:You are never alone...:

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Now, if you’re ready, press Play, listen and read along with the song’s lyrics.

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Thank you everyone, so much

Thank you everyone, so much for your support, encouragement, help. Credit for the song, inspiration, most of these images goes to Ravenflight. She has been my muse through this, together with Shimmy. A lot of credit goes to her as well.
Special thanks to Nishi, Raz, Kaoori, VeryCrazyGirl, who have been there through this for me as well, and in forest too. Everyone who has watched, thank you very much.

I am sorry, I truly am. Love you all, thank you…

And before you ask, yes, Poltergeist has indeed passed away..

Her fawns, are both in perfect health though. You will hear more of those two...

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Oh my god... You, my dear,

Oh my god...
You, my dear, have just made me start sobbing.
This is just... I don't even know what to say. It's beautiful. It's just... I can't even think of a proper word for it...
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Oh... However sad this is and

However sad this is and yes, I have slight tears.... it's all so beautiful. She will never be forgotten.

. . . ♥

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This was so beautiful...

This was so beautiful... <333

I teared. up. damn it. I

I teared. up. damn it. I never do that. that song..saksjsdfgdasjhdgfgkasd I absolutely adore it..this is incredible, Misako, you have no idea...I have no words...and all of Polt's friends and..Ravenflight's face..and her fawns...I teared up from happiness with seeing her with Wudiin. it was absolutely breathtaking. thank you.

...dance among the stars, little doe. you have always been more beautiful.
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this is beautiful..

this is beautiful..
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I know I'm not involved in

I know I'm not involved in this whole thing at all, but holy shit...

masterpiece... It sos


It sos wonderful.. sad and... somehow happy at the same time...

amazing... amazing job seele...

*goes to dry up her tears*

I don't want to admit it, but

I don't want to admit it, but I gotta. Literally cried through this entire thing. It was just....beautiful. I can't even describe it. The music, and the pictures. I can't even.....ugh.
I'm blown away. You know what. High five. Polt and Wud are back together. And. Ugh.
I can't type right now, sorry. <3
Goodness, this is amazing~
Win points time a bajillion.
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I'm crying... This song and

I'm crying... This song and everything <3 Argh.
This is so good.
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Solaya have all sees. She

Solaya have all sees. She don't have moves. She have see the born. She have see the life. Then, she have sees the dead. She thought that it was a dream. No, a nightmare. She don't have really knew Poltergeist. But she was a friend for her... Now, the tears rolls over her head. She don't know what do.

*The fawns... What they will do ? They don't have mother, they don't have father...*

She looks at them and sees the necklace of Poltergeist. She sees the green glow. Then, she looks the sky. The stars... She sees two deers. She understands. Then, in a whisper, she says :

"Poltergeist... Thank you for your friendship... I'll never forget you..."

She walks softly to the fawns.

"What they'll do, Poltergeist... ?"


I cry as my doe... Poltergeist was so soft... I'll post something... What the fawns will do ?

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That was... amazing. I have

That was... amazing. I have no words, and I wish Ephiré could have been there to watch over her too.

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I am extremely surprised I

I am extremely surprised I didn't cry. o_o
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Im glad I could help my love.

Im glad I could help my love. Its really come together <3
Very sad
but very uplifting.

Again, Im glad I could help, it was the least I could do.
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How amazingly beautiful!

How amazingly beautiful!
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This is just lovely. I wish

This is just lovely. I wish any of my deer had known Polt better, she seemed very nice.
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I have to thank you for

I have to thank you for everything. For including me with everything and choosing trees as one of the important roles.
And those word come from me and Trees and go to you and Polt: Thank you, thank you for her letting be Trees adoptive daughter, thanks for all the happiness and love, thanks for being there for us when we came new into this forest. Thanks, Polt, for existing.
You know, first I teared just up about his whole thing, but the song, the pictures here, everything made me cry so hard. I can't describe the beauty this piece of art inherits, and if you ever decide to upload it on dA, I will make sure, you will get a DD for it.

Trees: Farewell, my beautiful and wonderful child. I will never forget the love and motherly care you woke in me. Even though I was barely older than you, you choose me as one of your guardians through life. All the love and care my two sons are experiencing now, are woken by your trust. So now wherever you are, I hope, you will be never alone again and loved for all eternity.

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Poltergeist... ;_; I have no

Poltergeist... ;_;
I have no words. This is... incredible. Very, very powerful. I love the music.

*dries tears*
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Too much in tears to write a

Too much in tears to write a productive comment ;-;

had rarely been touched by an In-forest event ever so much

oh Poltergeist ;_;
I, and my deer, will always love you

The Flyra drawing in between made my heart flutter, thank you so much <333
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Ohmygod... So beautiful

So beautiful <3
It's hard to make me cry but this just made me stream tears ;___;
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;~; ... Wow. I don't know

;~; ... Wow. I don't know what to say. This is... this is heart wrenching and beautiful. Inspiring and sobering. I didn't see this coming. -sniffle-


Wish I could make a better

Wish I could make a better comment to describe how awesome this was. This is beautiful
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This left me speechless for a

This left me speechless for a moment.
I have no words to express how beautiful and touching this blog is. I could read this through over and over again with the music. And the story, everything!
Very well done, one of the best ones I've ever seen on this community site.
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Misako. Misako. This made me

Misako. Misako.
This made me bawl, I'm not even going to lie.
I really wish I had been there.
This is beautiful. ♥

Haven't felt this way about

Haven't felt this way about TEF content in a long lonnng time. It's funny, I'd actually worried I'd outlived this sort of epic storytelling, the sort that has a beginning middle and end. This is perfect.

I'm shaking. This is just...I

I'm shaking.
This is just...I don't know what to say.
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;_; so beautiful... *actually

;_; so beautiful...
*actually crying*
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Ohmygod. I-I am brought to

I-I am brought to some tears right now.
eventhough I wasn't apart of it or anything.
The song went really well and It was so... so fitting.
I hope Polt is going to be okay in Deer Heaven... along with the stars and gods that live up there.
I never really got to know Polt, I've seen her in game once or twice though. :c
Those last two scentenes are really breath taking, after all that music. Makes you feel kinda fuzzy inside. (LOL)
Also, her fawns are adorable! I love their names and they are beautiful. *hug*

p.s I could seriously imagine this as a sort of HD music video or something. It just seemed that way, even with images. So much work has obviously gone into this.
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I must have read this over 5

I must have read this over 5 times now and it still puts me into tears everytime ♥

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Beautiful..Tears..and..Calm... Too brilliant for words!


;______; I HATE MY COMPUTER. IT HAD TO CHOOSE NOW TO GET MILLION VIRUSES THAT PREVENT ME FROM DOING ANYTHING I WANTED TO DO. I wanted to be there so bad. Now I wish I was there. I know none of my deer were close to Polt but 8C I feel like I'm about to cry. I've been easy to make cry, I've tried to be better about that but...

This is beautiful Misako. Even though my computer is totally screwed and my iPod doesn't have Flash and stuff so I can't listen to the pretty music, this is still beautiful. <3 Beautiful and sad. 8C
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Wow.. there are just no words

Wow.. there are just no words able to describe how amazing and incredibly powerful this is...

The music, the art, all of it, just so beautiful...

Listhened to it more then one :3

Polt will be dearly missed ~<3

This...was beautiful beyond

This...was beautiful beyond words. Probably the most beautiful post I have ever seen.
I miss Polt already. And I'm sobbing too ><

<333333! ;;
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I love how everything fits so

I love how everything fits so well together, the music, the pictures...it's lovely. Most enjoyable, yet sad read~<3


Beautiful. <3 Again.
This had me crying, though. But it's bittersweet.
I've never heard the song before, it's a nice one.

"Poltergeist..." The young stag couldn't stop the tears from flowing. He had to take off his mask to keep it from getting soaked. "They're...they're beautiful, Polt. Like you. You have so many friends...they'll take care of them. I'll help...I'll do what I can. I...I just...hope you can finally...be happy now." He closed his eyes, his face turned to the sky. "I still love you, you know..."
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That was beautiful in the

That was beautiful in the darkest way Seele...-lesigh-

Rai is on vacation but I told her what happened. She asks who is to take care of the fawns? I'm sorry if you said it somewhere, it's all a bit confusing. I'm sure you know why she asks, and offers Rowan to the cause. I'd say more but perhaps I'll wait for your response first.
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Ohmygosh D; That was so sad.

Ohmygosh D;
That was so sad. I don't even know what so say ;AAAAAAAA;
I'm so glad Liange got to meet her before she passed on :c
Her fawns are absolutely adorable.
I'm so happy she's reunited with Wudiin now &hearts

By Leuvr
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Urg that is so sad. ; ___

Urg that is so sad. ; ___ ;.
I never knew her but I'll miss her. <3
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Very beautiful and sad. Sadly

Very beautiful and sad.
Sadly my deer never met her in the forest.

I was gonna edit my post, but

I was gonna edit my post, but I can't now.

I forgot to say that all the art is amazing. Oisin looks great, I've always loved how you draw him. And all the others look great, too. You have both done a great job with this. I guess this is what you needed the list of friends for. I never knew Polt had so many friends. There's a few I don't recognize.
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I wish i'd met Polt ICly in

I wish i'd met Polt ICly in the forest <3
This is beautiful....
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.... ........ .............




Never have I wanted to both applaud and murder a person at the same time. This... This is stunning. The most amazing post I have seen, by far, on the TEF Community. So unexpected (like, seriously-this was THE LAST thing I expected to log on and find today~!), so beautiful, such an absolutely stunning artwork-it's like one of those touching film moments, when everyone comes together and something big happens and then you leave the cinema feeling all enriched. Good description thar, you know it ♥ The music fits so well, and the art is just so incredible-well done, guize~! ♥

aoisdfu just EVERYTHING. I'm sure that you Mimi, as well as many others, know that I never shut up-so when I don't have words to describe something, you KNOW it's spectacular. Oh... Ohmygosh. ♥♥♥


And yet... It fits so well. Both Jester and I will miss her so SO much, and yet, this was like, the most perfect end for her. Her beautiful fawnies being all healthy and adorable (LOVE their designs, absolutely lovelovelove ♥), being re-united with Wuudin-it's just, the most beautiful thing. And how you included so many in this like, ohmygosh-I am so touched to have had Jester included in this like, seriously! ♥ THANKYEW SO VERY MUCH~! I’m so honoured to have been able to have had him have a part in her wonderful story, to have gotten to play about with her-I’ll have to sit down this week and write up something I have in my head for this. In the meantime, Jester will be wearing the nightfall pelt in the forest as his own tribute to the star of the stars-and gawds, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday, I didn’t have internet access and didn’t know this was on til now that it’s over! D: To have still been able to have been a part of this is something I appreciate so much. Thankyyyeeewww~~! *crashtacklehugsmooshes*

Just... Wowzaaah ♥ This. I love it. And my boyfriend came in before and was like ‘why are you crying? D:’ and I’m like ‘POOLTTTS DEAAAAAD AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY BUT SHE’S DEEAAAD D: D: D:’. It’s a good thing he already knows I’m a weirdo, right? *giggles* ♥ Honestly though, this, is just outstanding-you’ve really outdone yourself, and I shall now be asked to be excused whilst I go and watch this again. And download this song. Because it is epic.


Rest in peace, Polty, you wonderful starry lass, you~ ♥ *salutes*
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Wow. Just..wow. This is

Wow. Just..wow. This is beautiful. I am in tears.

Now I feel really bad about not being there. ;_;

"No..she can't be gone.." His ears fall back and a deep sadness takes over him. He hadn't even been able to say goodbye..
Polt was close to him, even though he rarely saw her. She was the closest thing Zach had as a mother in the forest. A doe with whom he always felt safe and protected, especially during his fawn days. He will miss her dearly, and always remember her with warmth. Even though he has never seen her young ones, he has a feeling that he will, someday. And when he does, he will surely show them the same kindness and protection he got from her. It is the least he can do.

..Polt I'll miss her..

I'll miss her..

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Gosh I.. Surely didn’t expect

Gosh I.. Surely didn’t expect this ;_; Thank you all so incredibly much for your replies, wish I could reply to them all but.. I made you all cry D8’.. I feel heartless. No, thanks, that’s a compliment as well, I would have never thought to shake up so many emotions.
Before I continue I want to say something.

THANK YOU AGAIN RAVENFLIGHT <33 You have been really, really amazing, you have helped me through this all and, in my eyes you did atleast an 80%. And by that I do not only mean the amount of pictures, I mean the inspiration, the support, the suggestions, everything. You are amazing.

There. I can’t express in words how flattered I am by all of you <3..
Hello Shiori, decided I should reply to your personally, but to all of you: I have had this question before. So for those wondering: The fawns don’t have a set caretaker. They might develop one in the forest, I can’t ever say that for sure, but so far it seems they have many, many guardians who all want to take care of them, and I think it is nice for them to get that chance <3 It’s really lovely to see how many have followed them after the birth, teached them their first experiences, everything. It makes me smile, and it still makes me smile to read about them in people’s updates.. So I can’t say “Alright, your deer will take care of them”, as I believe many will <3..

Oh! That reminds me! I hope everyone recognizes their deer, I sure hope so! If you’re not sure, please tell me so on my updates and I’ll give you a heads up. To those who aren’t included but were here friends: I’m so sorry, I most likely didn’t realize until I was done drawing ._. I took everyone from the list I had, but that was ofcourse not in any way complete. Also, to Walter especially: I really didn’t know how to include him. He died after I was done with the storyboard, and I didn’t know how a dead one could.. Fit in with this, unless having a sort of separate part. So, Walter did mean a LOT to Polt, but I couldn’t figure his place out here…

I will miss her too… ♥

Amazing story. I didn't know

Amazing story. I didn't know Poltergeist, but I'm I met her once or twice in the Forest. Very touching and, hm, inspiring :) Thank you for sharing this. In such moments I can only wish I had known some of deers here better. Or at least a bit.

... and though my heart is

... and though my heart is heavy
I deny to cry
cause I know
you are happy now...

Ya... felt like writing that... because...

... none of my deer had a closer relationship to her (exept collector but i won't call that 'relationship'... they had only a few encounters...). But for some reasons this story touches me deeply. Indeed everytime i think about it, my heart gets heavy.... i don't know why...

... since none of my deer could say something 'intelligent'... I let my 'Forest-Me' talk... Alice...
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Oh, well...yes I kind of

Oh, well...yes I kind of figured that. I think she was referring to 'care' in the more physical sense since she's the only doe I know of that would be nursing. But if that doesn't matter to you I understand. I wish them luck...
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Oh Misa I'm so sorry I missed

Oh Misa I'm so sorry I missed this. I was out of town though...Gosh. When Shi told me I was wrangling a giant steak and nearly started crying at dinner. I love Polt so much, she will be missed dearly. Rowan got the news and she's heartbroken. We both loved Polt, and we love you, too. I wish the fawns luck. And yes, I did offer Rowan up to nurse the fawns if you're a more realistic type, (like Shi said, if not, we understand). We will miss her so much. You know I'm on msn if you need to talk hun. <3 Best of luck in the new world, Polt. We will watch over them like one big family.

Edit: I'm sorry, I forgot to give my opinions and comments on the posts thierselves. They obviously took a long time with a lot of hard work - and it shows in thier beauty. These are beautiful and I'm honored to have seen Rowan in there.