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Infinite age - Title: The Little Geisha - Voice

An angelic, little bird is often seen with her, cleansing her pelt of dirt and singing her songs; Pucho
Known for unexpected greetings, or complete ignorance to those around her
Obsesses over her appearance, always wants to look flawless
Takes an interest in colorful creatures
Filled with vanity and femininity

Capable of being very malevolent
Rarely speaks, unless spoken to
Naturally caring, to all at first
Unnaturally blunt
Sweet humor
Small smile

Blinks often, unnerving yet elegant

a p p e a r a n c e

Dark pink markings; appear to look like swirls
Pink fur, a "naked" tone
Long, ebony eyelashes
Blushed cheeks
Magenta eyes
Thin muzzle
Cake face
Little nose
Slim ears
Short tail

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She is so

She is so lovely!!!
Could I rp with her?
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Ohgod, she's gorgeous ; ) I

Ohgod, she's gorgeous ; )
I love Pucho !!!
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Bayleen: Thanks &hearts;. And

Bayleen: Thanks ♥. And of course you may, go right ahead.

Stitchez: Thanks dearie, much appreciated Smiling

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Awesome ^^ ~~~ An

Awesome ^^
An unrealistically dark, almost burgandy, red doe was sitting within the shadows of the Great Oak, as she was its caretaker. Her job was to care for the flowers around the oak with her small powers and keep the Oak company, as it was often alone. She blended with the shadows of the mini hole in the Oak. Her hair was short and smooth, though slightly coarse in some areas. The stray hairs on her body were curled and wavy to keep from dangling. Her big, attentive eyes were a dark golden, pupil-less color, though darker in the center giving it the illusion of a pupil. Her eyes began to close, as she lied down in the small corner. But just before she could take a nap, she spotted a light pink doe. Curious, the red doe got up and left the Oak to approach this ethereal stranger.
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Trackkk!!! She's soo cutee! I

Trackkk!!! She's soo cutee! I love her story ^_^

Bayleen: Konoha lay in a


Konoha lay in a sunbeam, the sun's rays radiating upon her pink fur. She glanced aroud, spotting the crimson doe approaching her. She smiled, batting her eyelashes up & down quickly, pleased by the fact that someone took an interest in her. She gazed at the doe for a while, looking her up and down, until Konoha got up to bow at her. "Hmm, hello."

BubbaLoo: Thank you so much <3

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The red doe gave a nod to

The red doe gave a nod to Konoha. "Hello!" she said cheerfully. "I just noticed you here and you didn't look very familiar...are you new to the forest?" The red doe tilted her head to the side in curiousity as she gazed at the pretty doe before her.

Konoha smiled, swaying her

Konoha smiled, swaying her little tail back and forth. "Yes, quite new. I'm enjoying it though, very much. What is your name?" She then glanced at the doe's eyes, lovely and glowing brilliantly in the sun.

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"I'm glad you're enjoying

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," the red doe responded with a welcoming smile. She met the doe's gaze- the other does' eyes were like magenta globes, her eyelashes fluttery and fanning out creating a full look. Then the doe shrugged. "I'm the Oak Guardian, but I don't really have a name. You can call me whatever you want. What are you called?"

Konoha smiled, gently. She

Konoha smiled, gently. She then folded her legs beneath herself, sitting with perfect posture. "Sit, dear."
She took a deep breath in, closing her eyes for a few seconds. "My name is Konoha, and how is it that you don't have a name? Everyone does! Oh my..." She paused, opening her eyes. She twitched her ears at the tweet of a bird in the distance, then smiling, realizing her little friend Pucho was coming.

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The red doe sat beside the

The red doe sat beside the pretty pink doe. Then she said, "I like that name- Konoha. And...I don't remember being born with a name of some sort. So I give people the choice to decide what they want to call me. I am known something different among the people I know."

"Why thank you. Hmm..." The

"Why thank you. Hmm..." The doe sat quietly for a while, thinking about what to call the rouge doe. "I'll call you Ruby." Konoha said, smiling softly. She then averted her eyes to the sky, watching the lumps of clouds slowly move.

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The red doe nodded, accepting

The red doe nodded, accepting her decision. Then she turned her gaze to where the Konoha looked heavenwards. The sky seemed to ripple in the red doe's orb-like eyes- a sea of wavy amber. The world they lived in had always seemed so surreal and other-worldly. Reality was a thing of the past. In this universe, rules and directions were non-existant- a kingdom of freedom.

Without looking away from the sky, the red doe said very softly, like a light hum, "You know. You remind me of a blossom. Almost in full-bloom. Pink, fluffy, flourishing..." Then the red doe looked down at the ground. She blew and breathed on a withering strand of grass. In the next moment, the strand changed from a dry brown to a fresh green color. The strand quickly grew taller and a puffy, peachy-pink bud expanded from the tip of the grass. A blossom.

Konoha smiled, a soft smile,

Konoha smiled, a soft smile, an innocent one. She kept her gaze on the vibrant doe, admiring the bright red of her pelt. She listened to the doe's sweet words, absorbing them into her thoughts.
"How sweet, Ruby. You remind me so much of rose. Beautiful, mysterious, and pleasurable."
She watched the blossom sprout, inhaling it's lovely smell. She knew the smell all too well.
"Just as blossoms can be so fragile, roses can be so dangerous, hmm..."

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The bottom pic is so cute

The bottom pic is so cute =]
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The red doe kept her gaze on

The red doe kept her gaze on the blossom she had created. A somewhat devious smile came across her as she said, "All roses have their thorns. Some sharper than others...I know mine can be very sharp."
Then she glanced up at crowd of feathers that passes by randomly. The mystical being was again in the forest, perhaps she would visit her later.
With a short sigh, she turned back to Konoha. "Do you have any family of your own?"

Stitch: Thank youu

Stitch: Thank youu ♥.

Bayleen: Konoha settled her head down beside the lovely blossom, closing her eyes for a few minutes. "You're right, my dear."
Suddenly, a little white bird perched itself on Konoha's withers. She smiles, a large smile of satisfaction, nuzzling it gently. "This is Pucho, he is my only family. The rest...I don't know of...or remember...

-double post-

-double post-

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The doe smiled at the bird

The doe smiled at the bird and admired its simple beauty of its brightly colored feathers. "Aw, well he's adorable. I don't really have a family either, or remember much of them. I don't even remember being a fawn...Don't know how I even came to being."
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I really like the bottom

I really like the bottom picture<3

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