worthy of

Oh gosh! I am not worthy of all that praise. I have to defend myself against it... Laughing out loud I'm not particularly creative, if I hadn't played as a female character, someone else would have eventually. Besides, you were the first to make those icons of the other players, so not only were you actually contributing something to the community, but you also helped with establishing a connection between a player and a particular set. I used your pixel deer to help remember what each player looked like, and even though they didn't know me I could still help them get "their" set.

And I don't know about being kind hearted... I'm sure you've noticed me being rather snide at times. Sticking out tongue I am pretty even tempered, but mostly I am very restrained! I appreciate and envy your sincerity with your emotions. I find it difficult just letting on that I'm sad or angry, but you are able to be so expressive (and eloquent to boot!)

Please don't put yourself down! You are fabulous, your deer are fabulous, and I enjoy playing and nature watching with you in the forest. I really ought to draw something for you, since it's the only way I know how to express my gratitude. Laughing out loud I can't believe you wrote all that out for my sake.

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HEY NOW. :B You aren't

HEY NOW. :B You aren't allowed to put yourself down; that's my job. Don't go lieing--you know all that I said was true, yes? <3

LOL THOSE DUMB PIXEL DEER. Those things are so ugly. Q___Q I can never get them to turn out right although I am glad people love them so much. I just wish I could be happy about them as those that received them are. The old ones, especially, are horrid. xD Granted back then I thought my pixel skills were pretty decent but now I see them and want to toss them all behind my back. Besides, I don't see how that is making TEF history. D8 Rather I just roused everyone from their happy slumber and made them all gifts so that I could be loved and known. -guilty- Not sure it has worked yet. D:

ANYHOW I am glad you seemed to enjoy my comment because I can tell you did. :U <3 Herart is not needed lols you did fine expressing your gratitude in words. Stay safe, oi?

p.s. No, I have never seen you snide. D: !
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Twenty-One, to me, is like

Twenty-One, to me, is like the perfect doe in the forest. She's always seemed to be a kind and beautiful soul who walks the Forest gracefully. I never see her get angry or jealous of the other deer, but instead I see her as...oh how can i put this...the model doe, not in the sense of other does are inferior to her, but rather that she is a role-model or should be exemplified.

I know you're going to disagree with me, but please see it through my eyes. You have made a wonderful deer in the Forest. Twenty-One doesn't need to be flashy or different (you've got deer like Quad already taking care of that Eye ), but she is anything but boring or snide!

*much nuzzles* Don't be so hard on yourself! Smiling

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*snuzzles Ephra* I've always

*snuzzles Ephra*

I've always loved 21 and how you played the game. From the beginning you've come off very motherly. Sometimes I wish I could turn into a doe and become like 21, but that would be silly. Laughing out loud There is only one Ephra! Though you may think yourself unoriginal, you are definitely original. You don't have to be some extravagant, noisy character to be original. ]

But anyways. I love how you organized your bio. Very well done. I enjoyed learning more about her.

PS: That song is beautiful, I had to listen to the entire piece. Wow.


Learn about the stag.
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It was nice to meet you in

It was nice to meet you in the forest, Ephra. I apologize that I kept running away after I met you. I felt shy and belittled to be around such a well-known doe. Also, the jumping mini-deer and the others began to swamp me, and I felt claustrophobic. Then I had what my human calls a "moosing", and I felt scared and sad, I wanted to be alone, and hid...

The second time...I wasn't sure what to think. I still felt shy, as shy as I felt when I met Butch, and I was distracted. Whem Solphax began to stalk me, I really wanted someone to protect me...I was tempted to sit by you, but feared you'd anger at me if I brought him over to you...

*hides*...I'm sorry if I offended you in any way...
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Anzel! I would be the last

Anzel! I would be the last to anger if you brought another deer over to me. Laughing out loud If I couldn't get him to behave, at least he'd be distracted from tailing you. I guess I forgot to mention on my main profile thing, but one thing that makes me happy is when I'm sitting around and other deer just come and hang out with me.

Please don't feel belittled by me! I try to be generally unremarkable and keep out of too much drama. I like being humble because I seem to be more approachable that way. Smiling But I can understand being overwhelmed by the other deer- I was probably being a little silly myself. I sat with you again for a little bit when you were a frog (I think) but I made sure not to go too close, I thought you might still have been too shy for my company.

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If I'm too shy for company,

If I'm too shy for company, you'll know because I'll get up and walk away if any deer comes 10 feet from me, lol...man, it's nice knowing how I react in the forest, fwee.

I just felt belittled because...well, you're one of the most famous deer here, and I thought you were much older than me. It's nice to know you're not, I was beginning to feel small and young and stuff x3

Oh yes...do you have any clue who I chased when I was a frog? I wish I'd gotten a picture! That was fun. I was like, ROARbit, and they were like, AHHH...

I don't think I sat much as a frog, heh...
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I was just about to edit my

I was just about to edit my original comment! Laughing out loud I'll just add my note to Jen here, because she mentioned the song. For some reason, I had been hearing it a lot for about 2 weeks before writing this. I'd hear it in an ambient "mixtape", on the radio, as background music. I don't know if it suits my deer as a themesong, but it's all I could think of at the time. Sticking out tongue

Luckily, I am only an old fogey in the forest timeline! In all other respects I am an irresponsible kid. I don't know if I followed you around when you were a frog, I think I might have just sat there where you had been. The next time I saw you, if I'm remembering correctly, was the dance line at the ruins, except for some reason you couldn't see me. Maybe that was when the servers were changed again.

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Yeah, I think so...did you

Yeah, I think so...did you happen to disconnect and connect again, or close and re-open TEF?
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I don't recall doing that,

I don't recall doing that, but sometimes my internet just disconnects itself. I may have reconnected automatically.
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When I think of 21 in

When I think of 21 in relation to music I definitely think classical, violin. Eye It seems to suit well!

Wow!! It sounds like

Wow!! It sounds like Mystress is a younger version of Ephra!! They would get along great! Would you mind if I drew you a few pics?!
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Wow, not at all! I wonder

Wow, not at all! Laughing out loud I wonder if we've met in the forest before? I'll keep an eye out for your deer.


Awesome you too! Not sure if

Awesome you too! Not sure if we have, yet Mystress would love to look up to you as a role-model!! Awesome! *runs off to finish other stuff, so can draw fanart!!*

EEE! I SAW YOU!!! We were

EEE! I SAW YOU!!! We were running around in circles around a nameless deer! =D Great to finally see you!!
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Yes. I love playing with

Yes. Laughing out loud I love playing with nameless deer, because many other players tend to ignore them. In fact, I had sneezed my antlers off earlier so that I could give flowers to my anonymous friends.


Heya, where've you been?

Heya, where've you been? Zazvat's been lonely without any friends 'round.
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I've been around, sometimes

I've been around, sometimes I leave to draw things. Today I've mostly been in the forest. Zazvat ought to make more friends, there are many deer in the forest to play with! Sticking out tongue Maybe show some new players around, or have a visit with the loners.


Zazvat: *shall annoy Cyric*

Zazvat: *shall annoy Cyric* Twisted

(edit) Whoops, double post

(edit) Whoops, double post ^^;

Her is right. Your art is

Her is right. Your art is brilliant. I am just blown away by the calm, moving appearance of each and every piece. We may not know each other like Her knows you, but I would definitely like to get to know you! Being the first doe, I'm sure you're proud. =)

My deer is male, and I was thinking of naming him Evav. Or possibly Arrow, because of his pictogram. He's still a fawn but is very mature, reserved and always looks out for others. n_n A bad thing about him is that he can't swim. D=

Anyhow, I applaud you for how much work and time you spent on all of your pieces. They are truly something to be proud of, if you ask me. I also have a huge passion for similar things, and I would love to be an artist when I grow older - more than anything!

I also admire how you set out the profile. You made a great effort and should be pleased with the outcome.

Kindest regards,
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Hey, I think we met

Hey, I think we met yesterday! I was probably playing as a fawn at the time, but your pictogram is distinctive and I remember seeing it. I was thinking it looked like an arrow, too. I hope we can become friends, your deer sounds fun to play with! And don't worry, I think most others here are wary of swimming. Eye

Thank you so much for your kind words! My profile seems kind of simplistic to me, and my drawings usually don't turn out right, but I am slowly improving with practice. I think it would be so awesome to be an artist, that's what I want to do too. I hope you will post some of your own works here, because I'm very interested to see them now! Laughing out loud

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Hello, Ephra! I played with

Hello, Ephra! I played with you yesterday!

: D You and Quammy were my first friends, did you know?

Rowan. // Emrys. // Ark. // Kuroshika. // Giftarts. // Look.
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Hi! You have a lot of deer,

Hi! You have a lot of deer, I can't keep track of them all. But I know I saw Rowan for sure! Laughing out loud

I want to be friends with everyone. Laughing out loud

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OMG, I ADORE your pictures,

OMG, I ADORE your pictures, they are so uniq, and so alive! I was wondering if you could draw Nala a picture of her on her doe day when I've chosend a set for her?? :> Like a doe-day gift? =D
Nala, the kind and oh so playful little butterfly doe.
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Maybe. We'll

Maybe. We'll see...

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I beg your

I beg your pardon??

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Oh pardon me! :3 ~~

Oh pardon me! :3


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21 is amazing. She's so

21 is amazing. Laughing out loud She's so nice and she's always ready to play, no matter what kind of day it is. c: She always has a way of cheering me up. -loveson- <3333

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Wow, "The Lark Ascending" is

Wow, "The Lark Ascending" is a beautiful piece. I can't believe I never listened to it earlier!

Also, 21 cheers me up when I see her. She's awesome <3
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@Fledermaus: I JUST listened

@Fledermaus: I JUST listened to that this morning on the radio! x3 Yes, its gorgeous <3

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Thank you for following me

Thank you for following me for a bit ^^;...I'm rarely ever followed or noticed at all anymore, so it made me smile :3
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I had not seen your deer in

I had not seen your deer in the forest for quite a while! Laughing out loud It was a pleasant surprise to meet you, even if the weather was a little depressing.

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Mother <3

Mother <3
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That's so pretty, the

That's so pretty, the dreamlike fuzziness and the colours... makes me want to take my own screenshots now!

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*is awed by all the

*is awed by all the beautiful art*

Ephra's picture

Yes, I am amazed at how many

Yes, I am amazed at how many talented artists there are in this community! Laughing out loud I'm proud of my little gallery.

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YAYAYAY you added my little

YAYAYAY you added my little fanart cB
-huggles 21- She's such a nice lil' deerie xD

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I've met you the other day,

I've met you the other day, hope to get to know you! <3

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I know I met you as a fawn,

I know I met you as a fawn, and you've kept me company a few times when I was lonely, and I thank you for that. I'd love to draw you art sometime. Smiling

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

Lightbringer-apprentice to Yorres
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Thanks for reminding me, I

Thanks for reminding me, I have a bunch of drawings I need to hang up in that gallery there... Laughing out loud


Oh, so you're the doe I was

Oh, so you're the doe I was playing with!
Thanks so much for playing with my little fawn Jhai. Really, because, for some reason, not all deer seem to enjoy a fawns' company.
I hope to see 21 again in the forest! Laughing out loud