Understanding my deer

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-If he shoves his antlers into your face, it's just his way of saying 'tone down teh silleez'.

-She doesn't like buttonmashing, so don't be offended if she leaves a group of deer doing so.
-If she does a lot of running in circles and sad emoting, she's missing Trance. =C

-If she nuzzles/bows/laughs and then nods at you, and then laughs...she wants to have your babies. o.0

-Don't be offended if he acts aloof. That's just how he is.
-If he puts down his sexy antlers, he's telling you that you're in his personal bubble. i.e. BACK OFF MAN.

-She does a lot of laughing. On a good day, you'll see her laughing and nuzzling, and things of that nature. Otherwise...she'll be laughing even more, rearing, and running around randomly. You should RUN.

-If _________ jumps onto the biggest Playground rock, rears, bellows and nods at you, and then jumps down, it's his/her way of saying 'PHOTOSHOOT TIEMZ.'
-If ____________ goes down into the pit at the Ruins or the river and bellows a lot, same thing.
-If any of them do the sad emote over and over or run away a lot, give them a nuzzle. I'm feeling down. =(