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Dewie meets Keturah and Demy

She has a name now!

Also this happened


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Have fun with Tristan + La Femme; but too late for Vala

Yesterday I was hopping around. thinking of nothing bad. Then I met Tristan (ShrinkingRose) and another new ? deer, La Femme (geoh).
We had some fun together.

this is really funny, like: "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" - "MOOOOOO"

Ahh, I love the hot stone massage, it is so relaxing. What do you think? Eye

nice butt, nice flowers. Hey Tris could you give me a smile?

"Dude, don´t overdue it (with the smile) But I understand, if you want to empress the ladys, you have to look like a strong deer Eye lol

And after that I recogniced to late that Vala was there, say hello/goodnight when I was sitting in a Mushroomcircle (and try to spellspam sleeping deers. diabolical little Cu)

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Yes, me again. 13 pics from yesterday. event from wendigo

Hi guys, here we have some pictures again and I think it will be enough for the moment (too many pictures could be boring - maybe or slow down your PC while lowding - this could be very annoying).
Anyway, I had a lot of fun with you!

First of all, little Cu needs his halloween-set and Hautakumpu makes her deer triple so she can help more often. a big thank you to her (and to ObafO too, she wants to help too)

Then I met some of my oldest/closest friends - and the fun began to explode Eye

Then we were "entering" the playground

thanks for the fun, we should really do this more often!
see you

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time for more pics fom last day´s (this time 18 pieces)

A little hello to all the nice people outside in the forest.
I made some pics again, thanks for your posing Eye
The Rut is over now, it was interesting and fun to watch!!

So here we go:

I spy a Fly-Doe (that happens - to me too - if you fall asleep in the near of your friends - lol

Oh my, these picture above are like wallpapers, arent they?

(to be continued)

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Time for pic´s again (15 pictures!) Beware, may kill your computer

Hey folks, its time for some amazing pictures and here they are! Because you are all so nice and the camera loves you Eye
Please be gentle, I dont comment the pictures. So name yourself please (if you want)
And hell, somebody should gave me a tip, how I can put the pictures under cut. (so you can open the post and than choosen, if you click at the link to the pictures)

Anyway, here are the beautys:

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Look at these cool dudes

trying to figure stuff out here
UPDATE- i got it B)
It was fun playing with you guys! Laughing out loud

Well, that's weird.

Little Candle found himself!

Not sure how this even happened, but I happened upon my own little fawn sleeping. Pleasantly strange!
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Among the Birch Trees

I've been caught at a weird time today where I couldn't work on trades and rp art due doing ads as the resident designer for my dad's band, and getting ready to go to a band gig tonight, but I ended up with a small amount of time to do something

and since Atiq has been spending his day with his little fawn, Nawfar, I snagged a screenshot and played with it. He loves spending time with this little one because of her feisty nature yet fun-loving heart, and she's incredibly adorable <3
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A Fun Day In The Forest

Delilah had a great time! These photos are over a period of time. If anyone here recognizes their deer then please message me! Been a delight to chat/hangout(?) with you! Smiling

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