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invisible foal.

Did some dancing with this cute little foal, and when it laid down it suddenly went invisible.
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Deer screen

find yourself!

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Good company

Both the player and the deer are shy but Sal was brave enough to be a camera deer so here we are!

Also he appreciates Fletcher moving closer to him and he apologizes if he was a bit awkward when greeting...

Seriously though I'm enjoying the group so much so I hope the screenshots are okay!

I have a loooot more screenshots but I don't want to keep bumping the thread so if anyone wants them they can add me on Discord or email at !
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Dance cult?

My dear friend, of course I know you love dancing, but on this scale I wasn't expecting to be honest...

And, thank you, YOU MADE MY DAY!

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Sleep sweet, my friend

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What a coincidence!

I stumbled upon a glitch where other people had the same pictogram as me and some of them were wearing an item the same as mine Shocked
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Finally met the light of day

Yay! Smiling
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Found my place

Endless Forest is so big... I'm only one little fawn, so lost in this place. But now I at least found place which I will call my hideout.

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Sweet Sleep <3

This screenshot just made me happy.
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I look up to you!

I met this person in the first few minutes of when I
joined! Just their actions gave me such a nice vibe,
I kind of felt like they were a parental kind of figure.
Thank you for watching over me! <3
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