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If my deer acts weirdly, just stands around, reacts slowly or not at all
or sits still a lot, I´m probably having a bad lag in the game...
My framerate isn´t larger that 6-8 fps in average, and it likes to freeze
the game when there´s lot of players.. So my deer is NOT ignoring you
on purpose.... <_<

I also often do other stuff while in forest like write, read or watch videos so sitting
down a lot won´t always mean I´m having problems... If I´m just writing, my deer
will probably wake up soon if I notice something going on in the game.
Just moo on her face, or something. ^^

And Sorry for possibly clumsy writing, english isn´t my original language...

(picture by Saosin <3 )

*Recent happenings/Doing/Feeling*
A shadow crept slowly through the long grass, to the towering stone idol and its endless tears. The massive, red creature rested by it, among the sprays of glittering water. The tiny deer stood beside him, silently. Moment felt like frozen in time, until she finally lowered her head.
"You didn´t have to go alone. Wait for me" she whispered. She never was any kind of a poet. Just blunt, even simple truths and feelings. She didn´t need more. The voice was gentle, but there was something else too. Weariness. Like something faded.
The tiny deer nuzzled her face against the red mane, then settled among the grasses beside the moist rocks and his gleaming-white skull. Her small frame shrunk even more next to it all. For a long, silent moment she gazed the clouds drifting behind the treetops, before she let out a sigh and her green eyes closed.
Where he went, she was never going to be far behind. Not even now.

Status notes:

Basic info:


-Genderless (more feminine, usually spoken of as a female)

-Small, not very strong built
-Quite small, dark-coloured antlers, sometimes wears flowers in them
-The skull is just a mask. Has a regular TEF-deer-face, not actually looking too human
-Likes wearing other masks too, or none at all
-Large green eyes, otherwise not looking very girly girl in her main-appearance
-Short, a bit rough fur, with some longer hair on chest, belly and tail
-Pretty large, puffy (but still deer-like) tail for her size
-Dark legs and hooves, light coloured belly and face
-Large ears, with slightly tattered edges
-No un-usual markings

A size-reference compared to Saosin, clearly smaller than a normal deer.
Note that Saosin is clearly bigger than a normal deer, though.
(picture by Saosin)

*Set 1
-skull mask
-red pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers
*Set 2
-magpie mask
-magpie pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers

(Wearing different sets won´t necessary mean anything special.
May also appear without her mask from time to time.)

In-game appearance:

+flowers, especially poppies
+playing, jumping and dancing
+causing mischief
+"flower-sparring" & play-fights, even though she´s not very good at them
+The birch wood and blue bowl
+Idols, especially the fountain
+Helping the deer in need
+Slow walks, even though she gets side-tracked easily

-deep water
-the noh-mask (atleast pretends to be afraid of it)
-being ignored
-rude deer
-real fighting
-wearing the "doe-antlers"
-other deer being sad

-Joker who rarely takes things seriously
-Will play with anybody, unless she´s tired or not in the mood
-Playful, but in companion of calm deer can tune herself down
-Bit shy with unknown deer, if they don´t greet or play with her, she gets unsure what to do with them
-Rarely gets annoyed, sometimes shows off
-Friendly, but cautious under the surface
-Innocent in personality, but not stupid
-Does not understand things like flirting
-Not the leader-type, but can be stubborn
-Copycat, a sign that she looks up to you... or finds mimicing you a funny game
-Energetic and helpful
-Can get moody when tired
-Can also be a bit impatient
-Lives in the moment
-Quiet, won´t roar much
-Doesn´t talk very much if she doesn´t have something to say, prefers actions and body-language
-Can converse with others though, but isn´t very sophisticated in her speech or thoughts, rather down-to-earth
-Thinks more than says out loud
-Runs easily away when ignored or being rude at
-Usually stays away from fighting if she´s not sure what´s going on
-Never aggressive unless forced into defensive position of herself or someone else she wants to protect
-Might playfully mimic of territorial behavior by marking trees and such, but does not really try to claim a territory for herself
-A slow runner and bit clumsy
-Bit impish, but never malicious
-Beware, sleeping with a piece of peacock-set on you might get you a whole set if she feels mischievous
-Loves giving flowers to deer with bare antlers, especially to Nameless
-Sometimes hides when feeling sick or bad otherwise, but can cheer up quickly
-Can leave a group of deer for someone who she thinks needs company, and dislikes leaving someone alone
-Likes company but isn´t dependent of it, can stand of being on her own too
-Not very pushy with her company, if ignored or treated rudely might not approach again very soon
-Not always really as optimistic as she seems like, though she intentionally does her best to see the better side of things
-Is not very romantic or even interested of romance or mates, but loves her friends on her own way
-Might be a bit more cautious with giant animals or weird creatures, but when approached friendly warms up to them quickly

*Can be more or less In-character/Out-of-Character depending of her company or my mood*

What she means by:

-bow+head tilt= Hi, what´s going on?/Can I come too?
-scratch ground+nod+lie down= I´ll sit down for a moment/ Got to go, be right back
-scratch ground+nod+head tilt= Let´s sit here/Come sit with me?
-scared+headtilt= unsure of the situation/"Why are you scared?"
-scared+nod= "That´s scary", can be also a joke if done at something silly as a rock, tree, small animal or expressing (mostly humorous) distaste for pelt/mask/antlers just cast
-scared+shake head= "Don´t be afraid", being compassionate to someone who is covering
-nod+lower antlers+scared+fall down= play-fighting, usually with fawns or friends. She lowers antlers and can rear, but tries to show by laughing and falling down that she´s only joking.
-nuzzle+nod+laugh= "Cheer up!" or just simply being happy to run into a friend
-sad+head tilt= Showing compassion, or asking why someone is sad
-sad+nod+bow+sad+lie down= Sorry, I have to leave.
-stomp+head shake= "Stop it and behave!"
-stomp+nod= showing playfully off, used also when being exited of something.
-scared+stomp= Nervous
-rear+nod/stomp= Playful rear, usually while hopping around or dancing, exited
-sneezes off her flowers+taunt on a flower patch+nod(+laugh)= She wants to spar/playfight with you. Showing off, but only playfully.
-collect flowers/lower antlers+any other emote (on flower patch)= Playfighting/"flower-sparring". She might be doing this with trees and stumps also if she doesn´t have a spar-partner. She does this only for fun (or more rarely to let out frustation by sparring trees), not to be aggressive.
-listen+listen= Shaking, usually a sign of relaxation or used when waking up. Used also for shaking water from wet fur (in the rain or pond) or waking herself from "daydreams" (if my actions get jammed and don´t work, I use this to fix them)
-nod+shake head on another deer= Grooming (copied from Saosin)
-nuzzle+nod= Very friendly greeting, grooming
-nod+head tilt= Slightly confused, agreeing about something, "what was that about?"
-running in circles= Playing, trying to get your attention or feeling agitated about something, depending of the situation

Those are the most common more complex emotes. And of course the regular ones, that are what they usually mean.

(Picture by Saosin)

Forest relations:


-"mystery deer"

Curious of/ likes:

-The Collector
-Smiling Jack
-Mr. Sanguine

Unsure of/Avoids:


Names on the list are in random order, and might be moved around according how my deer gets along with them in the Forest. I will add names when I learn to remember pictos my deer meets and gets familiar with, or by request if I have forgotten to add someone. Please tell me if there´s someone missing or you want to be added/removed, I have a brain of goldfish sometime. <_< Might be adding pictos or links to bios on these later.












































(Picture by Pegasicorn)

Gift-art received:

From Abina: O

From ChickenWhite: OOO

From Corg: O

From Doe: OO

From Edmund: O

From Eyestrain: OO

From Fjording: O

From Kita: O

From Konohahiiragi: OOO

From Moogie: O

From Narina: O

From Nopje: OOO

From Pegasicorn: OOO

From Ravynn: OO


From Serpanther: O

From Sithrim: O

From Snowbell: OOO

From Solaya: O

From Starling: OO

From TriggerMortis: OO

From Yobi: O

From z.m123: O

Writings received:

A short story by Gingernut (scroll down to find it)

"Poppies of Red: Fur the colour of Blood" by ShadowsofLight

My siggy-deer collection:

Thank you! <3



My deer-art collection

2009 screenie-collection

"Sharing some animation" -blog

J!n's picture

Mhm, thought so as well. I

Mhm, thought so as well. I wonder if it was a subliminal thing, heh. That image is hilarious, although a little cute, them both old and grayish... Hmm, I rather continue this rp for a while, if that's alright with you too.

Yeahhh, my page, again.
Spyrre's picture

I guess you have some epic

I guess you have some epic psychic-abilities or something...
It is, made me grin at that mental image of them being old, greyish and with long beards... that would make a pretty hilarious picture, heh. =D
And it´s fine with me too to continue this rp of course, its interesting to see how they react in this kind of scenario. Liked it a lot already so far. =)

Damn you, you´re claiming all my pages again! *shakes fist*
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Spamming you with a thank-you

Spamming you with a thank-you picture TwT

J!n's picture

Chickenwhite, that's so

Chickenwhite, that's so pretty. ^^
Chickenwhite's picture

Oh, thank you! >w< Also, nice

Oh, thank you! >w< Also, nice to finally meet you, I've been curious about you for a while >w<
Spyrre's picture

Chicken, Awww, thank you so

Chicken, Awww, thank you so much! Such an lovely unexpected surprise, I really love how you drew both of them! Poor Redd looks so depressed, the expression has some true feeling in it, and you drew and coloured Spyrre so pretty... Love also how you used pencils, it creates so natural textures.
This made me smile, thank you again. Spyrre liked seeing him again even though he wasn´t feeling well. <3
Chickenwhite's picture

you're very welcome, my

you're very welcome, my friend! >w< I just figured you deserved something back for being there for both of us TwT
And I'm glad you liked the pencil-touch! >w< I was counting on that natural feel to appeal to you >w<
And trust me, Redd is really happy to see Spyrre again too, even if he feels bad for being such a jerk towards her while in Rage-mode TwT
Spyrre's picture

Aw, my pleasure really.

Aw, my pleasure really. <3 Heh, yeah, I have soft spot for traditional art even though I do like digital ones as well, its pretty much the thought behind art that counts most though. Never been very good with colored pencil myself, might try them again sometime though, seeing this was kind of inspiring.
He doesn´t need to be worried of that, Spyrre´s not angry at him at all since she did realize that he was not feeling well and wasn´t really himself. She´s mostly relieved of him being better. =)

Ah, and sorry if I´m being a bit boring here again, just sitting around... I have some things to do.
You can go see someone else if you want, she might be asleep for a while.
Chickenwhite's picture

That's okay, Redd is just

That's okay, Redd is just sitting around too, recovering from pushing his body so much to just run and run... Being in Rage-mode takes it out of him pretty drastically TwT;;

And I'm so happy that I could inspire you! OwO Especially since YOU have always been an inspiration to ME, ever since I came to this page XD I'm so happy to finally be able to give you something as equally important back TwT
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I hope you didn't feel left

I hope you didn't feel left out today or anything...
Spyrre's picture

Chicken, You´re too kind. I´m

Chicken, You´re too kind. I´m flattered to hear that, though you have been a wonderful artist yourself to begin with. =)

Saosin, No, it´s ok. Spyrre just felt a bit out of place and got a nervous as more deer gathered and constant fights happened. She´s just hanging around out of curiosity (or just following him again) after all. <3
J!n's picture

I haven't seen you around

I haven't seen you around lately, just hope you're alright...
Spyrre's picture

Ah, sorry about that... Happy

Ah, sorry about that... Happy to see you today even though I haven´t been a lot in-forest. Everything´s fine, just been tired. =)
Also, agh. Thank you so much again, that picture is awesome.
Loving your art so much. <3<3
J!n's picture

Awh, I see. I just assume

Awh, I see. I just assume something has happend, hahah. Yesterday was a lot of fun anyway, thanks. <3
J!n's picture

I'm going out for a while and

I'm going out for a while and I'll leave S in game, so don't feel obligated to stick around or anything... Hopefully you'll still be in game when I get back though. ^^
Spyrre's picture

(No subject)

It´s ok, I´m having pretty awful lag and game-freezes again so I´m probably not moving much either. Hope it´s better when you get back. =)
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(No subject)

Spyrre's picture

Wow, that edit looks

Wow, that edit looks stunning, the way you edited and cropped it makes it look almost like a painting! The colors look absolutely beautiful with that almost grey ground under them... and the doves! Did you edit them in or did you really manage to catch them in a screenshot like that? Awesome anyway, as is the perspective! Saosin and Spyrre look both so calm and thoughtful here, I love it how they seem to be looking at the scenery together as the birds fly past them... That little sunny spot is one of Spyrre´s (and mine) favourite places, btw, the scenery to the pond is so lovely. =)
Thank you so much again. Was glad to see you today. <3
Corell's picture

Haha, I love my hotkeys so

Haha, I love my hotkeys so much...xd <3
Spyrre's picture

I don´t even use them,

I don´t even use them, because I´m sure I would mess everything up completely, hehe. My memory is horrible with that kind of things... ^^;
Nice to meet you though, not sure but Spyrre might have met your deer before. =)
Corell's picture

Yeah, its hard..I do always

Yeah, its hard..I do always klick wrong ^^ Corell have meet you for awile ago when she was a fawn, she sat whit Dag, Crybaby and you by the pond c:
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The large stag had awaken,

The large stag had awaken, feeling strangely weary, early in the morning. Everything was silent, the sun having yet to show itself above the horizon, the rest of the forest inhabitants still fast asleep. Even the rain that had fallen the previous day had frozen, and countless tiny crystals now clung to each straw of grass, each and every fallen leaf across the harsh landscape that was the birch. He shook some of the ice from his sun bleached fur as he wandered this dormant land, his territory, while the heat of his breath formed milky smoke in the early winter air. At the base of a hill he saw the one whom he had been searching for, his magpie friend, sleeping soundlessly among the sheltering plants. Despite the stag's size, he managed to quietly make his way to the the dark doe's still form, unintentionally blowing hot air at her skin as he investigated whether she was unharmed or not. His eyelids felt heavier again now that his treasure was safe with him, and a nap until sunrise seemed all the more inviting. He sat down next to her, as near her as he dared without risking to wake her up and still close enough that his unusual temperature would keep her warm. He tucked his skull's muzzle under her neck, her hair there flowing out across its ivory surface like wet seaweed. At a time he might have seen her ear twitch in awareness, but the red giant was already slipping into slumber, finally.
Happy you like the screenshot, heh. The doves flew like that, actually, it was a lucky shot. And I didn't know that, we find the place rather peaceful as well... <3

Merry -early- Christmas

-double post woops-

-double post woops-

J!n's picture

Merry early xmas, spyrre.

Merry early xmas, spyrre. Missing you, hope you're alright. <3
Spyrre's picture

Konoha, Wow, thank you! Such

Konoha, Wow, thank you! Such a lovely surprise, I love how you drew her in here and how you made her walk in the birch forest, you´re getting even better every time I see your drawings. Happy early christmas to you too. <3

Saosin, Woah, wasn´t expecting of having presents, at least several of them... Thank you so much, I can´t say how much I adore this... She looks so sharp and fierce here, Saosin´s mannerism has been rubbing on her it seems, hehe. Your style looks so beautiful, as always... Thank you and happy christmas. <3

Also, it was lovely to see you again today... sorry that I haven´t been much on-line recently. Spyrre and me have been missing your company too, actually came on-line today to look for you. =)
Oh, love the rp above too, he´s so sweet. I´ll try to write something back soon. <3
J!n's picture

I'm happy you like it, even

I'm happy you like it, even if it's a rather extreme portrayal of her. Was fun working with, at least, hah.
Likewise, it was a great surprise. That's alright, I understand. Ah, reply to the rp when you feel like it and have time, there's no hurry. <3
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Shocked
J!n's picture

Gah, happy birthday. Hope

Gah, happy birthday. Hope you're well. <3
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Hello "deerfriend " it has

Hello "deerfriend " it has been a while that i've seen you hope everything is fine for you , wish you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy 2012", maybe in the future we can play hide and seek like we did ages ago ♥ ......see its your birthday so .....

" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

Spyrre's picture

Starling, Saosin&Vala, Awh,

Starling, Saosin&Vala, Awh, thank you guys! <3 It did surprise me a bit that someone would notice, haven´t really been having a party anyway, hehe. Made my day even though I visited here a bit late... You´re all awesome, I have been missing you. =)
Vala 's picture

(No subject)

" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Something rather small. Did

Something rather small. Did it a little while ago c:
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(No subject)

Spyrre's picture


Vala&Saosin, <3<3<3

Munkel, Wow, thank you so much! Small? I love it, she looks so beautiful. Your line-arts are always so lovely... <3
J!n's picture

Hi, just letting you know

Hi, just letting you know that you are missed. You're very dear to me, as silly as that may sound, hahah...
Spyrre's picture

Agh, I´m so sorry I have been

Agh, I´m so sorry I have been away so much... been missing you and Saosin too. I´ll try to get on-line soon. <3
There´s been kind of a fuss here anyway, I´ll probably be moving soon if I get a place... not sure how soon I´ll get internet-connection there though but I´ll be trying to get back here too. =)
Vala 's picture

Hello, you are back , was

Hello, you are back , was lucky to see you and spent some time with you !!Pics in the forum soon <3
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

J!n's picture

It's alright... Argh, I'm

It's alright... Argh, I'm sorry. Well, I'm happy you're moving then? I'm always here if you feel like talking, as well. My email's jinhart@live.se, should you have access to the internet...
Spyrre's picture

Vala, it was good to see you

Vala, it was good to see you again and play a bit, heh. Sorry I had to be a bit un-active again, got some things to do. I got some close-up-screenies too, I can post them to you when I get on my old computer. =)

Saosin, Happy to see you today anyway again... it´s always lovely to hang out with you, even when just sitting, have been missing that. <3 Eh, not sure when I actually get to move, but... well, maybe soon. Thank you, I´ll keep that in mind... you can also mail to me if you want, . =)
J!n's picture

Likewise, and yesterday was

Likewise, and yesterday was nice. <3 Ah, really hope things goes your way... Thanks, I'll be sure to send you something soon then.
Vala 's picture

Nothing to add, always your

Nothing to add, always your friend!!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

J!n's picture

Argh, I've been afk for

Argh, I've been afk for really long. It's great seeing spyrre in game though, even though it's starting to get late already... Awh, that sketch you posted. Really like the way you drew his skull, the subtle narrowing towards the muzzle, then the sharp, angular jaw. The ear, as well, has a very neat shape. Hmm, the rest is great as well, I always like your portrayals of him, eh. Spyrre looks so sweet and pretty too. They look really happy. It made my evening, thanks. <3
Vala 's picture

Hello Spyrre ,it was good to

Hello Spyrre ,it was good to see you'r back!!<3
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥


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yeeeeyc: Tracking, very nice.

yeeeeyc: Tracking, very nice. fawn X'3
J!n's picture

Have to retrack.

Have to retrack. <3
J!n's picture

I'm sorry last time was

I'm sorry last time was brief... I hope to see you again, soon, make it up to you. Heheh. <3
J!n's picture

Hope to see you again, soon!

Hope to see you again, soon!
Spyrre's picture

Vala, Hello to you too.

Vala, Hello to you too. <3
Dinamo&Rashel, =)
Jin, It´s good to see you even briefly, heh. I was in yesterday for a while but glad that found you today. <3